Chapter 1

Authors Note: I don't own La Corda D'Oro. OC are mine :D and, italics are HINO'S THOUGHTS

It's been 4 years since the Musical Competition. Hino Kahoko left the Music building and began to walk home. She had been taking lessons and had actually gotten pretty good. She was now 21, and her love for music was still as strong as ever. She had grown her dark red hair a little bit longer and began to focus more on music. Her beauty became incomparable. She had really grown up.

So its E, C, E# then B..? I really hope I can nail this piece. Brrr, it's freezing out here, I need to stop by somewhere to warm up.

She eventually made her way to the Music shop where she first discovered Tsuchiura-kun's Talent.

I can hear it…Chopin…Revolutionary…

The bell on the door rang as she entered the shop.

"Ah, Kaho-chan!" Tsuchiura greeted. "What brings you here?" he asked, the warmness in his voice still there, even after 4 years. Tsuchiura hadn't changed much, only, his hair was a bit longer than before, and he had grown softer after being with Hino.

"Ryo-kun." She smiled back. "I just needed a place to warm up for a while, then I'm heading home." Kahoko smiled gently. "Ryo-kun, your playing…it's become much better now." She grinned

"Thanks. You've gotten much better too Kaho-chan. You can play the pieces better than before." He smiled as he turned his gaze toward the piano once more.

"Well, I took lessons so it wasn't on my own." Kahoko giggled. She sat down on the available chair. "Where's the owner?" she asked as she looked around.

"He's out getting some new stock." Tsuchiura answered. He looked at Kahoko "Any requests?" he grinned. His gaze at Kahoko made her nervous. She looked down immediately at her violin case as her cheeks turned bright red.

"…Tristesse'…" she said sweetly.

"Tristesse coming right up." He answered. He began playing the song, it's gentle mood filling up the room. Then, everything came rushing back to her…The first selection…


"Stop this performance! Where is your accompanist?!" the judge barked

"uh…I…that's…well…" Kahoko was lost for words. Panic filled her mind as the crowd began to mumble. Tears ready to come out from humiliation, then, he came.

"If it's an accompanist you're looking for, I'm here…"

"Tsuchiura…kun…" she said confused. "What're you-"

"What're you standing there for?" He smiled gently "Hurry up and play."


Kahoko felt tears come to her eyes.

"Ah, Kaho-chan, sorry, did I do something to offend you?" Tsuchiura asked immediately as he stopped playing the piano.

"No, no! It's not that…It's just…everything came back to me…the way you helped me out during the first selection." She said softly as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Kaho-chan…" Tsuchiura walked to her and put his had gently on her shoulder. He looked into her eyes. Their lips getting closer…closer…

"Ryo…kun…this…" she whispered softly


Suddenly, the bell on the door rang once more

"OiiiiI! Tsuchiura-san? You here?!"

The 2 separated almost immediately. Kahoko's cheeks flushed as the 2 turned away from each other.

"Oi Tsuchiura…oh? Kaho-chan you're here too!" the green haired man smiled

"…Hihara-sempai!" she smiled recovering from the almost kiss. "What brings you here?" Kahoko asked flashing a cute grin at Hihara

"Aw c'mon Kaho-chan! Isn't it time you called me by my first name?" Hihara whined as he turned pink.

"Gome…" she giggled. "You didn't answer my question." She finished

"I came here to visit Tsuchiura-san!" he answered proudly "And I wanted to have a look at the silver trumpet!" he smiled widely

"That's great! The silver trumpet is really a work of art!" Kahoko answered back. "Well I have to get going."

"Already?!" Hihara asked. He watched as Kahoko ran out the door.

"Gome-Gome! Kazuki-sempai!" she shouted from outside.

"…She called me Kazuki!" Hihara smiled as he ran towards Tsuchiura. "Tsuchiura-san! Tsuchiura-san! She called me Kazuki!" he laughed happily."Tsuchiura…san?"

"…" Tsuchiura gave a blank expression and stared at the ground.

"Oiiii! Tsuchiura?!" Hihara said waving his hand in front of Tsuchiura's face. "Why are you so pale?" Hihara asked

"Kaho…chan…" was all Tsuchiura said

"Kaho-chan? What about her…?" Hihara asked with curiosity.

"We almost…almost…" he said quietly.

"Eh? Go on…" Hihara said in an interrogating tone.

"We almost…ki-" Tsuchiura's statement got cut short when the store owner arrived.

"Thanks for watching the store Ryo-kun!" he bowed "Ryo-kun?" he asked confused. Tsuchiura was staring absentmindedly at the ground.

"I have no idea what's going on either…" Hihara said shaking his head.

End Of Chapter 1