AN: Anything you recognise is unlikely to be mine - i.e., that's my poor excuse for a disclaimer. Warnings for violence and language and stream-of-consciousness writing which I should probably never be allowed near again. :) Have fun.

Of War

"...He is a scientific Goth, resembling Alaric, destroying the country as he goes and delivering the people over to starvation. Nor does he bury his dead, but leaves them to rot on the battlefield..." - John Tyler, on Ulysses Grant

there's blood on my face, i can feel it running down and it's sticky, it's fucking disgusting, feels worse than the stuff that's trying to get up my throat every time i breathe – maybe that's my lung, maybe my lungs have liquefied or something, but i'd definitely be dead if they were liquid, not just waiting to die. least i don't feel hungry anymore – that fucking konoha and their yellow flash and-

yellow flash? more like yellow fucking massacre with the way he cut through us, no time for us to fucking react, and it wasn't like we provoked them anyway, they turned on us first, turned traitor in that mission which was supposed to help both villages, just because it would benefit iwa more than them and- and- oh god i'm dying aren't i, that's why i can't think properly, think straight- no, i'm a ninja, not some pussy daimyo soldier, if i die i'll at least get a proper fucking rant first so i can die bitter.

yeah, their yellow flash is a bitch – what i wouldn't give to have him under a knife so i could cut him open, see what makes him so much better than us mere mortals, don't think he can die, swear I saw kenichi shove a fucking sword through his chest – was i seeing things, maybe there's another guy with that hair, like hell, i heard he was a foreigner, raised by foreign generals or something, out of the continent, and that's why he brought in all these new fucking tactics that don't just kill us, but fucking destroy everything our village is-

he burnt all our farms. i know he isn't their hokage, but it's just a matter of time, and god help all the rest of the fucking villages when that ruthless bitch is in power. burnt the farms and set fire to the outposts and all but salted the fucking ground – hits our supply chains and never fucking stops, and he moves like a god and the konoha-nin, they don't think they can ever lose when he's there with them and i think they're right, and my family's out there, and they're starving and namikaze fucking minato doesn't spare anyone, no children, no women, no anyone, 'cept maybe civilians that he thinks he can use later- after- whatever he's fucking planning.

i hate him. i wish he had a wife and kids so i could hunt them down and set them on fire, and maybe toss them off a cliff for good measure – watch them scream, like he made our lot scream – but i'm dying aren't i, no fucking vengeance for me, don't even think he saw my face, he was moving so fucking fast, just a kunai raking up my stomach, hitting my chest, his little fucking apprentice, some demon kid with white hair and demon eyes slamming a sword into my face before moving on – heh, who else can say they got fucked over by both of them?

i wonder if they're going to do anything with our bodies? probably just leave them here to rot – make a message – they've done it before, i hurled everywhere when i found the last battlefield; so many fucking dead and it stank, and there were fucking birds on the corpses – that's going to be me soon. At least the fucker doesn't leave his own dead behind, can give him some respect for that, even if konoha demons- even if-

what was i saying?

-can't remember

s'not so bad now – doesn't hurt so much