I do not own Gargoyles

I do not own Gargoyles. I only own Taylor and Jake.

Story start

Today was not going the way I planned. I woke up planning on having a normal day; which consisted of putting on some sweatpants and a hoodie, to write more of my fictional story, and to call my family. Those plans were stopped when my cell-phone started ringing. I rolled over in my bed and grabbed my cell-phone off the night stand. "Hello," I grumbled sleepily. "Is this Miss Taylor Xanatos?" a guy's voice asked. "Yes it is and who is this?" I said back with a yawn. "This is the police ma'am. We just received some news about your family," the officer said. My heart almost stopped when the word family left the officer's mouth.

Two years ago when I moved out of the house was the last time I had seen my parents. I had always talked to them on the phone, but I never had time to go see them. My job as a writer always kept me stuck in my apartment. I loved my family, but I enjoyed my time alone more. I never wanted to lose them though, but I'm just jumping to silly conclusions.

"Miss," the officer said drawing my attention back to my cell-phone. "Yes I' here. What news did you have to tell me?" I said with a shaky breath. "I'm sorry to inform you that your family was murdered last night. We have been trying to find their killer, but we haven't found any leads. Your parents' lawyer will be contacting you later today to discuss your parents' will. I'm very sorry for your loss," the male officer said and I could hear the sympathy in his voice. I felt my world being ripped in half. Instead of breaking down crying like any normal person, I just calmly thanked the officer for informing me of my family's death, and I hung up the phone.

The pictures of my family that were all placed around my room were making me cringe. The pictures reminded me of how many memories I had that consisted of having fun with my family. I wouldn't be able to have fun with them ever again. I ran my hand through my hair and let out a sigh. A small tear escaped my right eye, and I quickly wiped it away. I got out of bed and got ready for the day. After showering I put on a white t-shirt and some old denim jeans. I turned on my laptop and fixed myself a cup of hot tea. "Well this isn't what I planned on waking up to," I thought as I sat down at my desk. My cell-phone started ringing again.

I picked up the phone and my family's lawyer was on the other line. I settled when the funeral would be held and when I would meet to discuss the will. "Thank you," I said and hung up the phone. I would have to sit in a room for hours for the discussion of the will until tomorrow afternoon. The funeral will be the day after tomorrow. I guess the black dress in my closet will come in handy. The only thing left to do would be to write more on my story. My editor has been pushing me to finish the last chapter of my story, and I guess I could give him a break by finishing it. My story was about the old days in Europe. A human maiden has fallen in love with the beauty of the creatures that guard the castle. No matter how hard the maiden tries she can not be with the one she loves. The people residing in the castle discover her affection for the creature, and they kill her for it. Love between a human and a creature is looked down upon by human civilization.

My editor Jake thought my story was very strange, but after reading the first chapter he loved it. I smiled at the memory and finished the story. Hours later, I emailed the story to Jake and signed off my laptop. My phone had been ringing nonstop. I threw my cell-phone on the bed and walked out of my bedroom. I was not ready to hear people trying to sympathize or give me pity. I never accepted any sign of kindness when I was younger. My family always worried about me. I never was one who showed my emotions very well, and I never was able to accept or understand other's emotions well.

I spent the rest of my day watching TV, listening to music, and reading a book. Night came quickly, and I slept with visions of castles soaring through my mind. I awoke the next morning to the sound of my editor's voice on my answering machine. "Taylor I love the last chapter. This one will sell big," Jake said and then the answering machine cut off. I fixed me some tea and checked the newspaper. The death of my family was on the front page, and I threw the paper down onto the kitchen counter. I could not escape their death, and I knew this. However, I did not want to be reminded of it every minute.

The phone started ringing and the caller ID said it was my family's lawyer. "Miss Xanatos I just wanted to call and remind you that we will discuss the will at three o'clock this afternoon," the lawyer said. "I'll be there thank you," I replied and the lawyer said his farewell. I hung up the phone and placed the phone back in its original spot. I rinsed out my tea cup in the kitchen sink and set it out to dry. I went into my bathroom and turned on the little radio I had in there. Ever since I was little music has always helped me relax or concentrate. I always listened to soothing music in this type of scenario.

The warm water cascaded down my back and it allowed me to think more clearly. "The only family that I have left is my Uncle and his family. I haven't talked to my Uncle since my high school graduation. That was so long ago. I was a young seventeen year old girl then, but now I've grown into a successful author at the age of twenty. I wonder if he is still rich, egotistical, and entranced with the supernatural?" I thought as I finished my shower. I shook the dripping water from my mid-back brown hair. "I hate that I have to get dressed up when meeting my lawyer," I said glaring at the bathroom floor.

I finished getting ready in the bathroom, and I came out wearing my black dress pants, a off the shoulder blue sweater, low-heeled black shoes, and my favorite blue gem necklace. My best friend from high school bought me the necklace. Two years after graduation my friend died from a brain tumor. People never saw me cry, but I had promised my friend that I would never think of her and cry. My friend never wanted anyone to cry when they thought of her. "She always was crazy," I thought as I grabbed my purse and keys. I locked my apartment door and left the apartment complex.

Some kids from the apartment complex saw me and they waved. I waved back and gave a small smile. Children were the only ones that could get me to show any emotion. I would baby-sit when I was younger. My family was happy that I would show my emotions to children, but they wished I would open up to them as well. I shook thoughts of my family out of my head and continued walking down the street. I lived in New York City. My Uncle also lives here too, but I never go see him. Lately a lot of strange stuff has been happening at his place, or that is what the news and the paper have been saying.

"Sometimes I worry on how obsessed he is with the supernatural," I thought while sighing. I think that the supernatural is interesting too, but I'm not obsessed with it. I continued walking through the crowded New York City sidewalk, and soon I arrived at my lawyer's office. The secretary at the front desk motioned me inside, and I walked into my lawyer Mr. Wilson's office. Mr. Wilson greeted me with a kind smile, and I nodded back. My Uncle was nowhere in sight. "I'm sure he'll be here soon Miss Xanatos," Mr. Wilson said nervously. I sighed and sat down in a seat that was positioned at the table in the office. I stared at my cell-phone and watched the minutes go by.

Thirty minutes later, my Uncle David Xanatos struts into the office with a blonde haired man behind him. My rage was at its limits, but it did not show on my face. "I'm sorry that I'm late, but something came up. Taylor how are you? I've missed you so much. I've heard that your books are selling wonderfully. I have a few of them in my library, and I enjoyed them. I'm sorry that your parents and my brother have been killed. I'm searching for their murderer now," my Uncle said. I sighed and said, "Uncle this is not the time to be talking of my success as a writer. I'm glad you enjoy my stories and I appreciate your efforts on trying to find my parents' murderer, but I would like to get the proceedings of the will done now."

My Uncle sat down in the chair across from me, and his assistant stood behind him. The blonde haired man's eyes bore straight at me, but I just ignored him. Mr. Wilson sat down at the head of the table and started reading the will.

Taylor if anything is to ever happen to us then we want you to sell all of our possessions. We know that you are a successful young woman, but a little extra money will not hurt. We also ask that your Uncle David Xanatos allow you to live in his home, which means that you will be selling your apartment as well. We already confirmed you being able to live with your Uncle, and he gladly opens his home to you. We don't like you living alone in New York City. One more thing, David you get the gun collection and Taylor don't disobey our wish.

Sincerely your loving parents,

Cynthia and Robert Xanatos

Inside I was outraged, but on the outside I merely nodded in understanding. "I can have the gun collection delivered to you later today," I said to my Uncle. David Xanatos smiled and said, "I can't wait to show you your new home." Mr. Wilson gave us papers to sign to confirm that we had listened to his will proceeding, and we signed them. "Taylor I will send Owen to help get your stuff after the funeral," David said as he motioned to his blonde assistant. I nodded and said, "Thank you and I will try to have everything ready." Owen nodded back at me and David and Owen left Mr. Wilson's office.

"Thank you Mr. Wilson. The funeral is at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon if you wish to attend," I said and left his office. I saw my Uncle's limo driving away from the building only to end up stuck in traffic. Inside I started laughing. Turning back the direction I came, I started walking home. Even though the sun was still in the sky, the alleys were still dark and treacherous. I didn't really care about the dangers that lurked in alleyways. Alleys were a faster way of traveling through New York City. I looked ahead at the crowded sidewalk, and made a turn into an alley.

The dark of the alley comforted me instead of scaring me away. I turned down a few more alleys and I was almost home until a group of guys blocked my path. "Boys we found a lost little kitten. Do you want to play kitten?" one of the guys said to me. His companions laughed and I just glared. "I don't play," I said "We can teach you," another one of the guys said and he stepped towards me. The guy who had stepped towards me placed a hand on my shoulder. Before any of them could blink I had broken the wrist of the guy who touched me. His howls of pain sounded through the alley. "Bitch you broke my wrist," he yelled. All of his friends got angry and charged at me. I sighed and took my fighting stance.

I broke the second guy's nose and knocked the other guys unconscious. "Fools," I said as I exited the alley and walked to my apartment complex. I've taken many martial art classes, gymnastics, and weapon training. Trophies of my accomplishments were placed all around my living room, and that was only because they would not all fit in my closet. I grabbed some empty boxes and started packing. Hours later I had everything packed except the stuff I would need for the funeral. The blackness of night stared at me from my apartment window. The night sky could not be seen because of the city lights. If I could fly into the sky then the night could embrace me.

I collapsed on my bed and quickly fell asleep. "I wonder what my life will be like at my Uncle's house," I thought in my sleep.