This will be the last of The magic of Ramen. I have some thoughts of another collection, I think you could guess what that one will be about. But I'm very honoured that some many like these stories and I hope that you will like the new one... when it finally comes =P. Once again, thanks for sticking with me until now.


Uzumaki Naruto was the luckiest person in the world. No doubt about it. Sure he had a demon sealed inside of him but hey! Everyone has their demons and it wasn't even his fault that he had this one.

The reasons that made him the luckiest person was these; he had a girlfriend. Wait, scratch that. He had a wife! That's right, Uzumaki Naruto was married. Sure the wedding itself hadn't been the... very best or the most beautiful... in fact he and his wife had been celebrating... something in another city and... things had gotten out of hand and bam! They were married. But Naruto didn't complain at all, he loved Hinata and had planed to ask her more formally to be his wife but fate had decided otherwise.

But that was only one reason that made him so happy. Another reason was that his dream, his number one wish, had come true. He was a bloody Hokage! Yohoo! Sakura had been stunned when the news had reached her, something Naruto still thought was hilarious. Sakura stunned wasn't something you saw every day. Hihi!

And the last reason and the most important one was that there had been a BIG, fat sale on ramen at the store near his apartment. Sorry, his and Hinata's apartment. And it hadn't been just any sale but a sale on his favorite flavor! Could life get any better than this?!

Seriously, could it? He had no worries (the Hokage-thingy wasn't difficult at all!), he was happily married (oh so happy!), his refrigerator was so full with ramen it was difficult to close (he better eat some of it now....) and his wife were coming home any second! Yep, it was nice to be in Uzumaki Naruto's shoes right now.

… and it would be even better if he ate some of that ramen he just bought.

That's how Hinata found him when she got home. Sitting on the sofa with empty ramen carton lying on the floor.

"Naruto." She only shook her head at the sight of him. The blonde ninja had fallen asleep while watching TV. Luckily he had finished the last ramen this time. There had been some incidents when he had fallen asleep while eating, resulting with ramen all over the floor.

Looking at the peaceful face, Hinata smiled and picked up the empty cartons. It was better that she clean up, Naruto usually made things even messier when he tried. Not that she was surprised.

Her marriage to Naruto had been shocking to say the least. Waking up the next day and see the weddingbands, not that she fainted, unlike another person but it had been shocking. And after a long discussion they had agreed to stay married. It had been very cute to see the usually confident ninja squirm nervously while asking if she wanted to be his wife. Not that she had told him, guys didn't like being associate with cute, sweet or similar.

A groan interrupted her musings. Looking at Naruto she was him grimace.

"My stomach hurts." He whined. Hinata walked over to the sofa and curled up next to her husband.

"I can't say I'm surprised, Naruto-kun, you ate quite a lot of ramen." Naruto groaned again and buried his face in her black hair.

"But it tasted good." Hinata laughed at his childish voice, slightly muffled by her hair.

"All ramen tastes good to you."

"Mhm." His reply indicated that he was about to fall asleep again.

"No, no! No more sleeping before dinner. If you sleep now you wont be able to sleep tonight." She pinched in in the stomach.

"Fine, fine, fine!" Naruto was quick to react and pulled her hand away. "No more sleeping, promise." And as usual he didn't go back on his word. The blonde Hokage stayed awake, sat next to Hinata and made his way through the pile of documents he needed to read while she ate her dinner. And when they finally went to bed he fell asleep instantly, face once again buried in Hinata's hair.

He was jerk awake though in the early hours (the clock wasn't even five!) by Hinata rushing out of the bed to the bathroom. The sound of someone vomiting reached his ears and he was quick to reach her side, pulling her hair away while she emptied her stomach.

"Oy! Are you alright?" He asked worriedly.

"Yes, don't worry." Hinata assured weakly, making Naruto narrow his eyes and worry even more.

"Are you sure? It's not a good sign to wake up vomiting." He helped her back to the bed, making her sit down while he held a hand against her forehead.

"I'm fine Naruto, you don't have to worry. It might have been something I ate. That dango was rather old."

"Hmm..." Naruto didn't feel so reassured. Small hands found their way to his face, making him look her in the eyes.

"I'll go Sakura later today and let her check if somethings wrong if it calms you." Naruto nodded and pulled her into a bearhug.

This was not good. His wife couldn't be sick. He did not like that, not at all! At first he wanted to go with her but Hinata pointed out that he had meetings all day. Then he wanted the next best thing; he wanted Neji to go with her, something that made Hinata hit him over the head. She didn't let him finish the next bargain, she fell asleep before he even could decide what the next one was.

The whole thing made Naruto uneasy, not a feeling he liked. He was unusually quiet during the meetings, unable to read the reports he knew he had to read. And when he finally came home he almost panicked when Hinata was nowhere to be found. Bloody hell she had been poisoned so someone could kidnap her! Or just poisoned! Or-"

"Naruto-kun?" Whirling around he saw his little wife standing in just inside the door.

"Ah, you're alright! You are alright, right?! You're not poisoned or dying or-" Hinata's laugh made him stop talking. Laughed Hinata was a good sign... most of the time. You never knew, this could be a fake... He stepped closer and took in her scent.

… it was Hinata alright. With a relieved sigh he pulled her into a hug.

"Naruto... we might need to find new place to live." To this a frowned and pulled away slightly so he could look her in the eyes.

"A new place? Why?"

"Because we need another room... in a few months." He gave her a totally blank look. "Oh dear. Naruto, you're going to be a father." Father? Wait... in order to be a father there had to be a-

… Oh by the name of the one he invented ramen, he was going to be a father?! Like in having a little baby! His Hinata had a... a...

"We're having a baby?" He managed to get out weakly. Hinata nodded. "A tiny you?"

"I think that it's more likely that it will be a tiny you." Hianta laughed.


"Oh boy! A kid! Look out Konoha, the next prankster is on his way!" Naruto shouted happily and gave Hinata a bone crushing hug before releasing her quickly. "That didn't hurt the baby right? And you can't work, that might risk little Naruto Junior's life and we can't have that." Hinata raised an amused eyebrow.

"Naruto Junior?" She repeated. Naruto only gave her a big smile before running out the door shouting that he was going to be a father. It was indeed good to be Naruto.