Author: Tenucci

Translation: Redgie

Rating: M

Summary: Elizabeth and Will are returning to Port Royal to get married. Things change when Elizabeth ends up in bed with someone who isn't her future husband. And who might that be? ;P


It was midnight and magnificent pirate ship called Black Pearl was anchored near shallows. Sea was calm and crew slept peacefully or less peacefully under deck.

There were also Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann on board, a young couple, who weren't part of the crew although they had spent several months at the Pearl. Now they were sailing towards Port Royal, city of Jamaica, a place where Elizabeth's father was Governor. It was finally safe to go back home now when Governor Swann had decided to save his daughter and her fiancé from the gallows.

Couple slept under the deck with other crew because Captain of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow, didn't naturally want to give his own cabin to the guests.

Elizabeth Swann couldn't sleep because the first mate, Joshamee Gibbs, snored loudly and so did other crew members. In addition to that, under the deck she could hear all squeaks and snappings of the vessel. Girl crept to the deck for fresh air and she hoped that it would help her to sleep.


The night was pleasantly quiet and calm. Stars were shining between shattered clouds. Suddenly somewhere far away a seabird shouted and then was quiet again apart from sound of waves.
Elizabeth leaned against a rail and watched the dark sea. Mixed thoughts filled her mind again. Soon I am home again, in my father's house and these pirate adventures finally end. No more giant sea creatures, bloodthirsty pirate Captains, cannibals and all what else! This is enough...
Will and she would get married as soon as they got home. And they would live happy and peaceful life at Port Royal.

Her father has already accepted Will to be his son-in-law, despite troubles at the beginning of their relationship (Will was blacksmith and he hasn't any noble relatives) and everything seemed to be fine. Maybe not, after all... Elizabeth had a disturbing, burning feeling that she may not enjoy that kind of life and that wouldn't be what she wanted most in the world.

This journey had changed so many things. They had been at the end of the world and returned. This journey had changed Elizabeth, Will and their relationship. Elizabeth didn't know how she could return in her normal life; life as Governor's beautiful and rich daughter, wife of sweet and polite Will. Of course she loved Will, but she had seen so much compared to that what she had knewn about the world, when they had fallen in love. They had visited places which she couldn't even dream of; experiencing so unbelievable adventures and things that the upper class woman couldn't think same way as she did before.

And she did had noticed Captain Jack Sparrow, who was a dark and handsome pirate. He had done indelible impression with his skills and courage. And he certainly had unbelievable charming and irresistible personality.

Elizabeth woke of her thoughts and flinched when she heard a voice behind her: "You couldn't sleep either?"

Elizabeth turned around and saw Jack leaning to a mast behind him. Jack looked at Elizabeth with his arms folded, familiar and a little arrogant smirk on his face. Pirate Captain was wearing only a white shirt and dark trousers. His black dreadlocks descend to his shoulders and a red scarf flapped in light night wind.

"You scared me, Jack..." Elizabeth sighed. "I can't sleep down there because your crew snores so loudly. Especially Gibbs."

They both laughed; Jack amused and Elizabeth abashed. Then Jack looked at Elizabeth with his capturing dark eyes which had a very special look.
"You could always come to sleep next to me", he suggested.
"Jack!" Elizabeth shouted terrified.

Jack came closer with his dark eyes sparkling playfully.

"But I doubt that dear William would like that..."
"Yes, he would not!" Elizabeth was embarrassed for that kind of suggestion but she felt hot feeling in her chest. Jack was now standing in front of Elizabeth and extended his hand to lightly caress her smooth cheek. Elizabeth trembled.

"You're going waste if ye are going to marry Will", Jack said with rough voice and still looked the girl with his special, fascinating way. That look was both dangerous and seducing.
"We're peas in a pod, darling. You are not like those snobbish ladies and land isn't for you. Ye are a pirate and you'll have to deal it with yourself, sooner or later."
"No... I don't want to be a pirate", Elizabeth whispered in weak voice and she felt like she was lying.
"You won't trick me, Elizabeth Swann", Jack whispered and leaned closer to the girl. "Not anymore, not after this journey."

Elizabeth looked in Jack's eyes and felt dizzy. The man was so close to her. And suddenly she felt how strong hands wrapped around her waist and unexpectedly Jack had pressed his warm lips to hers. Dazzling feeling overtook her body and she felt that her heart missed one beating. Feeling continued for a few seconds and then she thought about Will, her future husband and who was sleeping under deck. Elizabeth took one step back and faced Jack with her heart beating like crazy. However she said: "Jack! How dare you!"

Jack didn't care about this twist in his plan. He laughed with devious smile and kept his gaze at Elizabeth's beautiful brown eyes.

"Darling, I know very well that you want me. Ye want to know how it feels like... what it tastes like. Ye cannot resist. I have seen the way you look at me..." Jack took a step closer and grabbed her waist again. "And ye desire me."
"Jack! You little..! How dare you...", Elizabeth yelled and hit his chest with her small fist, trying to get out of his hold, but Jack captured her hand and pressed her against the rail with his body.

"Princess... Forget Will... Only for this night. We both want to know how it feels like..." Jack whispered roughly and looked at her eyes with desire and uninhibited glare.

Elizabeth couldn't help herself and her body became relaxed and warm when it was pressed against Jack's body. Jack kissed her again and she couldn't resist anymore. Elizabeth kissed him passionately and felt how he pressed her firmly against the rail. She could feel his hot, masculine body through his clothes. Elizabeth knew exactly what was going to happen next when she felt how ready the pirate was. His curious hands caressed Elizabeth's body while they kissed. Hands travelled from her waist to examine her soft breasts. Jack slipped one hand inside of her dress and caressed her other breast, teasing her nipple with his thumb. Elizabeth moaned and quickly unbuttoned her dress so Jack could touch more her hot and bare skin.

"Jack... what if... what if somebody sees us...", Elizabeth moaned when Jack kissed her neck. "What if Will sees us?"
"Don't worry, princess", Jack whispered breathless and continued to kiss her neck, collarbone and shoulder. He moved a bit lower and kissed her other breast, teasing it with his tongue and then made same thing to the other one. Elizabeth grasped his tangled hair and pressed him closer. Soon Jack grabbed her waist again and leaded her towards his cabin. While they were walking towards Captain's cabin, Jack made little hot kisses to the back of her neck.

Jack had set fire to candles and the cabin seemed magical in their soft light. He leaded Elizabeth to his bed which had purple satin sheets. Elizabeth thought that she was dreaming, but all this felt so real and right. She lay down to his bed and Jack came after her. He moved his hands along her legs and under her dress. The girl moaned in the bed and she trembled because of desire and waiting. Jack moved forward and smiled wickedly when he disappeared under her dress. She could see only his legs while he was fully covered by her kirtle. Then he continued caressing and kissing and soon he took off her underpants. Elizabeth moaned with passion, repeating his name when the pirate kissed lightly her most secret place. At first he was just trying to figure out what kind of reaction it would make in this chaste lass.

The girl gasped and begged: "Oh Jack! Jack, please don't stop… Please don't stop…"

And Jack continued until Elizabeth came and her was body shaking as she tried to silent her screams. He came out under her dress and looked at Elizabeth. He had expected that she would just lay there enjoying her earth-shaking orgasm, but he realized that he was wrong. Elizabeth sat up and Jack could see wild fire in her eyes. She wanted more! The girl got up and walked in front of Jack who sat on the edge of the bed. She unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor. There she was completely naked and fair in front of Jack. Golden blond hair descended her breasts and back as it shone beautifully against her skin. Elizabeth's body was very beautiful, it was slim, her legs were long and her hips were just right size. The young woman breathed so deeply that her small round breasts were moving up and down and she looked at him persuading. The pirate Captain was surprised because he wouldn't have never thought that she could be so uninhibited.

Jack pulled Elizabeth closer and kissed her flat, white belly and made few kisses a bit lower. At the same time he caressed her bottom and thought that this incredible woman could do anything to him! He was absolutely spellbounded by this woman… irreversibly.

And Elizabeth did because this night she had given up of her inhibition. She took Jack's shirt off and devoured his tanned chest with her eyes and then with her lips. She couldn't get enough of him, she wanted to learn every single inch of his skin, touch every spot on his body. Jack enjoyed her kisses and bitings as he gently caressed her neck, while Elizabeth dragged her oral attentions lower and lower. Jack started to doubt how long he could hold out himself. They weren't even moved in to the action, but he already felt that he could come soon. Jack, who had traveled around all the seven seas and saw their seven thousand docks, was quite experienced lover, but this was something new because he had never wanted anyone so badly as this girl. And now that wonderful young woman slowly opened his trousers as she glared him with desire burning in her eyes. And finally Jack got rid of his clothes. There they were fully naked, wanting each other more than anything in their lives. Even knowing the truth that their actions would be very forbidden couldn't stop them anymore.

Elizabeth surprised him again with her courage and wrapped her fingers around his hardness and kissed the tip of his hot, velvety soft arousal. Jack gasped and focused to control himself so that he wouldn't throw her on the bed and take her roughly. Usually he could play for a long time, but now he felt that would be ready anytime. He looked down and saw Elizabeth's satisfied smile cause even she realized how extremely heated Jack was. She rose up slowly and Jack pulled her onto bed. Elizabeth sat down on the soft blanket and waited. Jack gently pushed her onto her back and placed himself on the top on her.

"No more acrobatics…", Jack whispered as he looked into her eyes, his face almost touching hers. "I want to be with you like this…"

Elizabeth had a tender smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and so the pirate slowly entered inside of her. Their breaths quickened when they felt how they became as one. Jack closed his eyes and stayed still for a moment, enjoying every inch of his body and same time controlling himself. Then he began to move torturing slowly, making Elizabeth moan passionately. The girl whimpered and breathed heavily into Jack's ear and it made him sank even deeper into her hot and wet lap and into this pleasure. Their already sweaty and bare bodies swung against each other in the passionate dance and they forget the entire other world… Only two of them and this pleasure were things that mattered.

After a while Jack felt that he couldn't hold out himself from falling from the edge of pleasure. Sounds of lovemaking hummed in his ears, his body matched perfectly against Elizabeth's body. The girl had wrapped her legs around him and rocked her hips with his thrusts. Elizabeth dug her nails on his back and then they sank even more and more to the wild, animalistic rhythm. Wonderful burning feeling overtook their souls until they fell down and falling felt like they were falling towards sky and then flew slowly farther from it.


Jack collapsed over Elizabeth, he was wet with sweat and breathed heavily. Elizabeth was also trying to catch her breath and held on Jack who rested on her. They couldn't speak at all, just lay there and tried to breath normally.

Suddenly Elizabeth whispered: "Jack...?"
"Mmm..?" Jack couldn't think any real word in his mind.
"Are you still alive?" Elizabeth asked as she smiled and still felt orgasm in her body.

"I don't know… I can almost see stars…"

Elizabeth laughed. She gently caressed his strong back and humid, tangled and dark hair.

"Are you satisfied, my love?" Elizabeth asked.

"Am I!? " Jack moaned. "I am so satisfied that my legs can't carry me… not anytime soon."

"That's good." Elizabeth cupped his face, made him face her and kissed him passionately. "I want you to be satisfied than ever."

"I am… I really am", Jack whispered and kissed her hungrily. "You truly are an amazing woman."

They lay on the bed next to each other enjoying warmth of their skin.

"Jack", Elizabeth whispered.

"Mmmm..?" She heard a sleepy answer.

"What… is going to happen next?" Elizabeth asked quietly and turned to look Jack who lay on his back, eyes half-open and sleepy. "I mean… Is this all what you want from me?"

Pirate snorted. "Why did you ask that? You have Will under the deck, waiting for you. I think that all the other things are his duty. You are his fiancée."

"Yes…", Elizabeth agreed quietly. She felt strange feeling in her throat, like she had swallowed something huge. She sighed heavily. "So this was only… sex?"

"Hmmh… What else? And I can't agree with you. It wasn't just sex", Jack said with very sleepy voice and placed his arm around her. "This couldn't be much better. Luv, I knew that our paths would lead us to this. I wanted this ever since I saw you first time at Port Royal. You are not like the other women I have shagged… I can't even compare you to the others."

Jack's charming eyes hypnotized Elizabeth. Even though the girl knew that Jack had talent to look at woman with his unique way and seduce anybody with his enchanting talk, still she felt her heart beating with special way when glance of the dark eyes met hers.

"Are you tired?" Elizabeth asked because she wanted to change subject.

"Am I tired? I am exhausted, " Jack sighed and Elizabeth lay down against his chest. "You, my darling, took all my strength. I wonder if I am getting old?"

Elizabeth laughed: "Don't be silly, Jack."

"No, I am serious. I'm not young lad anymore… Those times are in my past."

"How old are you?" Elizabeth was curious and drew little circles in his tattooed abdomen.

"I'm not quite sure", Jack laughed.

"You're not sure? How you can't know your own age?" Elizabeth wondered.

"Because it doesn't matter to me", Jack laughed and caressed her back. "As long as I can move and do all kind of things I have nothing to worry about… But I think… Quite exactly that… I am thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old."

It took Elizabeth by great surprise. She couldn't believe that he was so old. Maybe she had thought that he was about thirty years old. But then she thought with smile: You are grown-up man… not some kind of youngster. She caressed his chest with gentle touch and said: "You are at the age of glory, Jack.

"I could almost be your father," Jack laughed cheerily.

"Oh my pirate…" Elizabeth whispered and smiled playfully as she kissed his lips. "Fatherly feelings, Jack… Those kind of feelings are not going to happen between us."

Jack kissed her and despite his exhaustion he felt desire when the woman's warm body pressed against him and warm lips kissed his.

"I can't believe this, woman… You make me want you again, though I am extremely tired," Jack whispered with thick voice against Elizabeth's lips and pulled her on him.

They kissed more and more, deeper and hotter. Their bodies rubbed against each other until they both were lusty… And so they made love again.


Morning started to shine over the horizon when they rested against each other. Elizabeth sat up unwillingly because she would have wanted to stay in Jack's warm arms. Jack, who was in half-sleep, turned to watch the girl with half-open eyes.

"Where are you going?"
"I need to get back to Will before he wakes up."
"Aye... That would be too big slice to swallow if he would find out where ye have spent your last night and especially what you have done," Jack laughed with devious grin.
Elizabeth became frightened and shouted: "Jack! Promise me that you won't tell him!"
"No, I won't tell... but I would love to see his face!" Jack grinned and turned over.
He looked at Elizabeth who started to search her clothes from floor and under the bed. She seemed to be a bit worried.
"Jack, promise me, please", Elizabeth begged and took the dress over her head.
"Don't worry, luv... This is secret between you and me."