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Going Home

In Kaede's hut the gang stops for while to rest from there long journey in search of the Shikon no tama, and the evil half demon Narraku.

"Ok guys I'm going home I'll be back in three days time." Kagome says as she makes her way towards the bone eaters well.

Hearing this Inuyasha steps in front of Kagome "hey wench when did I say you could leave?" the hanyou asks looking quite annoyed.

Kagome sighs, aye here we go again, "Inuyasha why do you always do this, I have to pick up supplies and I have this huge test tomorrow"

"Come on Kagome do you really like these tests that much." Inuyasha says getting more annoyed as he has said this line multiple times

"It's not that I like them it's that I have to do them in order to get good grades." Kagome replies being equally annoyed for the same reason

"So what about the jewel shards and we still need to find Narraku" Inuyasha argues as his fists clench at the thought of that sadistic bastard.

"Come on Inuyasha we all need a break Kirara is exhausted from carrying us and I need to do some repairs on my Hiraikotsu" Sango says as she pets her neko yokai friend.

Miroku gets up and stands next to Sango "Sango's right besides I also need to make some more sutras I'm running quite low" Miroku says as his hand makes its way towards to certain bottom


"PERVERT CANT YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SELF" Sango yells after slapping him across the face leaving a hand shaped red mark

"That guy will never learn" Shippo says shaking his head slightly

"See everyone else needs a rest so why don't I go and get what I need done."

Inuyasha crosses his arms and says "I said no and that's final."

"I'm very sorry Inuyasha I didn't want to have to resort to this." Kagome takes a deep breath while Inuyasha braces himself because he knows what's coming "SIT" and Inuyasha is thrown to ground.

"Now I'm going home" says Kagome, "besides we are out of ramen"

Inuyasha just glares at her as she makes her way to the well and right before she jumps in he yells "you know you could have just said that, instead of blowing me into the ground"

"Gomen I'll remember that for next time" Kagome replies as she enters the well.

Thank you my readers, this is the end of my first chapter the next chapter will be in the present where a new guy goes to Kagome's School and starts going out with one of her friends the chapter is finished I just need you to vote on which one it should be