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Sweet Summer Days

Chapter 1

Tick-tock-tick-tock said the clock resting on the desktop. The second hand made yet another turn until it completed another turn and then yet another. Nothing changes with its rotation. It simply goes in circles. Hovers over the same two hands and over the same numbers. Just one circle. A lot like life. It goes in one big circle or rather, cycle. It's repeated each year. Each year has the same seasons, same festivals, same months, same days, same celebrations; everything is the same. Nothing ever changes.

Again, the clock made at least three more turns; but this time was different. As it hovered over the minute hand over the number three, it shouted a loud shrill alarm. Desperate to save her ears, Kazuha groped for it with much irritation and laziness. She tried to grope everything, especially the snooze button. With her arm the only one moving, she eventually gave up and stopped the alarm before it ruined her morning and then burying herself inside the blanket once more.

Successful was her attempt with the clock, it didn't stop her phone from ringing just as loud and just as shrill to her ears.

"Hello?" she answered in a rather rusty voice.

Sonoko's cheery voice greeted, "Good morning. Sorry did I wake you?"

"Oh it's you Sonoko-chan." Kazuha flopped back onto her bed. "So what's up?"

"Nothing. It's just that since it's summer I was thinking we could all go out together and stuff like that. Don't worry though, everything is on me! My treat! So what do you say?"

Kazuha was still sleepy and couldn't get the idea of what Sonoko was saying, "Okay sure. Will Ran be there?"

"Of course! She and her detective boyfriend!"

"Okay. Keep me posted then. Thank you."

"No, thank you. Bye!"

Kazuha threw her phone towards the beanbag chair she had by her bedside. As if intentionally ruining her day the alarm sounded again. This time she threw off her blanket and snatched the clock. It read 9:30. She rubbed her eyes hoping that she was reading the clock wrongly. This just really wasn't her day.

"Heiji is so going to kill me!" she fled from her bed and took a short shower.

. . . . . . . . . .

Ran had woken up a bit later since she was still tired from festival the night before. She became flushed at the thought of what happened last night. It wasn't avoided nor was it intentional, but the whole scenery would replay each time she was spacing out. The touch of his hand, those soft lips and those dreamy blue eyes that she simply sinks into-she could feel her cheeks burning already. And to think she was denying about wanting him for a boyfriend before. Was she swallowing her words or was she just lying to herself? I guess, she thought, it doesn't really matter now. I love him, that's all I know. And what's more, he loves me back!

Ran didn't even notice that she was smiling upon thinking of Shinichi. Her cloud of daydreams suddenly dissolved into thin air when Mr. Mouri came out of the room demanding his breakfast.

"So umm- how was uh- your date last night with your uh-detective boyfriend?"

"Fine. The fireworks we watched were nice." Ran said as she smothered her toast with butter.

"Oh, so uh- what else did you two do?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just looked around at some stalls there in the festival. And ate-stuff."

"So, you didn't bring your good ol' daddy something nice?"

"I'm so sorry dad! I'll make it up to you, I promise!" Ran replied with her hands pressed together.

"Humph! All you ever thought of at those times was just spending time with your detective boyfriend that you didn't even take the chance to think about your loving father!"

"C'mon dad! It was our first date! How about I ask you about your first date with mom. How'd it go? Huh? I bet you had your eyes all set on her and no one else!"

'She got me good.' Mr. Mouri thought. "Th-That was a long time ago! You expect me to remember that after all these years?" He argued, folding his arms over his chest.

"You just don't want to admit it, don't you dad? You just wanted her to be all yours! Don't mind the other people, it's just you and her! Haha! I got you good!" Ran took a bite from her toast.

"I'm ignoring that speculation of yours. I'm resuming my brunch IN PEACE! So don't ask me nonsense."

"I won't bother. I got my answer."

Just then the phone rang.

"RAAAAAAAAAN!" Sonoko shouted on the other end.

"What's up Sonoko?"

"Guess what? Guess what?"


"We'll be heading for Okinawa the day after tomorrow. I already have your ticket with me. And I also have another extra ticket. We can invite your detective boyfriend along."

'Everyone seems to be calling him that lately,' Ran thought. "That's fine with me, but how about you. You sure you won't get, you know, sorry if I sound boastful but-left out? Makoto-kun isn't coming to visit for summer, isn't he?"

"What do you mean? How can I possibly be left out? I'm sure Shinichi-kun and that Hattori-kun will be bonding for sure."

"And exactly, why all of a sudden you want to bring Shinichi along? Usually you just invite him because I 'force' you to."

"Just get ready okay? Be sure to bring your boyfriend along! Bye Ran! I'll see you soon!"

"Hey wait! Sonoko! Sonoko!" But all that Ran could hear was a dial tone. "Darn it! She didn't give me an answer."

. . . . . . . . . .

"Kazuha, all perfect in her summer clothes with her hair, as always, tied up in a bow, is now looking around for a certain someone. Hmm I wonder who that someone is. Time do to some investigation!" Heiji murmured as he sneaked up on Kazuha. He gave her a gentle push and shouted, "BOO!"

Kazuha screamed briefly as she turned to see Heiji laughing heartily.

"You should've-you shou-you sh-" Guffaws of laughter threatened to come out whenever he tried to speak. Even though he really tried his best to finish what he intended to say. It's just that every time he remembers the expression on her face as he took her by surprise, he just couldn't help but laugh.

She just stared at him with those eyes that seemed to pierce right through him. She followed him around with those kind of eyes and never lost sight of him. She wanted him to get the message already. Above anything or anyone else, Heiji was the only one who could run her patience out so quickly. She just hoped he knew that so he wouldn't have to act so childishly. Finally, she met him eye to eye. He straightened up. Good, she thought, her arms folding up.

She spoke, "Now you're just being mean."

"K-Kazuha." He really didn't know what to say, leaving his sentence completely unfinished.

"Tch. Let's just go, you said you wanted to hang out with me right?" Her eyes no longer had that piercing feeling and her voice, though slightly mixed with annoyance, was also more mellow.

Heiji immediately thought, I guess this wouldn't be the best time anymore to tell her.

x x x x x x x x x x x

So that was the first chapter of my improved version of "Trip To Okinawa". I realized I should have focused it on Heiji and Kazuha, I was really too much of a kid back then. Hopefully, this would serve as an inspiration upon me continuing to write those unfinished fics.