Panda laid underneath the wooden contraption, making many squeaking noises as he struggled in his work

Panda laid underneath the wooden contraption, making many squeaking noises as he struggled in his work. Sweat poured down his brow, occasionally stopping to wipe it, as nuts and bolts fell down from inside of it, dropping to the ground with a light thud and bouncing a few times, then rolling and falling down to a complete stop. His paws fumbled around inside of it, in a futile attempt to fix whatever was wrong with this confounded machine, constantly pouring energy in to crawling underneath this thing every day for the past few weeks. He was very tired of his failed attempts to get his Hamham Ferris Wheel up and running, and nothing he seemed to try worked at all. Getting it up and running was a task he had devoted most of his time to, slaving in an effort to please the other Hams, whom he loved to hear praises on his inventions from. The ride never seemed to work, no matter what he did.

Then Stan entered the room. His cool demeanor radiated from him as he walked across the workshop reserved for Panda's creations, the sound-proof door closing behind him like magic as if his very presence moved things to his will. Upon hearing the door shutting, Panda crawled out from under his current work space to examine what intruder was interrupting his intense concentration, and to find out what this person wanted. Panda was surprised to see Stan in his workshop, as the Ham rarely visited him in here, and he had always had an admiration for Stan's personality and good looks. "Stan, what are you doing in here?" He said in a questioning tone, wondering what Stan could possibly want from him.

"Nothin', Ham-dude. Just a little bored, figured I'd visit you." He responded, in his usual cool manner. His yellow and black-striped fur groomed as usual, and Panda figured he usually did this in his failed attempts to get the girl-Hams to like him more.

"Really? Well, alright… Wanna help me out here, then?" Panda usually didn't need too much help, and thus didn't ask for it very much, but decided to offer Stan the opportunity anyway, just because he loved his company. Stan nodded his head quickly, and walked over to the contraption that was being fixed. As he stood next to it, he examined it closely for a few second, then snapping his digits and slamming his fist straight in to the base of the tiny-sized Ferris wheel. Of course, this made Panda flip out a little, his eyes widening in to saucers as he scrambled towards Stan, arms flailing around madly. Stan stood there, staring in his usual calmness, grabbing Panda by the shoulders and flipping the position of each other, slamming Panda's back against the machine roughly. "Chill, my cute little Ham-dude…" He whispered gently in to Panda's large ears, as Panda's face grew red as he stared at the ground of his workshop. After uttering those words, Stan shoved his lips on to Panda's, kissing him roughly, grinding his lips in to Panda's, moaning softly. Panda was completely surprised and over-taken by this, and not knowing what to do, simply leaned back, moaning back to Stan loudly after he had adjusted to the shock of the assault on his lips. Stan's tongue began to lick across Panda's lips, eventually wriggling in to his lips, piercing them and intertwining with Panda's own, kissing him deeply as he traded saliva with him. Panda simply began to kiss back, pulling Stan in to a tight embrace. They stood like this for a long while, simply kissing and embracing each other.

Soon, they simply laid with each other against the contraption, holding each other's paws, telling each other compliments and how great they were.

"Oh, Stan… I love you…"

"I love you, too, Panda, my adorable little Ham-dude."