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Okay, picture this. It's Hallowe'en. All the trick or treaters are at the door; you're hiding in the sitting room with the lights off pretending you're not home; you're watching Scream (or Scary Movie, depending on how much you can take); the Christmas carollers are singing their songs (badly); the presents are under the tree...

Sorry, got a bit confused, there.

Yes, it's Hallowe'en. Believe it. Really. Just get in the mood. Then read.

Chapter 1 – That Voice In Your Head

The Doctor was over 900 years. 900! That was approximately 860 years more knowledge than her, 860 years more experience. 860 years older than that woman yet he still knew that ultimately, she held more power over him. Jackie Tyler. Forget him dealing with alien lifeforms, set Jackie Tyler on them instead. They would run screaming. He did his best to avoid the Tyler Household for both their sakes now, as any confrontation they had instantly escalated off of the scale.

He glanced sideward at Rose, feeling the grip of her hand in his as she bounced along happily beaming from ear to ear. They progressed up the stairwell and moved along the balcony until they reached the front door of Jackie's flat. Suddenly the Doctor stopped dead in his tracks, pulling Rose around to face him with his hands resting on her shoulders.

"Rose, I just want you to know that whatever happens in there, I will never forget you."

Rose stared at him, incredulous. "What d'you think my mum's gonna do? Eat you?" she joked, but the Doctor looked 100 percent serious at the prospect.

"All I'm saying is that she'll have anything with ketchup."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she fobbed off, turning back to open the front door. The instant she stepped in she was enveloped by a humungous hug from her mother, after which she watched in amusement as the Doctor received the same greeting.

"Stupid alien, you! Draggin' off my daughter wherever you please!" she said, which seemed to slightly contravene her clamping hug. Finally she pulled away and moved back towards the kitchen, Rose in tow.

"I'm starvin'!" Rose moaned, moving towards the fridge and reaching inside, picking out a pork pie from a tray. Her mother seemed to have an addiction to these. Cramming it into her mouth she turned back towards the Doctor, paused, then turned back and took another from the tray. "Want one?" she offered through a mouthful of food.

The Doctor resisted the temptation to laugh at her. "Nah, thanks. Never could stomach pork pies."

"Your loss," she commented nonchalantly, cramming the second one into her mouth and swallowing it all down in one go. The Doctor briefly wondered just how in the Universe she could eat so much at once.

The vase.

He was startled by the voice suddenly in his head and he turned to look at Jackie and Rose, wondering if maybe they had said it. No. They were too deeply immersed in a conversation about pork pies. The vase? What va…his eyes caught the solid glass vase on top of the cupboard opposite where he was standing, wondering if that was the vase.

Watch the vase.

'Okay,' he decided in his mind to this foreign voice, 'I'll watch the vase.'

Watch the vase. It repeated, slowly and clearly.

His eyes flickered back to Rose as she bounced past him through the doorway, making towards the sofa. Jackie called out to her, "Rose sweetheart, you stayin' tonight?"

Rose stopped, accidentally knocking the cupboard next to her as she turned back around to meet her mum's gaze. The Doctor watched, almost in slow motion as the glass vase atop the cupboard slowly began to rock, almost teasing him about falling before it finally completely unbalanced, toppling over the side and straight for Rose's head.

"No!" he yelled, diving forward and pushing her out the way just in time. The glass vase hit the ground with a loud 'thud' as they both hit the floor, showing its solidity when it didn't even break. The Doctor quickly checked Rose, lying awkwardly beneath him. "You okay?" he asked, and she nodded, stunned.

Shakily, he pulled himself to his feet. Jackie and Rose watched him in shocked silence as he made back over to the vase, picking it up in both hands to judge its weight and do a quick calculation in his mind. That weight at that velocity…it could've killed her. If that voice hadn't spoken in his mind…

"What the bloody 'eck…?" Jackie began, looking between the vase in the Doctor's hands and Rose getting back onto her feet.

"He just saved my life," Rose surmised, terrified and elated both at the same time. "How did you know? It all happened so fast!"

The Doctor blinked, unsure of what had just happened. "I…heard this voice…it told me to watch the vase so I did…then that happened."

There was a brief moment of silence whilst they all took this in. Finally, Jackie was the first to speak:

"You're a bleedin' nutcase, you are!"

"Yeah?" the Doctor shot back, suddenly defensive, "who keeps a bloomin' solid glass vase on top of a cupboard where it's likely to fall off?"

"Don't argue," Rose suddenly interrupted, feeling a bit weak at the knees, "the Doctor just saved my life, mum."

"I know sweetheart but…"

And then Rose collapsed.

Jackie screamed in surprise as the Doctor dropped the vase and launched forward with lightning-quick reactions, catching her in mid-fall. Jackie ran forward, watching the Doctor's face as the manic grin he usually sported suddenly disappeared, replaced by a look of sincerity and concern.

"Doctor what's happened?!" she demanded to know, fear plain in her voice. "Please help her!"

"Jackie get some cushions," he ordered. She instantly obeyed. He whipped off his trenchcoat and threw it over the girl, trying to keep her as warm as possible. Jackie ran back with cushions as the Doctor lifted her legs, placing the cushions beneath them.

"What're you doin'?" Jackie asked anxiously, kneeling down the other side of Rose.

"Increasing the blood flow to the brain," he answered quickly; reaching up to check she was breathing correctly.

"What the hell've you been doin' to my daughter?!" Jackie suddenly turned on him, looking just about ready to slap him. The Doctor ignored her, too concentrated on his task.

"C'mon Rose, wake up…" he murmured softly to her, "for me?"

She didn't stir. He gave her a quick scan with the Sonic, but no readings came through to suggest alien intervention. He placed his fingers under her jawbone and tilted her head back, pushing down on her forehead to make sure the airway was clear. He had to get her help. Earthen help. He knew a fair bit about human physiology (possible more than they did at this point in history) but he'd feel a lot more comfortable with her in a hospital, surrounded by constant care and attention.

"Jackie, call an ambulance," he commanded the woman, to which she instantly rushed off to the phone.

It took five minutes for the ambulance to arrive, and by then Rose still hadn't regained consciousness. The paramedics praised the Doctor on his response and he stepped back next to Jackie to let them do their job, who by now was crying quietly into her hanky. The Doctor gathered her into a hug of reassurance, before leading her down to the street below where Rose was being loaded into an ambulance.

"Go with them, Jackie," he said quickly, guiding her towards the ambulance. "Go with Rose."

"Come with me," she begged, refusing to let go of his arm. The Doctor shook his head, catching the looks of the paramedics eager to be off.

"No, Jackie. There's not enough room. Go with Rose and make sure she's okay. I'll find Mickey and we'll be along later, okay? I promise."

After a few moments she nodded, and the Doctor jumped out of the ambulance before the doors slammed shut. Then with the screeching sound of combined wheelspin and sirens, the ambulance had disappeared into the distance.

Knock, knock.

Mickey Smith was far too absorbed in Halo 3 to bother even registering the knock at his front door. Besides, who knocked at his front door now anyway? Rose used to, but now she was off on some far distant planet covered in candyfloss with her Doctor. He focused his attention on smashing his opponent with a Gravity Hammer.

Knock, knock!

It was louder this time. As Mickey got the last kill of the game and topped the board with most kills for the twentieth game in a row, slowly and lazily he dragged himself onto his feet and made his way to the front door. What he saw when he pulled it open completely stunned him into surprise.

"Doctor!" he exclaimed, "what're you-"

"No time Mickey, where's your car? We need to get to the hospital!" the Doctor said quickly, charging into the flat straight into the kitchen, hunting through the piles of rubbish for car keys. Mickey followed and opened his mouth to retort but the Doctor cut straight over him, "Rose is there!"

"What?! What 'appened?!" Mickey demanded to know, tossing a couple of used socks carelessly across the room, picking up the car keys beneath and leading the Doctor out the front door.

"She fainted in the flat. I don't know why, she just did okay?"

"Where's Jackie?" Mickey asked as they crossed the road towards his car, waiting in the midday sunshine.

"She went with her," the Doctor replied as they both got into the car, Mickey starting up the engine.

"Is it anythin' alien?"

The Doctor shook his head as Mickey started up the engine, and they began to move. "No, I don't think so. I couldn't get any alien-related feedback from her after the collapse." He sighed, resting his head back against the car seat. "If it is alien it's made itself completely in tune with her body, but that's very unlikely."

Mickey nodded. "What 'ospital did they take 'er to?" he asked, signalling to turn left out of the avenue onto the main road.

"I thi-" the Doctor never got any further, as suddenly the sound of screeching brakes rang in his ears and he whipped his head around just in time to see the shocked face of the other driver as she smashed straight into them, and suddenly the world was spinning.

The Doctor and Mickey were long since rendered unconscious as the car rolled over and over, world continuing to spin for several seconds before they finally came to an abrupt halt with a loud smash as they hit a wall.

When people arrived to help seconds later, there was no movement from inside the collided cars. Several minutes later the paramedics arrived, only to confirm the death of two adult males, one adult female and a small boy in a tragic car accident.

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