A/N So this is a one-shot… It can be interpreted many ways but I wrote it with certain people in mind: I'm curious to see how others interpret it so I'm going to leave it open for interp's (I will eventually tell you though!)

Everyone envies her, hell you envy her. Sitting there in that chair while you talk to her. You wonder if she realizes your there to see her, not her boyfriend.

As you talk to her, she nods her head as if she's listening, but watching her you realize, she's not everything she seems.

She's not even paying attention to what you say, but instead she sits and watches people pass by through a mirror on the wall.

There's an emptiness there that wasn't before, and you feel a pang of guilt.

Suddenly he enters the room, smiling and happy. Her eyes are only on him. All eyes are on him.

He wishes you a happy birthday, she follows the suit. Watching her, you realize she only did it because he did it.

Trying to force the mean thought out of your head you smile, then she sighs and looks impatient.

Your friends sit there and joking and laughing, trying to catch her attention, and you wonder if they are seeing what you are seeing.

She seems to be what every girl should be his. She's the one who made you want to reach your goals she's your inspiration, not him.

Yet you're starting to realize she doesn't see it. You wonder what life would be like following your boyfriend around the country, living out of a suitcase, all for the sake of love.

You suddenly feel sorry for her; after all she's only his shadow.