Gundam07: Cosmic Darkness

By: Megumi Hotaru Kuraino

Disclaimers: Don't sue me, because I don't own sailor moon or gundam wing, but the plot is MINE and I'm a selfish brat so don't steal it.

Authors Note: This is a Hotaru/Heero fic. It has nothing to do with the other senshi except Pluto.

"Saturn because of your awesome power we must destroy you" Serenity said in a cold voice.

"What, you can't be serious" Hotaru-hime said as she backed away nervously. ' What the h*ll was going on?' she thought as she looked at the rest of the senshi (minus Pluto)

"We are. How do we know you won't betray us and destroy everything?" Uranus questioned.

"Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama your against me as well?" Hotaru asked her parents.

"Shut up and don't call us that!" Neptune said as she powered up her attack.

"Aqua Rhapsody" Mercury yelled out her most powerful attack.

Hotaru screamed, as she was hit attack after senshi attack. Finally, after being hit by almost every attack, Serenity stood up and transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.
"Good-bye Saturn" she whispered as she powered up.

Hotaru using the last of her power teleported herself at the last moment to the time gates. She briefly saw Pluto before passing out.

As Hotaru came around she found herself at Pluto's castle. She saw Setsuna watching her with a worried expression.

"Hotaru your awake. What the heck happened?! Setsuna yelled.

"The senshi and Serenity attacked me because of my power." Hotaru said as her eyes filled with tears. "Even Neptune and Uranus"

"What?!" Setsuna shouted out raged. For she and Saturn shared a secret. Saturn was Serenity's sister, older at that. You see they shared a father, and the only reason Serenity took the throne was because Hotaru didn't want it. Hotaru was the true moon princess.

"It's true they attacked me"

"I'm gonna-"Setsuna started but was stopped by Hotaru.

"No don't, just take me somewhere else." Hotaru said.

"Fine" Setsuna, said." You'll be a gundam pilot, here is the information. Your gundam is called Cosmic Darkness, and your Code name will be Dark Goddess. Would you like to go now?"

"Yes now would e wonderful"

"PLUTO ANGELIC POWER MAKE UP!" In a flash of maroon light there stood Sailor Pluto. "Let's go"

As Sailor Pluto left Hotaru looked around 'Well here's to a new life' she thought. Suddenly sirens began to blare.

To be continued...

Authors Note: Yeah I know cliffhanger. I know the senshi would never do that, but this is my story so deal with it.