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This was written for Inuyasha Captions (community./iycaptions/) Week Two image.

She was gone, lost to him forever.

He should have known.

He should have expected it.

He should have treated her better.

He should have let her go to school more.

He should have let her spend more time with her family.

He should have told her how much she'd improved as an archer.

He should have told her she was so much more to him than just a shard detector.

He should have said thank you when she made him ramen or when she treated his wounds.

He shouldn't have picked fights with her just because she was beautiful when she was angry.

He shouldn't have ignored her feelings when he knew just how much she'd loved him.

He shouldn't have let her believe that she was weak when she was strong.

He shouldn't have taken everything she did for granted.

He shouldn't have compared her to Kikyo.

He shouldn't have called her names.

He shouldn't have yelled at her.

He shouldn't have lost her.

But he did. She was gone and he was alone again, all because of his foolish pride. When she'd taken off the beads of subjugation that gave her the ability to slam him into the ground at will, the beads he hated, he immediately wanted them back. He'd never realized just how strong the spell was, how much that strand of beads that connected them. She did though. She knew and she did it anyway. She chose to break their bond, chose to leave him. He would never get her back. It was far too late. He'd done more damage to her heart than he ever imagined and someone else was fixing it.

She was gone, lost to him forever.

What was worse… he lost her to Sesshoumaru.