Two Bad Days



Summary: Ranma and Akane are getting serious about their relationship. Ukyo and Ryoga know that their chance is slipping away. When Ukyo finds out about Ryoga's curse, it causes a chain reaction that leads to the worst day of Uyko's and Ryoga's lives. Rated for language.


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A Rainy Day

Ryoga's Bad Day

Ukyo's Bad Day


A Good Day


Author's Note: The story takes place in late-April, probably into the beginning of their second year in high school (11th grade). I read the comics more, but this story takes place in the world of the anime. Akari and Konatsu do not exist.

I think my characters may be a little OOC. They're more serious than in the series. This is a RyogaxUkyo fan fiction, though they never really get beyond friendship. (I suck at romance.) In fact, they don't really begin to interact until chapter 4. Hopefully though, when they do begin to interact, it's worth the wait.