Tainted Blood

Summary:Haruno Sakura. Beautiful, ANBU captain, and a revenger. Now a missing nin, she uncovers secrets of her dead parents past that leaves her targeted by a mysterious clan. Not only that, shes chosen to join Akatsuki.


"Okasan, I'm home." the little pink-haired girl called. "Okasan?" The small one still couldn't locate her mother.

The house looked liked it was empty and unwelcoming. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" "Okasan!" shouted the girl. She then ran to the source of the screaming.

" I suggest you lower your voice. You wouldn't want somebody completely innocent accidentally getting harmed would you?" the voice seemed to echo off the walls and send shivers down the child's spine. " No, don't you dare touch her!" said another voice.

What she saw stunned her. There was a man and her mother who had blood dripping from a deep gash on her arm and a wound on her stomach.

" Oka-" Wait. If her mother was trying to protect her she should stay hidden, not jump out like Batman.

" And what if I do, my dear?" there was a hint of mocking in his voice, and the child didn't like it at all. " I'll kill you, you scum!" screamed her mother.

" My dear Satsuki, how could you when I'm about to send you to the underworld?" " No, leave my Okasan alone!" The stranger and mother whipped around. ' How come I wasn't able to sense her?! Unless shes one of them.'

" Sakura, get out of here!" said Satsuki.

" But Oka-" " Now! You must!" Little Sakura had tears in her eyes. " Okasan" she whispered.

" I don't think your going anywhere, Sakurachan."

Sakura turned around. " What have you done with my Okasan?!" The girl felt a hatred towards this man.

" Don't you touch my daughter! You took away enough from me. What more do u want?!" shouted Satsuki.

The strangers eyes gleamed into a shade of blood red. " What more do I want? Satsuki my dear, I want power and I will get it."

Satsuki sneered. " But you can't! I'm the last and since I'm dieing, you'll never achieve that power." said Satsuki.

" Oh? Are you sure?" The strangers gazed settled over Sakura. ' No not my daughter, not this time.'

" I call upon thy to protect whats precious to me. In return take my soul and never let this monster reach his goal." chanted Satsuki. A dragon suddenly engulfed the three in a bright light. ' Whats this? thought Sakura. It feels so warm.' A figure then came into view. ' I'll shall protect you little one.' The figure then went into her body.

' Whats this aura?! Its so over whelming. If I don't get out of here I could end up dieing.' " Until next time my little Sakura chan" the stranger then disappeared into the darkness.

" Okasan!" the light still was surronding her. " Sakura!" " Okasan, don't go!"

" I must, my body cant stay here anymore. I must go now!" " No! Please, don't go!" Satsuki smiled. " Be strong my little cherry blossom. I love you." Satsuki and the light then faded away.

" Okasan. Sakura whispered. I promise to be strong for you, I promise"