Hinata looked at the Ichiraku Ramen. She had never tried ramen and she was curious how it tasted. Naruto liked it very much, that she knew. He often shouted out his love for the food.

Hinata smiled slightly at the memory of the young Naruto. He had been so loud, so brave, so... so unlike her in everyway. Maybe that was the reason she was so drawn to him.

The young shinobi sighed. Naruto had changed a lot during his travle with the frog hermit. He was still loud and brave but... more mature. As children she giggled at his childish behavior. As teenager she admired his matured mind. He wasn't the boy she had fallen in love with. He was a man now, a man she loved despite that he would never see her in that light.

Did she really love him? Many said that she was too young to know anything about love. Sometimes she agreed with them. She was young, maybe too young to really know what love was. You have to understand life before you could understand love.

Other times she knew that she could prove them wrong. She was a chunin after all, soon a jounin if everything work out right. She had proved to her family that she was fit as the heiress, with Neji's help. If she could fight for her life and defeat enemies couldn't she then understand love?

She did love Naruto. Not in the way she had when they were kids. Not in a puppy dog way. She loved him like a young women loved a young man. Sure they were far from alike. He was loud, she was quiet. He was hottempered, she was calm. The list could continue for a while.

But would she ever tell him? Not even on her deathbed! This was something she would take to the grave. He would never notice her anyway. It didn't matter if her teammates suspected it or if it was noticible. Naruto would never notice it. He was too blind to notice something like that.

Hinata looked at the shop again. With a real smile she walked forward and sat down on one of the chairs.

"Hello! What can i get you?" The owner ask, an old man.

"I let you recomend something. I've never eaten ramen before." She smiled nicely. The old man laughed and started to fix her a meal.

"Here you go!" He gave her the bowl. Hinata cocked her head before taking a pair of chopsticks.

"Itaidakimasu" She whispered before starting to eat. It tasted really good. No wonder Naruto liked it.

"Hey Hinata-chan!" She looked up and saw the blond ninja. He had grown a lot. As a child he had been cute, now he was down right handsome! The girls in the village was devided between him and Uchiha Saskue.

"H-hello Naruto-kun." She greeted, suddenly very nervous.

"I didn't know you liked ramen." He smiled as he sat down next to her. His blue eyes was so intense that she felt like she was going to melt.

"I-it's my first time. I d-decided to try..." She explained in a weak voice. Why did she have to be so nervous every time he was around?!

"Really? So what do you think?" He asked.

"It's really good. B-but that might be because it's Ichiruka who made it." The old man laughed.

"Thank you Hyuga-sama." Hinata blushed at the title. Naruto grinned at her red face.

"Still blushing, hm?" He asked teasingly. Hinata almost choked on the food she had in her mouth. "Don't worry, you're cute when you blush."

By now Hinata could bet that her face was red as a tomato. "I... ehm... thank you."

"Don't thank me for telling the truth, Hinata-chan!" He grinned.

They ended up eating together, catching up. It was all nice untill Hinata relised the time.

"Oh, I need to go home!" She stood up, almost scared at how much time had passed. It had been lunchtime when she got here and now it was after ten in the evening. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. But I need to go." She whispered.

Naruto stood up and paied for both the meal, ignoring Hinata's protests. "Alright then, I walk you home." He smiled his fox grin, making it impossible for her to say no.

As they reached the hyuga household Hinata was feeling nervous again.

"You didn't have to walk me home, N-Naruto-kun... or pay for the meal." She whispered.

"True... we weren't on a date." He agreed. "But I wanted to." He leaned in closer so she couldn't look away. "But next time we make it an official date!" Before she could say something, Naruto gave her a kiss on the cheek. He gave her one last smile before leaving. Hinata looked after him, frozen.

Did he just... Did Naruto ki- She stopped the thought right there. She would faint if she thought about it to much.

"Hinata..." She looked at her side and saw her father.

"Father," She greeted him with a bow.

"You're home late, missed dinner."

"I lost track of time..." Hiashi eyed her with suspision.

"Had that something to do with Uzumaki Naruto?" Hinata stilled but nothing else. She knew her father didn't like Naruto because he was an outcase according to many of the people in her father's generation. The others saw the young ninja with other eyes. They saw him as the next hokage, the next protecter of the village.

"Partly." Then she smiled as it hit her. Naruto had asked her for a date. She turned to looked after him. Maybe he wasn't sp blind he made people think.

After all, he was the must unprediceble ninja in the village. You could never really read him, not even the sharingan could. It was like he had a protecting sheild around himself.

"What are you smiling about?" her father asked surprised. Hinata knew she didn't smile a lot, at least not around her father or any one else in the houshold but Neji.

"Nothing father... nothing you would understand." Of course he wouldn't. She thought he too old to understand love, just like he thought her too young to understand love.