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" ding dong ding dong" the school bell rang .

Tons of students drag their selves in .error!! None of the students drag themselves in !! whyyy??

" kayyaaaa" were what everyone were hearing in the morning .Everyone was gathered outside the schools gate .

Outside the school

, was a sportscar all shiny

and... on top of the car ,sat someone , who?

The girls were staring at the guy and the boys were staring at the car .....how weird ( something to stare at , in the morning )

The guy wore a suit , all black and sexy . He had sunglasses on , a messy hair in a way which made him look like he was here for a photoshoot and he used to have a star next to his eye , but now it was a cross.

Somehow he didn't look bothered by the amount of people admiring him ." where are they " he grumble.

" uhhhh, its Tsubasa sempai " mikan blush while playing with her volleyball . Sempai looked really handsome .

" whats that idiot doing here , news about our mission.. ? look natsume and ruka are there now " hotaru gave mikan a " i am annoyed " face .

They were walking to school with a bunch of guys behind them .

" yoh " tsubasa took off his sunglasses and grin at the two boys .

" what are you doing here ! " Ruka said while opening up an envelope which tsubasa threw at him .

" two other cases , somehow they are related " tsubasa pops a mint candy in his mouth , he didn't want to continue, ther were just too many people around them .

Just as he was about to pop another candy in his mouth , " *^&%%& , MIKAN !!" He screams and jumps off his car. " n..no th..thats " Ruka blush when he saw mikan .Tsubasa ran towards mikan and carried her , swang her around and gave her a kiss on the cheek ." MIKAN , my dear mikan ! its you isn't it , isn't it! sempai missed you soo much!! "tsubasa was soo happy he almost cried .Everyone around was stunned! " mikan?" they said together.

" no shes not , stop grabing her " natsume grabs mikan away from tsubasa and pulls her toward him . Somehow he didn't like tsubasa kissing and touching her ." shes not? comeon! look its MIKAN! can't you reconise her ? It that mikan you've been crying for " tsubasa tried to prove. Natsume still kinda embaressed that tsubasa had told everyone he have been crying for mikan , look away ." Don't start grabing girls , you idiot moron !" Hotaru used her BAKA gun , tsubasa was sent flying . "i'll go pull him back " ruka sigh , hotaru hits and sent them flying , he pulls them back .

" errmm , natsume , you can let me go now " Mikan blush . Natsume had pulled her quite hard towards him and she's now stuck between his protective arm and his chest ." oh uh , sorry " natsume let her go . " did i hurt you " he asked, still red in the face . " not really " mikan look down , natsume was too close to her , shes gonna melt .

" Comeon students!! you want to be late!! you're all standing like idiots in the hot sun! and close your mouth people!" the principal said . The students all still confused by what happen , drag theirselves to class .

" lets go mikan" hotaru smirks . She just had VIP sit to what happen , and was sure that the next few days in school is going to be FUN.

.................... IN class...................................................

A pink paper ball landed on mikan's table . Looking at the color of the paper she knew it was from the natsume and ruka's fanclub .God , what had she gotten herself into ." Meet us during break - roof top " was the only thing writen in the paper . " US, is how many" mikan sweat drop .

" whats this ? MIKan passing notes around during class?!" her scary science teacher snatch the pink paper from her hands ." Meet us during break - roof top , uhhh this is a waste of paper , one sentance for such a big paper !! horrible , you people must save paper ........" and he carry on lecturing about saving paper .Natsume and Ruka stares and mikan ," is she in trouble" they whisper to each other ." but theres so many roof tops here " ruka looks at him . Yea so many .....


" god , pray that i won't get beat up by them " mikan rubs her hands together while she makes her way to where the girls are meeting her , the roof top."or maybe i would not"...

" what you lost her " ruka grabs natsume . " yea there were just too many girls around us just now " natusme and ruka had escaped from the fan girls around them . The schools yearly Field trip to the beach was comin and everyone wanted to be in their team . " UHH! how are we surpose to find her ?" ruka panicks and there he saw a blue bird .

mikan opens the door and climbs up the stairs to the roof top , just as she expected , stacy and her gang were up there waiting for her .

" why you nasty girl , what have you done to get so close to our prince! " zacary glare at mikan .

" demon looking girl" mikan thought .." i didn't do anything , it was a misunderstanding " mikan answer her while shaking her head.

" misunderstanding , he hugged you this morning ! " zacary slaps mikan .

" yes misunderstanding" mikan replied again , this time she look really annoyed ." listen to grandpa mikan , be a good girl" she thought.

" yaa right you %&^$ " , stacy grabs a hockey stick and wacks mikan with it ." don't you dare get close to them , i'm going to tell my daddy to pay them to be my boyfriends , they are mine you bitch " s

" Stacy let her go .. " ember looks a stacy , pleading but stacy just slaps her .

" two at once , woah greedy " mikan touch her face , stacy had hit her quite hard ." this will leave a mark " mikan grumbles to herself ." i said it was a misunderstanding , rich girl "

" why you %&*^" stacy grabs her hockey stick ! Before she could hit mikan .................

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