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It's another KaiHil sorry but I love this couple it reminds me of two of my friends (they are a couple), there is also a little TyHil coming up but it's not a lot. This has nothing to do with my other fic, it's set a few years after BEGA as you can guess when from their ages.

I have changed a few of the facts to fit in with how I want things to be but it's still pretty much the same characters

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Hiro -26

Kai -20

Ray -19

Tyson -18

Kenny -18

Max -18

Hilary -17

Daichi -15


Arelam Granger - 24 - Hiro's wife

Robin Granger - 11 months - Hiro's son

There will be more OC's sorry if they're a bit 2d I am not too good at inventing characters.

Hiro stood watching as Tyson struggled with the wailing baby, he was beginning to regret asking his little brother to baby-sit his son. Tyson had very little experience with babies but there was no one else to ask. Grandpa was out of the country and his wife's family all lived too far away to baby-sit while he and his wife went out to dinner.

"Hiro, maybe we shouldn't go" Arelam slipped her arm through his, she was watching Tyson as well, she didn't feel too happy about this!

"Arelam it's very important I go to this dinner" Hiro explained "Mr Dickenson needs me to be there to meet people"

"But I could stay" Arelam wasn't sure what to do, this was the first time in ages that she and Hiro had the chance to go out since Robin had been born. She was dressed in her favourite dress and had just had her hair newly cut and styled. She was wearing jewellery that she wouldn't normally wear because her son would pull on it, this was the most dressed up she had been in ages. Next to her Hiro sighed he wanted her to come, she looked stunning and the dinner was a very dull work affair and without her he would be bored to tears!

"Leave him with us" Tyson yelled over the baby's noise "we can handle it, right guys?" Ray, Max, Kenny, Daichi and Kai didn't look too sure about this statement.

"I don't know" Ray whispered to Max and Kai "I think I'd rather be up against Crusher than do this"

"Besides" Tyson continued "I already called for re-enforcements!"

"Called for re-enforcements? This is looking after a child, your nephew not going into battle" Arelam looked angry

"I'm not so sure about that" Max whispered to the others who nodded in agreement

Hiro stood indecisively torn between wanting to protect his firstborn from Tyson's ministrations and protecting Tyson from his very angry wife. If it hadn't been for the voice behind him things could have gotten ugly.

"Well whatever this is army training or babysitting, the cavalry is here" Hilary stood in the doorway smiling at Tyson's apparent inability to hold a baby correctly. She was dressed in a low cut black top, short white skirt and black stilettos her uniform for the restaurant where she was currently working.

"Hilary" Tyson sighed "just in time. Help!" Hilary laughed at this and walked over to Tyson and expertly took Robin into her arms.

"Oh poor boy, was he being mean to you?"


"I was talking to the baby Tyson,"

"I knew that" Tyson shrugged, ignoring the laughter coming from his team mates. He pulled off his cap and scratched his head glaring at his nephew, "I was just answering for him!"

"Right" Hilary smiled and holding Robin close comforted the crying child, she rocked him gently crooning over him and soon the cries became intermittent hiccups as the exhausted boy lay comfortably in Hilary's arms.

"You can go now Hiro" Hilary looked over at the couple who stood still hovering uncertainly by the door "We can manage."

"Right" Hiro smiled at the young girl in front of him "well nappies are in the bag, there's a couple of bottles ready in the kitchen they just need hea…"

"Hiro" Hilary interrupted him "don't worry, I got this. I know what I'm doing"


Arelam continued to watch her son closely, she rifled through her bag and pulled out a peice of paper "Here's the phone number of the restaurant, our mobiles will be off so if anything happens call this number. His nightclothes are with his nappies, he needs to be in bed by at least 9 and if…"

"Arelam?" Hilary interrupted the concerned mother


"Like I said, I can do this, I have loads of nieces and nephews and I baby-sit for them all the time."

"Right, well…. I guess we can go" Arelam smiled and bidding everyone else goodbye the two parents finally left.

Hilary sat on the couch with little Robin and began to play with him, she had his favourite teddy in her free hand and was making the bear dance around. Ray and Max began to pull out various DVDs arguing quietly over which one to watch. Tyson allowed Daichi to pull him outside for practice, Kenny sat as usual staring at his computer screen oblivious to the world around him. Kai stood leaning up against the wall silent and with his eyes half closed.


"Ew something smells!" Tyson and Daichi had finished their practice and had come back inside to watch the chosen DVD. Hilary grinned and lifting Robin sniffed gingerly,

"It's just Robin Ty, he needs his diaper changed, where's that bag?" Hilary got no response and looking up she noticed that Tyson and Daichi were sitting with Ray and Max totally absorbed in the film. Sighing heavily Hilary stood,

"Here!" Hilary turned and was surprised to see Kai standing at her side holding out the changing bag.

"Thanks Kai um…" Hilary tried to shift robin so that she could take the bag but he had taken a chunk of her hair to play with and moving him was tricky.

Kai watched her struggling and not saying a word he turned and walked away from her still carrying the bag, confused Hilary could only follow. Kai led Hilary into Tyson's bedroom and taking the mat from the bag laid it out on Tyson floor.

"Thanks Kai" Hilary said gratefully Kai said nothing but stood in the room waiting to see if she needed any more help, it annoyed him that Tyson had just shifted all the responsibility onto Hilary. Kai knew that she would have gone straight to work after school and the last thing she had probably wanted to do was come here and look after some baby.

"Ugh" Hilary made a noise of disgust as she opened up the messy nappy, Kai wrinkled up his nose as the unpleasant odour reached him. He continued to stand eyes half closed after a little while he heard Hilary say "there all done" Looking down he was surprised at how quickly Hilary had cleaned up the boy and put him in his nightclothes ready for bed.

"Right lets get you settled" Hilary stood clutching the baby to her, "um Kai?"

Kai looked at Hilary saying nothing, Hilary knew that this was his way of responding so she continued "Could you hold him? Just for a second while I tidy up." Hilary didn't bother to wait for an answer walking forward she placed the child into Kai's arms and turned away before he could say anything.

Kai stood awkwardly trying to mimic Hilary's stance when she was holding the baby for some reason that wasn't working. In the end he settled for holding the baby so that it's head was in his hand and its body lay along his arm. The child seemed comfortable with this and Kai actually found himself smiling as he gently rocked the baby from side to side.

Hilary stood she had finished folding up the mat, all she had to do now was clean her hands and she could release Kai, using a wipe to clean herself up Hilary turned and was surprised to see Kai actually looking comfortable, she smiled as she watched his face, his eyes had taken on a soft look. Kai looked up and saw that she was watching him, he smiled at her a little embarrassed, she smiled back at him. If it hadn't been for the shrill ring of the telephone goodness knows how long they would have stood there just smiling at each other.

As the phone rang Kai felt as though he was being snapped back into reality, he walked forward and wordlessly handed Robin back. Taking the changing bag from Hilary he turned and led her back to where the others were.

"Hiro? Yes everything fine……….." Tyson sighed into the phone "No I mean it…..Hilary is right here……..Ok" holding out the phone Tyson said "it's for you Hils"

"Hello Hiro" Hilary spoke chirpily into the mouth piece "No everything's fine…….I promise…Ok let me talk to her…… Arelam? Everything's fine…. No I am about to put him down for the night…. He's already in his night things…. Alright goodbye!" Hilary hung up grinning "I'm actually impressed, they waited a full 35 minutes before they called"


"Well I better get going" Hilary stood and stretched it was 11:30, Hiro and Arelam had walked through the door 15 minutes ago and after a lot of arguing Hilary had agreed to let them pay her for the babysitting. She didn't mind doing it for free but she was trying to save up for her university fees so she wasn't going to turn it down completely.

"Who's picking you up?" Hiro looked at her concerned

"No one… I'll be fine!" Hilary knew what was coming next, an argument over whether or not it was safe for a young 17 year old to be walking the streets this late.

"Are your parents home?" Hiro knew that Hilary was often home alone and he didn't like the idea of her going home to an empty house

"I honestly don't know, Dad's in Canberra for some lecture thingy, not sure about mum though… don't worry Hiro, I'll be fine"

"I'd feel better if I took you home" Hilary rolled her eyes, she already had five older brothers and a multitude of older male cousins who were always checking up on her she didn't need Hiro to doing it as well.

"I'll take her home" silence filled the room, all eyes turned to Kai

"You'll take her home?" Ray was the first to speak, Kai didn't often put himself out for people everyone was astonished including Hilary

"That's what I said,"

"You don't need too" Hilary said softly

"I'm going home myself now, my hotels not far from where you live." Kai deemed this to be enough of an explanation and with a swish of white scarf he walked out of the door. Hilary shrugged and grabbing her bag followed him

"Bye Guys, see you tomorrow." after they had left the room was silent again

"Wow!" Kenny said, "I know his hotel is in that direction but…."

"I know!" Hiro agreed knowing what Kenny was thinking "Kai doing something considerate when it's not a life or death situation that's gotta be a first."


Kai and Hilary walked along in comfortable silence, Kai was walking fast as usual and he was surprised that Hilary was not only keeping up with him but she didn't seem to be getting to tired as she did so. They continued walking the dark but familiar streets until they had stopped outside her garden gate. The house was dark obviously there was no one at home, Kai saw this but said nothing, he nodded to Hilary and then started to walk away

"Kai!" he turned back to face her "Thanks….for your help earlier!" Hilary then turned went through her gate and walked up her path.

Kai stood watching her as she made her way up to the house unlocked the door and went inside. Kai was still, strange how a simple thank you can make you want to stand and think, Kai shook his head and then turned to walk away.


Hilary dumped her bag in the hallway, she didn't bother to put on the light knowing that the bulb had gone that morning and she hadn't bothered to replace it.

She walked into the front room and was about to put on the light when she realised that something was wrong, the TV in the front room had been moved, in the half-light she could see that the bookshelf that normally had a stereo on it was empty. Worried Hilary turned to run out of the room but ran straight into a broad shouldered man blocking her way. Hilary only had time to let out a small scream before a hand went over her mouth and the man pulled her into a tight grip.

"Now, now, we don't want to wake the neighbours do we?"

She struggled but the man was strong and with her oxygen supply cut off she soon felt her head getting clouded.

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