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In Russia the Blitzkrieg Boys were staying with Kai in his family mansion (yes I'm sticking to the traditional Kai has a mansion thing). Standing in his large house Kai pondered on how lonely he had felt there, he had never told anyone about this, not even Hilary or Tala the two people he was closest to. Tala and the rest of the team lived in Russia but it was right across the country so Kai couldn't just drop by whenever he felt like it and he wouldn't want to anyway. That would mean admitting he needed them, of course he did need them but he didn't like telling them that.

Instead of admitting he was lonely he would keep busy making business his priority, but he had usually tried to visit his friends in Japan, America and China as often as possible.

"Kai come back to us?" Bryan stood in front of his friend "Have you heard a word we were saying?"

"Yellow" Kai whispered looking around his black and white minimalist kitchen and smiling

"What?" Tala stared at him surprised "What the hell are you on about Kai?"

"I was just thinking about painting the kitchen yellow"

"Ok Kai just because you and Hils are all loved up and happy now are you honestly telling me you're gonna paint your kitchen yellow?" Spencer asked disbelievingly

"Yep" Kai grinned, before Hilary the grin was rarely seen but it was becoming a more frequent expression on him these days. "Lets get out of here for a while, we ought to get that thing done today"

The others nodded, they all knew what he meant 'that thing' and they all left the house dressed in dark clothing feeling like they were about to visit a cemetery.

Lying forgotten on the counter in the kitchen Kai's cell phone began to ring.


It was early morning and a tired and grief-stricken Tyson sat still wearing yesterdays clothes in a police station reception waiting for some news. He had been here for over eight hours now and he had no intention of leaving until someone told him something.


"Ray." Tyson stood up to find Ray Mariah and Lee standing in front of him

"Mr D called…" Mariah whispered "He….he said there was an accident? He said Hilary was hurt…."

"What happened Ty?" Ray asked taking in Tyson's appearance "you look a mess"

"I let her go" his voice choked up Tyson muttered his response, tears were gathering in his eyes "she was hanging and I couldn't…, I couldn't hold on, she…., she slipped" finally breaking down Tyson began to cry "they say they can't find her, they looked all night but couldn't find her."

Leaving Mariah's side Ray walked forward and embraced his friend "It's not your fault Ty" he whispered but Tyson thrust him away with an agonised yell.

"That's just it" he brushed away his tears "it is my fault."


"What's happened?" Horatio listened with a face filled with compassion as he listened to his grandson on the phone. "She fell?" he stood angry and upset

Smiling Voltaire looked at him, curiously he was mouthing 'who fell?' he was ignored by his friend who just turned away to concentrate on the phone call

"Of course….call me the minute you know, I'm on my way" Horatio hung up frowning and made his way to his coat stand and put on his coat

"Is everything alright?" Voltaire asked

"Hilary! She's as good as dead" Horatio turned to smile at his friend "apparently she fell from a cliff edge,"

"Any sign of a body?" Voltaire asked "She could still be OK if they don't find the body. Did they...?"

"Not yet, but I'm sure they'll find it soon. It's there to be found. I have to go. Make sure you call Boris, check that everything is in place!"

Voltaire nodded watching his friend walk away


Looking down at the bed on which Robin slept Hiro stood contemplating how close he had come to losing his son. As it was the boy had a fractured arm, silently Hiro thanked god for Hilary and at the same time prayed for her safety.

"Hiro?" Mr Dickenson stood in the doorway, his ever present smile was long gone but the round cheeked older mans presence still seemed to comfort Hiro and perk up his mood. "How is he?"

"A fractured arm and a few bumps and bruises but he'll be fine"

"Where's Arelam?"

"She went to get coffee, we're both pretty tired but she's determined to stay awake till we know what happened to Hilary" Hiro half smiled "Any news on that one?"

"They're still searching, now that it's lighter they have more hope of finding her b…" Mr Dickenson trailed off realising what he had been about to say

"They'll find her" Hiro whispered "Mr Dickenson, Tyson's still at the police station could you…."

"I'm on my way there now."


"You're grandfather is on his way home as we speak, as is your father. Ray Lee and Mariah are at the station with Tyson I called Judy Tate and Max knows now, he's probably on his way"

"Are they all OK?"

"They're taking it as well as can be expected. I knew they would find it hard, unfortunately we haven't managed to get hold of Kai yet" Mr Dickenson shook his head "of course I should probably try talk to Tala first, have someone to support him. This could kill Kai."

"Yeah" Hiro nodded understandingly "but he needs to know sooner rather than later" he pulled out his mobile phone and handed it over to his boss. "you can't use this in here but Tala's new number is on there. Call him if you can't get Kai again."


The Blitzkrieg Boys had gone back to a place they hadn't seen in many years. Kai had found the deed of ownership to the Abbey and they had all decided to go see it one last time in an effort to get some closure.

"Wow this place is a mess" Spencer breathed out as he looked around

"Well it's been pretty much deserted for years" Bryan said shrugging "What you going to do with it?"

"Haven't decided yet" Kai responded, it was true in a way. Yes he had decided to get rid of it, knock it down but after that…. Well he wasn't too sure. Would he build something new? Would he sell it off? Was he even planning to stay in Russia? Would Hilary move to Russia? Sure she could speak the language but she couldn't write in it and if she wanted to be a doctor she needed to read and write the language.


"Sorry what?" Shaking his head Kai looked over at Tala "Did you say something?"

"I just said it would be good place to build something new" Tala repeated himself "It could be healing for many of the people who suffered here to see something new go up."

"Maybe" Looking around again Kai frowned "But I'm not even sure what's happening"

"You mean you might be moving to Japan to be with your girlfriend" Ian teased while all the others laughed

Just then Tala's phone rang, they all gave him an annoyed look as they had agreed to turn off their phones. Tala gave them a sheepish smile pulling out his mobile he was about to reject the call when he saw that it was Hiro. Frowning he hit answer and lifted the phone to his ear


"Tala my boy"

"Hey Mr D, look unless this is important can it…." Tala trailed off.

The rest of the Blitzkrieg Boys watched as Tala's face showed a look of horror, finally Tala closed his eyes and nodded.

"What's going on?" Kai asked

Tala looked over at his friend his face filled with pity "I'll hand you over" he whispered in a hoarse voice "Kai" he held out the phone.

Taking the phone Kai said a quick "what is it?" unlike Tala as Mr Dickenson explained the situation Kai's face became less expressive. His mouth set in a grim line and his jaw tightened but not one emotion was visible on his face. Finally Mr Dickenson finished telling his tale and not hearing anything from Kai asked

"Kai? Are you OK?"

"I'm on my way" and with that Kai hung up the phone and headed for his car.


Mr Dickenson had joined Tyson Ray Lee and Mariah in the station as they waited for news, finally someone they recognised arrived

"Mac!" Tyson jumped up recognising one of Hilary's favourite cousins

"Tyson?" Mac screwed up his face trying to remember the other names of the people in front of him, they all looked familiar "Tyson and Mariah right?"

"Yeah" Mariah nodded "have you heard anything?"

"I'm sorry no" Mac shook his head sorrowfully "Hilary's parents got the first flight they could but they were in Helsinki and had some trouble"

"Kai's on his way too, we finally managed to get hold of him a few hours ago" Tyson told him

"How's he taken it?"

"It's hard to tell with Kai" Tyson admitted "but he's on his way. He loves her..."

"Right" Mac nodded and was about to say more when a couple both dressed in suits and with the signature Tatibana brown hair ran in. The man had ruby eyes while the woman had hazel, but the woman looked so like Hilary it was impossible to mistake who she was.

"Hello" the couple ran right past the group not really noticing them as they made there way to the front desk "We're Hilary Tatibana's parents, Martin and Abi Tatibana we were told…." the man's voice broke as he spoke

"I'll have someone come talk to you" the police woman behind the desk said gently "I believe that group is also waiting for news"

The couple turned and noticed the people behind them,

"Mackenzie!" the Mrs Tatibana ran forward and hugged her nephew

"Hey Auntie Abi, Uncle Martin" Mac embraced the couple then turning back to the group he introduced them "this Tyson and Mariah."

"Hello" Mr. Tatibana nodded and then looked enquiringly at the other three

"I'm Mr. Dickenson, this Ray and Lee."

"Mr. and Mrs. Tatibana?" a voice enquired, the group turned to find an officer standing behind them

"That's us" Martin spoke up

"If you'd like to just come this way" the officer indicated down the hallway but Mrs. Tatibana shook her head


"Abi lets just go with…." Mr Tatibana tried to placate his wife but she shook her head

"no, I know that look, it's the look where they have bad news and want to take you out of the way to tell you about it" Abi Tatibana threw an angry look at the officer facing her "just tell me now!"

"That's not always the case" her husband told her looking at the man behind him for support but the officer avoided his gaze staring at the floor "What's happened?"

"We found a body, from the photos we have been given we're pretty sure it's your daughter we're going to need you to come for an official ID but….I'm so very sorry"


Lee and Ray waited at the airport looking very sombre, Max's flight had touched down a few minutes ago and Kai's plane would soon be following.

"Thanks for being here" Ray muttered to Lee, I know you'd prefer to be with Mariah

"Nah" Lee shook his head "she wanted Tia there more than me, besides it you can't help your best friend through something like this then you're not a very good friend"

"Thanks." Ray smiled a little and then was hit by another crushing thought "How do I tell them? How do I greet Max and Kai and tell them? I can't do it"

"Well you don't need to with one of them" Lee pointed to where a little distance away Max and Millie stood looking over at them. Max just stood there reading from Ray's face what the news was. His case fell from his hand and he stared at the two of them.

"Oh god" Ray heard Millie say as she slipped her arm around Max, tears fell from Max's eyes and he turned around to hug his girlfriend.

Ray and Lee walked over to them "They found her body a few hours ago, her parents have seen it" Ray told them "I'm really…. I wish I could say something"

Pulling away from Millie Max shook his head "No, you don't need to I just wish I'd said something more appropriate last time I saw her. I just said 'see ya!' that's the last thing I ever said to her."

"Kai'll be here in a minute" Lee said tentatively "you guys could head to Tyson's while we wait for him"

"No" Max dried his tears and shook his head again "we can stay"

"Thanks" Ray nodded to his friend "I'd say the more the merrier but…. Bad joke sorry."

"Don't be" Max shook his head "Hilary loved to laugh, and maybe one day we'll feel like laughing again"


Bleary eyed and with a body tired from travel Tala led the way into the greeting area, he was expecting Mr Dickenson to have sent a car or something but when he saw the tearstained little group in front of him he froze. Realisation of what was about to happen hit him and he turned to watch Kai as he too looked at the people waiting for them.

Kai said nothing, he didn't react, he just walked past the group and out of the airport. Once outside he jumped into the nearest taxi commanding "The hospital, fast!"


Somehow Kai knew where he needed to go, he knew that Hilary's body would be kept in the morgue under the hospital until it was sent away for a proper autopsy. He couldn't allow this to be happening, he'd get to the hospital and it would all be a mistake, she just couldn't be dead.

At the hospital he was directed where he needed to go and on his way to the morgue he bumped into a couple of familiar faces. Of course this time they were anything but cheerful.

"Kai" Mac nodded respectfully

"Is she….?" he couldn't ask he looked down trying to stop the lump in his throat from choking him "Is she really...?"

"Yes" Shane nodded sadly "She's dead."

"Until I see a body I don't believe anything" Kai hissed looking them in the eyes

"Well you better come then" Mac shrugged "they found her body a little while ago, it's not a nice sight but they haven't done a post mortem yet. The family have all seen her. Friends aren't usually allowed in but if you can come to see her now."

"That's why I'm here" Kai told them determined to go in find out they were wrong and make everyone see that this was all a mistake. She just couldn't be dead.

To his left Shane nodded "We'll take you to her."

"It can't be her….you must be…" Kai's voice broke he looked at the impassive faces in front of him

"We'll take you to her" Shane repeated before turning and leading the way.


At the room Mac made Kai to go in alone, he knew that the boy needed to see this but Mac couldn't face it again. He couldn't look down on his young cousins face.

He now understood why people believed a soul left your body when you died because looking down at that cold dead face he had been appalled at how different she looked. She was almost grey and her mouth looked so different not quirked up into an ever-present smile.

No Mac could not look at her again. Shane stood beside his cousin one hand on his shoulder trying to help keep some semblance of composure on both his cousin and himself.


The door closed behind him and Kai looked around the room. It was cold and clinical, not a place that he would ever be able to associate with Hilary, he was warm and unorthodox. The bed at the end of the room had a body on it, he could see brown hair and white skin but the room was dim, he couldn't see for sure from here. His feet feeling heavier with every step Kai walked slowly over to the bed.

It was her

She was lying on a cold metal table dressed in a long sleeved hospital gown of sorts and covered with an ugly green blanket. She was paler than ever before and her face dull and greyish was covered with cuts and bruises.

Kai felt tears in his eyes as he looked down at her, his breath came in short sharp gasps.

"Hilary?" he placed his hand on her cheek, she was stone cold.

It was then that it hit him, he had lost her.



Standing outside the room Mac heard a cry of pain unlike he had ever heard before, it brought tears to his eyes as he listened to the sobs that overtook the normally calm beyblader.

Unable to stand the noises coming from the room Mac ran.

Shane had also been shocked by the intensity of the howling and worried that his cousin's boyfriend would hurt himself and knowing that Hilary would not want that to happen he went in.

He stopped in the doorway unsure of whether or not he felt disgusted or understanding of what he was seeing.

Grief-stricken, and with a sorrow like he had never felt before Kai had gathered up Hilary's body into his arms, he embraced her kissing her forehead and rocking her gently as he cried over her. Finally with the tears abated and feeling slightly calmer he lay the unresponsive body back down. Still not knowing he was being watched Kai covered her up pulling the blanket over her shoulders like he was tucking her in for a nights sleep.

Thoughtfully Kai brushed Hilary's soft hair off her face and then leaning down placed another kiss on her forehead. He looked down at her face trying to imagine for a moment that he was just waiting for her to wake up. Trying to imagine that they had just spent another night together and he was watching her sleep.

"I love you so much" he whispered tears falling from his eyes and down onto her cheeks. "I love you. How come I can say it now and I couldn't before?"

"Because now is all you have" Shane told him "You've got nothing left to lose!"

Startled Kai looked up as he listened to the wise words but he was not in the least bit ashamed or embarrassed by his actions, "I loved her so much"

"So did I, in a different way of course but…. Life will never make any sense ever again"

Kai bowed his head over the body again before looking up anger flashing in his eyes "Yes it will. Life will make sense when I make the men that killed her pay."

"You mean those bladers? One of them is thought to be dead or he's on the run" Shane told him thinking of Lando whose body had not yet been found "the other one was bailed out of jail before we even knew he'd gotten there, no one knows where he is!"

"No" Kai shook his head "Not them, I didn't mean them, if I meet them I will kill them but I meant the men that employed them."

"You know who it was?" Shane's voice took a different more alert tone


"Then I warn you, don't look for vengeance" Shane warned

Curious by the sudden change Kai frowned before saying with utter disbelief "You know who it was as well" Kai looked up at the man in front of him entirely shocked "You know that your grandfather…."

"I know nothing exactly" Shane cut in shaking his head sadly "but I know what I suspect. I also know death was never on their agenda, that was a mistake."

"How can you let him get away with it?" Kai snapped angrily before looking back at Hilary's lifeless face

"Because he has too much power, none of us dare fight him. We are like slaves, he controls us"

"Slaves can revolt, they've done it in the past."

"But history tells us they fail more than they succeed. There is too much at stake. Just do yourself a favour and leave it alone" Shane opened the door to go but was stopped as Kai gave a low chuckle

"I won't leave it alone"

Shane didn't turn back but he stopped for a moment before calmly saying "Then you will lose everything."

"You don't get it do you?" Kai asked looking at the back of Shane's head "I can't lose everything. I already have"

Finally finished, that was probably not what you were all expecting, but please keep your eyes open for the sequel entitled 'Things have changed'