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Kill him ded!


Leon's POV

I'm going to kill Zack… I'm going to kill him dead. Crush his head with a rock or Something. Have you ever gotten that 'Hey! I'm the third wheel in this yaknow… I'm gonna say gaysome' feeling? Well I have it now. Zack's carrying Cloud around on his back, after Zack so foolishly suggested going to the theme park for the day. All three of us. I had no choice, I got dragged along. I could almost cry. Actually… no, wouldn't work, I couldn't get out of the sleepover that way. I shuddered. I saw Zack stop out of the corner of my eye.

"What?" I turned around to face the panting man. I rolled my eyes as he smiled at me. I walked around offering my back for the blonde. "You Owe me."

"Yeah, Yeah," Zack said waving his hand as we walked up to his house. Cloud was on my back, snuggling into it, I noticed. This was insane, it was defiantly one of Zack's plans. He pulled the kitchen door open, before sticking his head inside. It was nearly Zack's curfew and his parents would have kittens if they saw us sneaking back in since we were in 'bed'. He slipped in motioning for me to follow. I slipped in after him, making sure not to wake the slumbering blonde on my back. "You know the way to my room?"

"The door under the stairs, I know," I said, watching him as he pulled some popcorn out of the cupboard. I sighed trekking into the hallway, freezing when I heard some creaking above our heads. I held my breath. I heard a door open and then another slam. Someone was in the bathroom upstairs. Sighing I opened the door and descended into the basement come bedroom. The movie we had turned on to mask our disappearance was coming to an end.

"nnn… W-where are we?" Cloud said softly from my back. So he was awake now.

"We're at Zack's. You feel asleep," I said briskly. I slowly let him down off my back as he rubbed his eyes, almost cutely. Of course Zack's over sized jumper didn't help.

"Aw, is bubby awake?" Zack cooed from the stairs. Several bags of popcorn balanced precariously in one hand and a couple of bottles of soda were stashed under his arm. Cloud pouted. Again, not helping.


Several Hours later.


Leon's POV

Zack is evil, Zack MUST die. He fell asleep pretty much once we got home. Cloud had energy from his little nap, and well, I'm an insomniac. No doubt about it. But one good thing about it, I got to learn more about blondie.


"No, Roxas is allergic to dogs and cats. And he complains that he can't play with flounder," Cloud said, grimacing slightly. "You?"

"An Evil cat named Maleficent," I said. Damn cat had tried to kill me more times then I care to remember. "Mothers name?"

"I don't remember," He said briskly. Maybe not the subject I should have brought up. "You?" or maybe I should have.

"Edea," I said. "But I don't know if she really was my mother… Hobbies?"

He frowns slightly before replying, "Art, reading, writing and riding. You?"

"Fighting," I pause slightly. "Drawing and reading."

We sit there for abit, I yawn loudly when I'm pulled from relaxation.

"Sexuality?" I hear him say softly. That's when I smirk.


Cloud's POV

So he changes subject? He asked first. "Art, reading, writing and riding. You?"

"Fighting." How does that not surprise me. "Drawing and reading."

Okay, that surprised me. He doesn't look like someone who would do art. Maybe read hentai or some kinda of pornographic novel, but actually read? No way. I heard him yawn. Maybe I'm boring him. I blush slightly before opening my mouth, not even thinking about what I'm going to say next. Damnit Zack, why did you have to fall asleep?!?!

"Sexuality?" oh fuck. Good one strife, that's not going to make him uncomfort-able…, Okay, he's smirking. Whenever I see someone smirking about what I've just said, something is gonna happen. He turned towards me, still with what could be described as a grin from him. I blushed leaning away from him slightly. I felt his hand touch the outside of my thigh making me jump slightly. His other hand starting to pull towards my waist. I back up on the couch, him following me. I get trapped between him and the end of the couch slash wall. "I-I'm sorry, I-I d-didn't m-mean-"

He pushed his lips onto mine, his hips pinning mine to the couch. His hands roving my skin now, not caring for any barriers (aka MY CLOTHES!). I whimpered closing my eyes.

Only God can save me now.


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