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A/N: This is from Goku to Gohan. Really sad.

I'm Sorry
By: Prince Tyler Briefs

Gohan, my little boy
My little pride and joy
I'm so proud of you
Proud of what you do

My tiny little son
Gohan, you're my only one
You beat Cell, you really did
You got that monster rid

I'm sorry I had to leave you then
Knew I would, just not when
It is hard to say good-bye
Even harder to see you cry

I had to do it, for everyone
For your mom, and for you my son
I just wish you knew
Ihad to do, what I had to do

I'm sorry I have to leave again
Now the world you defend
This time I won't be back
I'm sure tears won't lack

I'm sorry I won't get to see
You grow more like me
I will miss you little one
But don't let your world come undone

I miss you Gohan, that is true
But I am always there for you
In spirit, but that's just a start
I'm also in your heart

I'm sorry we had to say good-bye
And I'll be your wondering why
But you'll know, someday, why I'm above
You see, my Gohan, it's called love

Never forget who you are
Even though I'm so very far
You are my son, a sayjin too
But, Gohan, you're also you

I'm sorry I won't see you grow
I'm still with you, so you know
I love you Gohan, always will
'Cause you are my Gohan still