I loved when he pushed me away and I'd pull him back in

I loved when he pushed me away and I'd pull him back in. His vocal pleas of release. My finger nails in his skin and his in the dashboard. I'm a sadist, him a machoist. We fit together perfectly. But when his screams of Pleasure turned to those of pain, I didn't stop.


Leon's P.O.V

School, boredom in a cup. As my 'buddy' Seifer would say. Same classes every week, same pitiful teachers trying to hammer shit into our brains. I wouldn't say it was worth it. I usually ended up ditching this 'fine' institute. Bull. Shit. But anyway, who would want to talk about the finer points of the shit we get put through.

The 'Travers Town Sleazy High' as it was so wonderfully dubbed did NOT live up to its name. It went beyond.

Every girl was hanging of a males arm, Myself included. Knives bought in every day, trying to impress and to inform others that you didn't take kindly to the shit. But that was before.

That was before we went to Radiant Garden. Sounds fun eh? Start at a new life, new people and start a new learning Career. So We moved, And my father worked for Jenova technology advancements. Or Shin-ra either one sounded right.

I changed my name. New start and all. From Squall Laguna Loire, to Leon Griever Leonheart. Yeah my fathers name got rejected from my syllabus. My brother changed his last name, and that seemed to be the change for the moment.

I hauled another box of my possessions up to the attic. Another thing I managed to keep. I slept in the attic at our old home, and now I still sleep in the attic at our house. Sora complained at my treatment of him while selecting my room, I just shoved him out of the way(read: Hand on face and shove).


Three months later.


Leon's POV

School was still dull, but a bit better at the new school. They actually gave a damn. I had new friends a new life, but I still felt cold. It was the same, wherever I went, I was…Cold. I had warm friends and wonderful people surrounding me, but I was cold. I went into my shell a bit more. There were barely any body at the school that conformed, they were like me, and I wasn't like them. And then he arrived.

Just out of the blue, Middle of the term he appeared. He didn't talk. But he was the perfect Aerian. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Oh man, He stirred something inside me that hadn't showed itself in ages.

He looked like a machoist. Perfect. Emo looking clothing, from hot topic or something like that. Chains and buckles running down his legs, like a metal waterfall. And was that a motor bike helmet under his arm? Sure looked like it. Maybe I could ask him for a ride one time.


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