4 months later

The sun set after the hot day. The sky bathed in the strong colors of pink and orange. The sea gleamed in the thousands of different shades and the silhouette of the tree mast ship oscillated against the sun.

At the beach of the island of Marie Galante, there were three people standing at the high hill. Two of them stood close to each other, listening intently what the third one had to say.


Thin wreath of flowers rested on Elizabeth's fluttery hair and the girl had dressed simple white dress. Light-colored fabric protected her sweet and very distinguishable, big stomach and the girl leaned on Jack, who stood next to her.

Jack stood at the right side of Elizabeth, very handsome and proud as the lapels of his coat and the bandana fluttered in the wind. The Captain glanced at Elizabeth and laughed cheerily when he saw the girl's satisfied face.

They vowed the vows and Elizabeth got the most gorgeous golden ring in her left ring finger. The ring was decorated with a blood red stone. Elizabeth put simple and sleek golden ring on Jack's finger. And though it wasn't as magnificent as his other rings, it still shimmered brighter than the others.

Jack's friend performed the marriage and he was bearded old sea salt and when he pronounced them as a husband and a wife, and also told Jack to kiss the bride, Jack didn't hesitate but pulled his new wife to a gentle kiss with him. Elizabeth giggled happily and held from her wreath of flowers as the mild wind blew over them.

Finally, she got her wedding and for her husband the one and only.

The older captain began to walk away from the newlyweds and laughed: "It was about a time that somebody tamed that wild spiritā€¦"

The man walked down from the hill, but Elizabeth and Jack stayed to look at the sunset.


The pirate and his wife admired the horizon in silence. Neither one did need the words to tell how good it felt to be there as the whole lifetime together waited for them.

"Jack... What happens now?" Elizabeth asked quietly and leaned her head against her husband's shoulder.

Jack glanced down at Elizabeth and then said: "Whatever ye want. Where do ye want to go?"
"What do you mean?" Elizabeth asked and raised her glance up to Jack's face.

Jack laughed and nodded towards the horizon.

"I meant that..."

Elizabeth turned her gaze to the sea.

"What course we shall take when the mornin' comes..?" Jack asked and took something out of his pocket. It was his compass and he gave it to Elizabeth as he said: "I'll give ye this. If it helps to show the direction."

Elizabeth fell silent and carefully took the compass to her hand. She knew how valuable it was. It wasn't ordinary at all, because it showed to it's holder what he or she wanted most in this world.

"Jack... It's your compass, your treasureā€¦" Elizabeth sputtered.

"Just take it. I have no use for it because it always points at ye", Jack laughed. "I don't need it anymore to tell me what I want most in this world."

Jack kissed gently Elizabeth's nose and made her laugh.

"But it does the same with me too, Jack! It always points at you", Elizabeth soon said with the smile and opened the compass. The red needle swirled around and then pointed towards Jack. "See?"

Jack laughed and took the compass out of her hand. Suddenly he threw it on the grass which swayed in the wind.

"Let's leave it here then. Let somebody poor man to find it, who don't know what he wants." Jack said.

Elizabeth smiled and let the love and warmth reflect from her eyes, because she would never hide those feelings from Jack. Together they began to walk down the hill towards the beach where their boat waited for them.

The wind swirled the needle of the compass. For a moment it pointed here and there until it stopped pointing towards the sun and the Black Pearl. Towards the freedom.

The sun sank downwards and soon the sea swallowed it. The last beam of light glinted on the dark waves and it reflected from the figurehead and decorated lanterns of the Pearl . Night had come. New, mysterious and warm night at the Caribbean Sea.

xxx THE END xxx

Written by: Tene


And I'd like to add, that I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean or it's characters. However, the story and other characters than those from original PotC belong to me.


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