Notice- I know I made a few mistakes in the first three chapters. Yeah, I misspelled Alec. Alex, Alec, same name, different spelling. Also, I know Behaar isn't a thoroughbred, but neither is The Black, Satan, or Black Minx.

As Kit left the tack room, Alec had just finished saddling up The Black. With her own saddle in her arms, she made her way over to the stall on the right of The Black, where Behaar awaited her. The bay stallion stomped his hoof impatiently as if to say, "Hurry, Kit. We have a race to run!" He nickered his urge to gallop down the stretch loudly. Smiling, Anderson opened the stall door and closed it quickly to make sure Behaar didn't hop out. "Settle down, Bee."

Alec stepped out of The Black's stall and went over to the left to rub Napoleon the gray little horse's nose. Tony, the owner of Napoleon, generously gave Alec permission to take Napoleon along to races since he was a calming effect on The Black. Napoleon nuzzled Alec's hand, probably smelling the apple he had given The Black earlier. "Sorry, Nap," Alec said. "I couldn't bring you one." With that, he walked towards the exit of the stable.

As he left, Kit opened her mouth to speak to him, but swiftly closed it.

Alec snarled.

She waved.

He rolled his eyes.

She walked off to the tack room for the bridle.

He flipped her a bird.

Alec walked towards Henry, who was sitting in a special box reserved for Alec, Henry, and their friends. Henry chuckled, "Hey, Alec, look who's here." In the seats next to Henry were Steve Duncan and his older friend Pitch. "Hi Steve, hello Pitch!" Alec called to him. Steve got up and went to Alec, "Good luck in the big race. I hope you win, Alec." The younger jockey was beaming, the way Alec would usually be doing. Except for the fact this was a match race against a spoiled and coddled horse who could be better than both the jockey's horses. Alec blurted at random, "How'd Flame loose to THAT?"

Steve whispered into Alec's ear, "You see, at the Clearwater, I overheard Kit talking to another jockey telling him about her struggle getting accepted in America. I felt sorry so I cut her a little slack in the race. I never intended her and Behaar to get that far away for the pack. I only expected five maybe ten lengths. But they ARE good, without a doubt. I mean, to get that much away from Flame. She's an experienced rider, I'll give her that." Alec plumped down next to Henry, "Yeah."

People began to arrive in the Grandstands. Henry nudged Alec, "The post parade is about to begin. Better knot your reins and hop on, boy." Alec nodded and rushed off to the stalls. He looked over at Kit who was being lifted onto Behaar by Mr. Sole. Mr. Sole was a short man. Not only was he the new owner of Behaar, he was his trainer even before he went and claimed the colt for himself.

Mr. Sole didn't want to loose Behaar if he got fired for a better trainer. So he quickly claimed the horse and was allowed to continue racing him under Windigo Farms. He was the man who taught Kit the ropes of horseracing, even though she insisted showjumping wasn't all that different. While training at Metro racetrack, she entered the gate the wrong way and ran down the track the other way, making the people watching them laugh.

Now, Kit was nearly as good as Alec, maybe even better. But no one would know until the race was run. Until someone drove their horse down the wire. Until The Black was either claimed good or bad. Alec hoisted himself up and into his horse's saddle. Henry came in and grabbed the halter to begin the post parade. Alec looked up at the clock on the barn wall. Yeah, only time would tell.