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Chapter 2

"So?" Kazuha started. "Why did you want to meet up with me today?"

Heiji paced towards his motorbike wore his helmet and urged Kazuha to wear the extra one, "You'll see when we get there."

She'll have to admit, being the only girl allowed to ride at the back of Heiji's motorbike was somewhat a special honor for her. Being the so-called 'Detective of the West', he was bound to have as much admirers as if he were a celebrity. Any other girl would dream of being able to at least see Heiji in person because meeting him, in Kazuha's opinion, would be too good to be true for those girls. And so much more riding at the back of his motorbike. The feeling that she was given a certain distinction,a childhood friend, among all the other girls made Kazuha feel like she had a higher ranking than they did.

She was very well aware of the fact that she did have an advantage but she always told herself not to keep her hopes up. After all, there are many other girls out there, including Heiji's first love in Kyoto. And what makes it all worse is that he's finally found out who that mysterious first love was.

The sudden recollection of the thought made her feel butterflies in her stomach. She cursed herself for remembering.

Heiji could feel Kazuha's grasp around his waist tightening and he could feel her head leaning on his back. It worried him. Was she feeling sick? Or was she just sleepy? It also didn't seem like he was driving too fast for her to hold on so tight. In any case, he slowed down and pulled over.

"You feeling okay Kazuha? Or do you think I'm driving too fast?" asked he, turning his head around.

Slightly stunned at his question she lifted her head and shook it. The memory still bothered her. She knew Heiji wasn't an idiot, he knew her really well like the palm of his hand. In order to drive away his suspicions, she acted a bit irritated, "Of course I am! Besides, you said we'd get there in 15 minutes. Do you know how long we've been driving? Are you sure you're not lost?"

"Idiot! We're not lost. I just didn't expect a detour when we reached the shortcut. Weren't you paying attention to where we were going?"

Embarrassed to say that she wasn't really watching where they went, she gave an excuse unconsciously answering his first question, "Look, I can feel my stomach grumbling already so just get going. You can treat me to a good restaurant to make up for your actions earlier this morning."

Heiji suddenly felt like she was trying to outsmart him and she actually succeeded. For once, he set his pride aside thinking that he should at least let Kazuha have her way every once in a while. He can't imagine how bad he would feel if he were to see her crying in disappointment again. That's right. He wouldn't forget that case where he had actually intended Kazuha to win that deduction competition but then he got carried away when he figured out the criminal's identity. He chuckled sheepishly to himself for being like that.

Not long after, he parked his motorbike in front of a traditional looking restaurant, "There. The compensation for my crude actions earlier this morning your highness," teased he, giving a low bow.

Slightly annoyed that he called her 'your highness' which made her feel like she was controlling him, she ignored him. At least not until the waiter greeted them: "Good morning ma'am, good morning sir. Table for two?" She didn't have any choice but to pay attention to him or else she'd be paying for her own food.

She looked around, "This place looks new."

Heiji took his seat facing the window, "Yeah, I thought I'd give it a try," he rested his hands at the back of his head, "since Otaki-han kept recommending it to me a couple of times already."

"It's a good thing you finally thought of this. I was getting tired of you taking me to that Okonomiyaki store. A change of venue is fine every once in a while."

He could sense she was teasing. And there was nothing wrong about that Okonomiyaki store, he liked their merchandise better than anywhere else. It was the best he has ever tasted!

"Hey! You said their okonomiyaki tasted good! Or were you just trying to get on my good side so you could have free meals every now and then?"

"I get tired of things as well! I can't just eat okonomiyaki with you every single time, can't I?" Kazuha confronted, raising her voice a bit giving them a few glances from the other customers and the waiter just by their table.

Heiji silently scolded his childhood friend, "Great. Look what you just did. Idiot."

"Well I can't help it, can't I? I wasn't doing anything and then you just pick a fight with me."

"What do you mean you weren't doing anything? You were teasing you octopus-head."

"As if I was! You dark octopus!" Her voice increasing in volume again.

That insult pulled some of Heiji's nerves, "What did you just call me?"

Kazuha wasn't threatened at all, "You heard me," answered she with a stern face. But even so, she repeated it for his sake, "You bl-ack oc-to-pus."

"Why you~"

Their startled waiter interjected, a bit frightened that they would shout at him but he needed to do his job, "Um- sorry but are you two ready to order?"

Both of them looked at the waiter who was now even more frightened. Then they purposely avoided eye contact with each other and told the waiter their separate orders.

Heiji was able to glance at Kazuha since she was trying very hard not to look at him. He sighed to himself, what am I thinking? I shouldn't be fighting with her all the time. It might seem odd but at this rate, as Heiji kept telling himself, it was possible that he wouldn't have a chance if he kept treating her like this. It was time to straighten things out. But how? It wouldn't seem that apologizing sincerely was in his personality; maybe at least in Kazuha's point of view. Then again, he could surprise her by doing just that. He sighed again thinking that there was absolutely no way she would believe him; even if it were sincere.

In any case, he tried to muster his courage to apologize. If he can't do such a simple thing how can he do the more complicated task? He scolded himself, Idiot! Stop thinking of those other things now. Focus!

Focusing on apologizing to a girl, you sure do look lame, another side of him scoffed.

Judging from the way things are going so far, his mission for today will never be accomplished. He didn't want to allow himself to wish for some kind of miracle that would prove him wrong. He just didn't want to have false hopes, today's outcome is already clear to him. It wouldn't happen today—maybe some other time—but most definitely not today.

For an unknown reason, the moment their food arrived, they started talking again as if nothing had happened. It even looked like they fought just because they were hungry. Everything that Heiji did not allow himself to do was being contradicted somehow. However, that doesn't change the fact that he was mean towards her today and that, for him, is all the more reason not to get his hopes high—at least for this day.

"I forgot to tell you, Heiji." Kazuha said, sipping her cola. "Sonoko-chan called earlier this morning."

"Hm? That Suzuki heiress did? What was the call about?"

"She asked if we were interested to go to Okinawa with them this summer break."

Heiji already knew who 'them' meant. "Is she sure that all of them are coming?"

"It's still an invitation. But I sure do wish that Ran-chan would be there! I'd like to ask about her date with Kudo-kun."

Oh yeah, I could get help from Kudo, planned he as a smile crept over his face. "I'm going if Kudo is."

Kazuha was a bit disheartened. Yes, she knew perfectly that those two detectives are good friends, but couldn't he acknowledge the fact that they're going together?

"Hey Heiji, let's go. It's been a long time since we spent time with Ran-chan and the others. Well—Heiji?"

Sonoko's call couldn't be more than perfect timing. If he was going to answer that he's not going if Shinichi wasn't, it would cause another petty fight between him and Kazuha. They've had so much already he was getting tired just thinking about it.

"Hello Sonoko-chan?" Kazuha said. "Heiji? Well he says—"

He interjected, "Tell her I'm not going unless Kudo is."

"You heard that? He says he won't unless Kudo-kun does," she ate her food bit by bit as she talked on the phone. "What? Kudo-kun says he's not coming?"

Heiji leaned forward to try to catch some bits of their conversation. That Kudo, just when I need his help too. I was sure he'd come. He should be there, he thought.

"I understand. Okay. Thanks Sonoko-chan."

She spoke to Heiji, "Sonoko-chan wants you to talk to Kudo-kun. She says she's already bought the tickets too."

And he felt like he did need to talk to him, "Don't worry Kazuha. I'll make sure he doesn't refuse the offer to that trip." He gave a reassuring smile, "Leave it to me!" he laughed as he wallowed in his confidence of his abilities.

"H-Heiji," she smiled.