This is written from Misa Amane's point of view, so note when it says "Misa" she's referring to herself in third person.


It's been years since Misa was a normal girl –

A rising, shining star.

Then one day my parents were killed,

And Misa was left to fall.


The man behind it deserved to die –

How could he do that to me?

To my relief, he was found . . .

This should've ended happily.


Again and again his trial was delayed

This was such a stress

Maybe, if Misa could get to him . . .

Misa could kill him best.


Then one day, one glorious day

A savior arrived,

Kira, my savior.

Hundreds of criminals were judged.

My parent's killer did not survive.


No more days of hatred,

And no more days filled with tears.

Kira - Misa had to meet him!

How to do so, wasn't clear . . .


I knew there had to be some way.

Misa was famous, after all!


Misa pondered how to do it,

Walking home one day,

And to my despair,

A drunk with a knife,

Decided Misa Misa should die that day.

He lashed out to strike me

Of my final breath of air

He stopped oh so suddenly

And turned and walked away.

Misa didn't know why he did it

But she didn't complain . .

Misa ran away as fast as she could

Relieved beyond words or ways.


A few days later, my life changed -

A way to meet Kira.

A shinigami, Rem.

A Death Note.

A blessing.


Misa sent tapes to Sakura TV

Begging Kira to contact me.

Misa judged criminals

Misa left hints.

I craved his attention,

I was not afraid to die.

He wouldn't kill me –

Misa had the eyes.


Then one day in Aoyama

My life was complete


Yagami Raito.

He's quite young . . .


Misa easily found where he lived

And went to his house that night.

My heart pounded with excitement.

Though maybe a bit, with fright . . .

Misa hoped he would be pleased.


Misa knocked quietly.

His family came to the door.

And I saw him.

Better looking than I remember

His eyes went wide with surprise -

That was quickly concealed.



He doesn't want to be my boyfriend.

Misa convinces him anyway.

He says we'll make a new world.

He hugs me tight –

I blush like mad

We will be so happy.


. . . . . .


I was so foolish.

So ignorant and young.

How could I have made such a mistake?

It's all coming back to me now.

But he is gone.

I'm not thankful anymore.

How could he be so cruel,

So evil . . .

In my anguish

I'm drowning.

He never loved me.

He never liked me.

He hated me.

My tears are blinding, my cries deafening -

But Misa can't live in a world without light.

. . . . .

Misa thinks she'll jump now.