summary : Mikan has somehow lost her Alice at 11 and was kick out of Gakuen Alice !She enters a normal school leaving Natsume and the gang behind 5 years later , Natsume and gang had finally found her but Mikan can't remember him !!




Chapter 1 My name is Sakura Mikan now finally 16 years old student of cross academy high school . I was once A student in the famous Gakuen Alice academy but i was kick out because I've lost my Alice .Now i live with my dearest grandpa ,and i lied to my current school that i used to live in America.I'm now a normal high school girl ,living a normal high school life with no Alice a deep dark secret ,no one is to know about Alice.

"Wahhh !!I'm late!! I'm late!! I'm late!! I'm late!!, Bye grandpa" a brunette shouted as she slams the door .

" bye Mikan........ ,gosh this girl is really in a rush, its only 7.30 ,school starts at 8.30 ,she's an hour early?"her grandpa sigh.

" Aww man !! i forgotten to reset my watch now I'm too early !"Mikan cried .She was standing at the main gate of her school staring at her watch .
Feeling tired , she ran towards the nearby park and landed on a grass patch ." the skys really is clear today ,wonder how is Hotoru doing now ?or how is Natsume , has he grown taller? its has been five years now " Mikan thought as she close her eyes to remember an incident five years ago.

...five years ago ...

"Ahh Ahh let me go!! let me go ! i want to say bye to my friends!" a little girl screamed as two man in black pulled her towards the school main gate." sorry Mikan whoever who lose their Alice would disappear in our school, and you better not return!Even if you see our students don't ever talk to them!"the school principal grin as Mikan was thrown into a Limo and poof the car vanish .

" where is that Baka !!" Hotoru asked the two boys that just enter the class room ."don't know ,she's not with you ?" Ruka answered."nope ! haven't seen her since this morning "Hotoru said feeling quite irritated ,she turned towards the raven hair boy " even you don't know ,Natsume"
The raven hair boy nodded .Their conversation was interrupted when their form teacher Narumi Sensei entered the class room with red teary eyes ."I'm sorry ,I'm sorry,i can't stop them ,i just can't ,Mikan has been thrown out of our school"he cried.

"THROWN WHAT,MIKAN WHAT" the students were in shock ,Natsume ran out of the class room towards the main gate "Mikan wait where are you going ?" he thought as he rushed to the gate .Standing there was the most hated principal with an evil grin on his face,
"NO! NO! Where is she ?!" Natsume ran towards the principal with fire in his hand but he was hit by the back."Mikan"he thought and he fainted.

...back to current year...( blink blink)

" i sure do miss them all " Mikan sigh .Her school gate opened and students were dragging themselves into the school .

" yo~sh ! time FOR school." Mikan got up and ran into her class room bumping into her class mate Yori ." haachooh ! Sakura so early today" Yori fixed her specs ."hai! yup I'm early!"Mikan two girls started to laugh and together they walk towards their class room.

"Sakura ! Yori ! did you know that there would be three new student !Two boys and one girl and they are hot !!" a girl named Yuki scream ,she grab their hands and ran towards a big crowd outside the principal office.

"Yuki , i don't get it !where are we going" Mikan and Yori yell."To see the newbies ,they are from Gakuen Alice academy you know."Yuki reply while trying her best to squeeze into the crowd.

"Gakuen academy!?" Mikan stopped.

"yup ,is there a problem ?" Yori asked. Mikan still shocked tried to run away but before she could the principal door opened and three of the most beautiful people walk out .A cute yet mysterious looking girl with a gun walked out first followed by a tall and innocent yet cool looking boy with a bunny on his shoulders lastly a tall and hot raven hair boy with an evil grin on his face ."Kawaii , cool and hot " the crowd scream .

"Its them!"Mikan thought,"its them Natsume ,Hotoru and Ruka !".

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