I do not own Gargoyles

I do not own Gargoyles. I only own Taylor.

Story start

When we reached the castle, Goliath landed in the courtyard. He set me down on my own feet and I asked, "Where would Brooklyn be?" Goliath thought for a moment and then he said, "He should be in the living room by now, because his wound should already be fixed up by now." "Thank you," I quickly said before running out of the courtyard and to the living room. Goliath smirked at my retreating form and he thought, "Brooklyn is lucky to have her love him."

I ran into the living room and I looked for Brooklyn. Brooklyn was sitting on the couch beside Lexington, and I smiled when I saw that his wound was stitched up. Broadway and Angela saw me and they waved. Brooklyn looked to the entrance of the living room and he gave me a guilty look. I walked over to the couch and sat on the arm rest beside Brooklyn. "I'm sorry that Goliath didn't tell you about Demona. When he told me, I should have came and got you. I'm sorry about not coming to get you Taylor, but Goliath wouldn't let me," Brooklyn quickly said. I put a finger on his lips and smiled. "It's fine. I know everything and I'm not mad at you. Anyways, I was able to finally avenge my parents," I said.

Brooklyn breathed a sigh of relief and I kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry that you got hurt," I said and he just smiled. "Oh this little scratch is nothing," he said trying to look indestructible. I poked the stitches and he hollered in pain. "Ow," he said to me with a pout. I just smiled and kissed his cheek again. Angela and Broadway just chuckled at our behavior. Hudson entered the room and when he saw me he asked, "Is she dead?" He meant if Demona was dead and I nodded. Hudson was silent for a moment before he smiled. "Good job lass," he said and he gave me a toothy grin before leaving the living room.

I yawned and noticed that it was almost time for the sun rise. "Are you tired?" Brooklyn asked and I nodded with another yawn escaping my lips. Brooklyn chuckled and he stood from the couch. He held out his hand and pulled me up from the arm rest. "I'll walk you to your room," he said and we linked our arms together. I said good night to everyone as we walked out of the living room. We silently walked to the elevator, and Brooklyn gave me a loving smile.

All of a sudden I remembered the favor that I had asked Puck for. "What will Brooklyn think?" I thought. I took a deep breath as we entered the elevator and asked, "What would you think if I was turned into a gargoyle?" I asked and Brooklyn coughed in surprise. When he quit coughing he gave me a strange look. "I like you how you are, but whether you are a human or a gargoyle it does not matter. I love you for who you are inside and that love won't change even if you change forms," he said as the elevator went down to my floor. I smiled and gave Brooklyn a loving kiss.

My fears were diminished after his words and I felt myself breathe easier. Brooklyn walked me to my door and we shared a passionate good night kiss. I could feel my lips tingle as I opened and entered my bedroom door. Brooklyn left after I closed my bedroom door, and I turned on my bedroom lights. I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw Puck sitting down on my bed. "I guess that Demona's gone," he said with a smirk as he sat down on my bed. I nodded and he jumped from the bed. "Are you ready for me to do that favor now?" he asked as he floated around me.

I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. I looked at Puck's eyes and saw the magic swirling in them. "Yes I'm ready," I answered and Puck smiled. "Close your eyes," he ordered and I did. I heard him say something in a foreign language and I felt a strange sensation coursing through my body. I kept my eyes closed as I felt my body changing. I felt a slight burning on my back, and there was a little pain as my teeth grew and my jaw changed. After dealing with the strange sensation for a while, it disappeared and I heard Puck commenting himself on his spell.

I opened my eyes and walked into my bathroom to look in the mirror. I gasped at my reflection. My eyes were now beautiful silver with black slits. My teeth were pointed and I had claws like the rest of the gargoyles. My skin was a beautiful pearl color and so were my wings. My skin had a slight shimmer to it and I smiled. My air was the same color as my eyes and it shimmered in the light. I ran back into the bedroom and pulled Puck into a hug. "Thank you," I said and he pulled out of the hug with a laugh. "You're welcome," he said and he disappeared from the room.

I locked my bedroom door and jumped into bed. A large smile was on my face as the sun rose into the sky, and I turned into stone.

When the sun went down, I awoke from my slumber with a yawn and I broke out of the stone. I went to the bathroom and smoothed down my hair. I quickly changed into a black tube top and some blue jeans. I unlocked my bedroom door and I ran to the elevator. The elevator took me to the castle and I sneakily walked to the living room. No one was in the room yet and I smiled. "I hope they don't freak out too much," I thought with a smirk.

Brooklyn and the others woke up and they started walking to the living room. Brooklyn was in the lead, and he was the first one to enter the living room. he felt his breath catch in his throat as he stared at a gorgeous gargoyle on the couch. The gargoyle reminded him of starlight and he could not tear his gaze away. The others gasped as they too entered the living room and saw the new gargoyle.

I smiled when I heard their gasps and I stood from the couch. "Hello everyone," I said and they gasped again. "Taylor," Brooklyn said questionably and I nodded. "You look beautiful," he said with a dazzling smile and I ran and gave him a tight hug. "I love you Brooklyn," I said and he hugged me tighter. "I love you too," he said. After the hug I explained why I was a gargoyle and everyone listened. They loved that I was now one of them and they accepted me with open arms into their clan. Later I would have to explain this to my family, but I had a feeling that everything would work out fine. Coming to live here was the best thing that I ever did. It took my locked heart and unlocked it to a new and better life, and I never want it to be locked again.

The End