A short Vampire Doll Poem

Disclaimer- Kari-sensei owns Vampire Doll.

Who does he think I am?

I should be grateful for what he did

But I'm not, I'm miserable.

All Because of that jerk

That perverted Jerk who made me this way.

Trapped in this Doll's Body

When I should be young and handsome.

His demented fantasies

Are Imposed upon me.

Dressing me up in outfits

I'd never be caught dead in

I know this doll body looks like his sister

But Why this?

And, to make matters worse

I'm his maid!

Who the hell does he think I am?

I wonder what the answer is.

I'm supposed to be a vampire aristocrat

Not some servant.

I want what I used to have

And I'll do anything to get it.