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Chapter 1: Wine

"I'm scared," Princess Maria confided to her ladies in waiting, Lady Mickie and Lady Ashley.

"Don't be," Lady Ashley assured her. "I'm sure Queen Torrie means no harm to you, dear Princess."

"But I don't think she likes me very much," Princess Maria sighed. "She's always so rude to me."

"She just doesn't want you taking over her land when you become the Queen of this one," Lady Mickie said. "Come on, we're here for you, Princess."

The three girls exited the carriage that had taken them to Queen Torrie's castle in the next land. They walked together with their arms linked, Princess Maria in the middle. The drawbridge magically dropped down for the three girls to cross the moat filled with alligators.

"I don't have a good feeling about this…" Princess Maria whispered.

"Nothing bad will happen to you, Princess, we promise," Lady Ashley said.

The girls entered the daunting castle. The walls inside were black and all of the décor was dark purple, giving off an evil effect. Vines with thorns grew on the walls inside the castle, which was freaking out the Princess. With each step, their heels clapped against the stone flooring and the echo of the sound reverberated in the room.

They walked the length of the grand hall and entered the throne room whose door was decorated with purple and gold trimmings.

"I wish Randall was here with me," Princess Maria trembled. She was speaking of her boyfriend, Prince Randall from two kingdoms away. Ladies Mickie and Ashley were involved with two dukes of his court, Sir Jonathan and Sir Christopher.

"You'll see him shortly. We can all go see our gentlemen after this," Lady Mickie suggested.

The three girls approached the large gold throne. Sitting in it was Queen Torrie. She was wearing a black gown with a golden crown on her head. Her eyes were closed, and she looked as if she was sleeping.

All three girls knelt down in front of Queen Torrie's throne. "I think she's sleeping," Lady Ashley whispered.

Just then, Queen Torrie's eyes shot open. "You're here, Princess Maria. I've been waiting for your arrival."

"I am sorry for not being so timely to uphold your honor," Princess Maria begged, bowing her head, her silver tiara glinting in the light coming from the window.

Queen Torrie squinted her eyes. "Oh, you are fine, Princess. I have called you here to make a proposition for you. My time is coming and going. I am not as young as you are anymore. I'm afraid that my time is running out, and I'd like to see my young son, Prince Santino, married with a princess before I die. I thought of you right away. If you do so, you will rule not only your land, but you and Prince Santino will rule this one as well. What do you say, Princess? He is looking most forward to this."

Princess Maria closed her eyes and shook her head. "But I was planning on marrying Prince Randall."

"But Prince Santino has much more wealth than your precious Prince Randall does. And my young Prince Santino will make a much more suitable husband," Queen Torrie bartered.

"But I am in love with him."

A glint of evil shot through Queen Torrie's eyes. "I understand. Kendrick!" she yelled, calling for her court jester.

"Yes, your majesty?"

"Get three goblets of my special wine, will you?"

"As you request, your majesty."

Quite quickly, the court jester named Kendrick arrived with a tray holding three goblets of wine. He offered one to each of the three girls, who graciously accepted Queen Torrie's nice offer. After all, it was rude to refuse a queen.

"Aren't you going to have any, your majesty?" Lady Mickie asked.

"Oh, no darling. I don't drink wine," Queen Torrie smiled sweetly. "Now, go ahead so you can get back to your kingdom. I'm sure that King Hunter and Queen Stephanie are worried about you."

The three girls looked at each other and sipped at the wine, making the biggest mistake of their royal lives.

"MARIA! ASHLEY! MICKIE! You guys were supposed to be at the gorilla position already!" Melina yelled, barging into the Diva's locker room.

Mickie, Ashley, and Maria were laying on the floor, just waking up.

"Whoa, what happened to you three?" Melina asked.

"Where are we?" Maria asked. "This isn't Queen Torrie's castle…"

"Are you three drunk? Come on, we have a six Diva tag match. Let's go!" Melina demanded, dragging the three girls along with her.

As Melina rushed them down the hallway, they were greeted by the Legend Killer.

"Hey girls," he said, winking at the four of them.

"Not now, Randy, we're in a rush!" Melina yelled, but all of a sudden, Maria became very hard to pull.

"Randall?" she gasped, in awe of the man in front of them.

"Randall? Not even my parents call me that, Maria. Are you alright?"


"MATCH! NOW!" Melina yelled, succeeding in getting the girls to the ramp to fight.

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