A Sign of Healing

Spoilers: For Series 1 and 2 as the fic contains references to events in both series

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

When he lived in his cosy little London flat he used to sing. He'd put his iPod into its speakers and stick on a tune. He'd pound his hands on the sink counter in time to heavy drum beats as he did the dishes. He'd squeal along with a good guitar solo as he hovered the sitting room. He'd hum with the booming of a bass guitar as he cooked himself something to eat. Even at work he'd sing the lyrics from his latest download as he researched another alien artefact one of the others had found.

To those who didn't know his name at Torchwood One, they knew him by the description of 'That Guy Who Makes Great Coffee And Sings A Lot.' He liked that description and used to grin happily whenever he heard anyone using it.

But after the Battle Of Canary Wharf he stopped singing. His iPod was banished to its box in the back of a cupboard. Despite working for Torchwood Three, where no day was ever quiet, his life became silent.

On the night Jack came back he asked him to go for a date. Later that night as he washed both his and Jack's plates he began to hum quietly. Jack looked up from his coffee.


He glanced round and smiled at Jack, before returning to the dishes. He continued to hum happily.

Jack grinned. It was a sign that Ianto Jones was healing.

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