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Now on to the story.


16 years ago--

Nodoka was crushed, her heart crushed seen her child and husband walking down the lain; but happy that her dearest was going to make her son a man among men.

That night she felt lonely, and she cried. Cried into the heavens she exclaimed, "Kamisama… I wish for my son to become the strongest man among men on earth…"

Up in heaven, Yggdrassil's gears shifted. "Wish granted…"

16 years later--

"RAAANMAAAAAA!!" Saffron yell as his flames burst, then was defeated by the Saotome Youth.

1 months later, after the failed wedding; location: Furinkan High--

Furinkan High was peaceful; it has been 1 month since Ranma's failed wedding. Right now the view was on top the school and a few miles away. Then suddenly a column of golden energy stroke the heavens, a spark of light, then a dome of atomic energy exploded taking the school and a few squares with it. After that, the energy dispersed and the school was left in ruin.

3 months later--

A boy was walking down the sidewalk towards a general direction. He had short black hair and was dressed in a school uniform. This boy was no other Saotome Ranma, minus his pigtail. And the sight of him seen in a school uniform was weird itself. But what hasn't been weird in ranma's life?

Happilly skipping, Ranma had a peace of paper in his hand. "Uhm… this should be the address of the bus station. After that, it would be Juuban ward.

Ranma stopped as he heard a commotion, curiosity stroke his nekoken and went to check it out. There he saw a group of kids bullying a girl. Ranma frown and went for her rescue.

"Hey!" the kids turned around. "Only cowards mob a defend less girl. As a martial artist, you kids need a spanky!"

"Mind your own business bud!" one of the bullies said.

"I am warning you…" a blue aura surrouned him.

"Whaa!! It's a youma!! RUN!!" the kids ran leading the girl alone.

Ranma walked towards her and extended his hand. "You ok kid?"

The girl, which had violet eyes and black hair in a pageboy looked at his blue eyes and blushed. "Y…Yes thank you mister…"

"Ranma, Saotome Ranma." He said with a smile. "And you?"

"Tomoe Hotaru…"

"Well Hotaru-chan," the girl blushed deeper, "Nice to meet you. Why were they bullying you?"

Hotaru was quiet, should she tell him? Will he fear her too? He seemed like a nice guy so she'll take her chances. "Because I am different…"

Ranma raised an eyebrow. She continues, "Even if you don't believe me, I can heal people… because of that I am threatened as a freak!"

"You can heal? Cool!"

"You believe me?"

"Sure, I've seen weirder things on my life, you healing ability is normal compare to those." He then grin, "Want to see something neat?"

She nodded. "Stand back a bit." She did as she was told; Ranma extended his palm and a ball of KI came out. Hotaru was amazed as of what she was seen. "Cool uh?"

Hotaru nodded then smiled. Then Ranma dissipated the Ki ball then cursed. "Crap!! I am late!!" He then addressed to the young girl. "Sorry but got to go, pleasure to meet you Hotaru-chan! Hope I'll see you again!"

With a mad dash, Ranma went down the road. He was running late; he saw a bus stop and a bus was waiting. Without giving any more thought, he hopped inside.

"Uff, I made it… uh?" He saw that the bus was empty. "Odd…"

"Indeed…" Ranma yelp as he saw the bus driver, his eyes were hidden behind a shadow from the bus cap but had glowing eyes. The man chuckle and said, "Hopp aboard… this will be a trip you'll never forget."

Ranma raised an eyebrow, but not giving it any more thought he sat down. The bus driver closed the door and made the vehicle move. Ranma closed his eyes and fell asleep.


"What the hell!?" Ranma was confused, in front of him lies a place that was made as a third rate horror movie. "Hey Bus driver! I think we are on the wrong stop. I was heading for Juuban district."

"No mistake shonen… You just got into the wrong Bus. This is Youkai Academy…"

"Crap! Then take me back!"

"That is not possible shonen…"


"Head for the Academy and speak with the chairman there… he will know what to do." The man chuckles, "Oh… and be careful, this place is not what it looks like shonen…"

Ranma glared at the bus driver as the door closes and the bus drives away. With a sigh, Ranma resumed his walk on the path towards a general direction.


As Ranma walks around, he sees a mob of people gathering in a place. Everyone was wearing school uniforms so he thought he arrived at the School. "Uh? Could this be some kind of entry ceremony or something?"

Walking closer to see what was all about, his eyes grew big as he saw a boy been crucified in a tree, and below were a sign saying 'I am Human'.

"What the hell!?" He then saw as a man in black stepped forward opening his palm and making a fire pillar. The boy started to scream in pain. "What's the meaning of this!? I have to stop this!" He thought of what kind of school was this academy.

Ranma's anger grew as he heard the student yell "Kill the human! Destroy the stinky Human!" Then move into action. What ever it's happening he didn't care, it's the duty of a martial artist to protect those who could not protect themselves, and this boy needed help.

Just when Mizore was about o cast her ice to save Tsukune, Someone yelled "STOP THIS!"

Kuyou, the head of the student police, suddenly he felt something hit his face and was thrown backwards. Everything grew silent as a short black haired boy landed on the stage. He jump towards Tsukune and untied him.

"What's the meaning of this!! Who are you? How dare you interfere?" Yell Kuyou as he stood back holding his cheek. His henchmen stepped forward as well.

Ranma landed back down into the stage holding Tsukune. "You ok man?"

"Yes, thanks who ever you are."

Ranma smiled as he lets go of Tsukune.

"TSUKUNE!!" Yelled Moka as she and co. runs towards the stage.

"STOP!!" Yelled Kuyou. Then he addressed to the Saotome youth. "Do you realize what are you doing? The penalty is treason and treason means death!? I never seen you around here, speak up! Who are you!?"

"My name doesn't matter, but what are you doing does. What kind of school would scorch a person like that? It's inhuman!!" Ranma replied with anger. "As a martial artist I would not stay off."

"Foolish boy! This is Youkai academy! An academy for youkai and ayashis! It's strict by law that no human is permitted into school campus and those who invade this school must be executed!"

"Youkai…ayashis… this school?" Ranma said to himself. Then gave a dry laugh, of course this had to happen to him. Now he understands the bus driver, heh… so he pulled a Ryouga…

"feh…" Ranma glared at the head student police. "I see… well guess what dudes! I am a human too!", general gasp from the students.

"I see…" Kuyou said with a feral grin. "We just have to kill you then!"

Ranma laughed, he laughed hard, more to the shock to everyone. Then he stopped and gave Kuyou a cocky grin. "You can try… but I warn you, it won't be easy."


"And guess what people… I am one of the strongest and worst human out there…" He said grinning even more. With a push, a blue battle aura burst out giving a shockwave that send some people to their backs.

Some of the ayashi students made a back step feeling a chill down their spine. Kuyou frowned then made a signal to his henchmen to attack the boy.

The henchmen transform into their ayashi forms and attacked Ranma. Ranma dodged a fist from a stone man and stroke him in its gut sending the stone man away, then dodged a Bo swing from a Jiang Shi; then he grabbed the Bo, swung the girl away and took the Bro form her hands. He then spun the Bo and made a stance. Following, a 3 headed wolf attacked next. Ranma jumped and stood upside-down while balancing on the Bo for a few seconds then used the momentum for a vertical strike into the middle head, spun the bro and gave a thrust to another head then a hammer strike knock the third out.

Ranma spun on his feet spinning the Bo as well and ended in a Kung Fu Bo stance. He gave a smirk at the head of the student Police. Every student was in shock and in fear, this guy was a strong, he couldn't be human.

"Told you so…"

"Grr…" Kuyou greeted his teeth.

Ranma continue, "This aint a place to fight… My job is done… cya." He walked to Tsukune and grabbed him. "Come, this place aint safe."

Just when Tsukune was about to protest, he found himself been launched into the air. Ranma jumped on top of a poll and jump again heading for the school roof.

"If you think you can escape… you are wrong boy." Said Kuyou and then he launched in pursuit.

Ranma landed on the school roof and let go of Tsukune. "You're safe now. We should find a way to get out of here."

"Er… thanks but its ok, I study here. We should go to the chairman."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "You want to continue studying here after what they try to do to you? Gee, you're either stupid or brave."

"…" Tsukune didn't know how to take that.

"Tsukune!!" came a female yell as a bunch of girls entered the roof.

"Moka-san, everyone! I am glad you're all…" He didn't finish as a flame busted on his left lung. "What…" Ranma's eyes widened as a fire lance was hanging on Tsukune.

Tsukune started to bend as fire burst hugging his body; he tried to turn them off but couldn't and fell.

"TSUKUNE!!" yelled the girls and ran at him.

A chuckle was heard, Ranma turned and saw Kuyou. "It's a shame that the execution wasn't public… With this the execution was completed."

Kuyou's eyes narrowed; "As you see… Ayashis and Humans cannot live together, it's just a fantasy!"

Moka kneeled and shook Tsukune. "No… No please… Tsukune!" As tears ran down her cheeks. "Tsukune, please don't die!"

"Mo…Moka-san…" Tsukune opened his eyes a bit and smiled. "I was happy… coming to the academy… been with all of you… and to meet Moka-san…"

"No stopping!! Please do not speak!" Moka shook her head. She then hugged Tsukune close to her.

Tsukune look both to Ranma and Moka, "This is my last petition… please… protect the newspaper club from Kuyou…"

Moka's eyes grew bigger and Ranma's narrowed. Then Tsukune removed her Rosario as his hand fell, he went limb.

"Tsuku…ne…" mumbled Moka, then her pupil grew thin "TSUKUNE!!" She then transforms into her vampire form.

"Oh… so this is your true power and your true form… a pure blooded vampire?" asks Kuyou with a smirk.

"You…" Vampire Moka snarled. "YOU SON OF!!" She was about to dash but Ranma stepped forward.


"Move foolish human!"

"Your emotions are going haywire… attend Tsukune… he is still alive but barely."


"He needs healing, do it!"

"Do not tell me what to do…"

"This is not time for that… I'll take care of him. Go!" Then Ranma turned to Kuyou and glared.

"You…..krrchh…. You won't get away with this…." As Ranma greet his teeth, slowly a golden aura started to surround him. "Congratulations… you really made me angry… and you won't like me when I am angry…"

"Heh… and what would a simple human like you do? I'll admit you're strong… but not strong enough." the head of student police says in a mocking matter.

"Heh… you'll see…" Ranma set his arms crossed in front of him then separated his leg.

Suddenly the ground started to shake. "What… what's happening?!"

Wirth a tremendous scream to the heavens, throwing his arms to his sides, Ranma exploded in an atomic burst of golden energy. "RUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!"

The ground shook like a level 5 earthquake and threw everyone off balance and into their feet. The sky turned darker, sparks and thunder shone on it. Rumbles and pieces of the roof ground started to break and float on air.

Ranma's hair started to spike up, his eyes turned to a pearl green color. His hair also morphed, suddenly changing from black to gold and black again.

"This… power… what is this? This isn't human!!" The head police started to shake in wonder.

With Moka's group, everyone had their eyes opened witnessing such event. Vampire Moka frowned. It was the first time she witnessed such power, true she was a bit shocked, but no scared. She had to wonder, who is this boy? She had never heard of an Ayashi like this.

It's been a minute since Ranma's power up, and with a final yell, his battle aura exploded in golden color and calmed. Ranma stood glaring at Kuyou, his hair blazing with the golden energy standing in spikes and golden color. Feeling his power surrounding him as his golden battle aura hugs his entire body, Ranma tensed his muscles preparing himself for launch.

Suddenly he disappears and split a second later a massive colliding sound was heard. Everyone turned and saw Kuyou slowly floating in the air a few feet up as Ranma gave an upper cut at his jaw. As Kuyou descended Ranma grabbed his head and slammed a fist into his abdomen. Moka could swear she saw a bump grew on the head student police's back.

Kuyou threw up blooded saliva as his eyes bulged out from the hit. But Ranma wasn't done; he tossed the man into the air and gave a powerful round house sending him through the school roof wall.

Ranma turned and glared at the group of girls. He walked towards Moka and stood. "Is he going to be ok?" He asked with a deep angered voice.

"…I gave him my blood… it would take time. Step down human. I'll finish this." She said as she stood.

"Like hell… this is my fight, do not interfere."

Moka glared at Ranma, "Foolish Human! Know your place! I'll admit you're strong, but you are dealing with forces beyond your capabilities!"

Ranma gave Moka a fierce glared that make her flinch involuntary, not that she'll admit it. "I…said… Its MY fight…" he then turns around. "Get cover… here he comes."

Just as he finished, a burst of flames came up and the Fox form of Kuyou appeared. The beast greeted its teeth at the boy. "HOW DAAARE YOU!! I'LL KILL YOU HUMAN!!"

"Bring it…"

"RUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" Kuyou shot a massive amount of fire at the Saotome boy. Since Moka was still close, he made a wind pressure arc throwing her away with Tsukune just seconds before the fire impacted the place making a fire pillar.

"HAHAHAHA YES BUUURN!!" says the fox demon and he continues to breathe fire down the youth. Suddenly, Kuyou's eyes widened as he sees Ranma dashing out from the flames towards him in mere seconds. Ranma gave him a cocky smirk as he prepares a punch.

BAAAAM!! Replaying the hit 3 times, 1 slower after the other as Ranma's fist impacted on the fox face throwing him against the school's roof ground bending it a bit. With a jump, Ranma came crashing with a flying kick breaking the roof with the fox demon with it. Because of the impact, the whole roof went down taking the group with it.

Ranma stood glaring at the fox demon from behind his shoulders as Kuyou yells in pain and anger. Suddenly his form changed again. Ranma raised an eyebrow, Ayashi energy is like magic, since it's not life force he couldn't detect the power up.

"Come on… don't tell me my kick was so strong that made you power down…" Said Ranma teasing him.

"hehehe… fool… this is my ultimate form. In this form I am invincible! Nobody has defeated me! My fires are hotter than the sun itself!"

"Oh really…" Ranma turned then raised his right arms. With his hand he gave the monster a mocking signal to 'come on' while giving his cocky grin.

Kuyou's anger got even worst, he dashed at the Saotome boy and started a fist and kick combo, giving to his agility, Ranma dodged all of them as he toyed with the angered fox demon. After grabbing one fist with his left hand, Ranma kneeled the fox demon deep in his guts making him threw up because of the pressure.

Kuyou grabbed his stomach and took a few steps backwards, then kneeled trying to breath. He gave a scream as he powers up and threw burst of flames at Ranma. Ranma dodged a few times as he dashes forward. "SHI SHI HOUKODAN!!"

Kuyou was hit by the Lion Beast roar throwing him backwards. Ranma grew tired of this and decided to finish it with no mercy, as he did to the Tsukune kid, Ranma will give the same treatment to his man. Ranma gave a hyper speed and warped in front of Kuyou, last thing Kuyou saw before a wave of pain grabbed him, was Ranma's inhuman-death wishing pearl eyes glaring down at his soul.

Ranma hit and threw the fox demon around like he was a rag doll, only you could see were sound wave impacts and craters appearing around as if something hit and rebounded form the ground.

"Time to end this bastard! KASHU TENSHI AMAGURIKEN TIMES TEN!!"

Ranma's arms blurred to invisible level. The only thing everyone could se were the impacts in Kuyou's body as the fist made bump holes and bending parts that shouldn't bend. This lasted for a minute, and then Ranma threw his fist backwards and shot it froth slamming it in the fox's jaw for a final attack.

Kuyou's body crashed down, and stood there limb. Nothing moved, just stood there in the floor. Ranma was glaring at the body, "Stupid demon… I killed a Phoenix God… your power and flames were nothing compared to Saffron's…"

Ranma glances around. "So much for first impression in school… You did it again Saotome…" He told to himself. He sensed people coming in, and without questions from the group of girls and boy, and others He dashed away in a blink of an eye.


Ranma stood before the school chairman. The chairman gave him gave him his usual cocky smirk at the boy. "And that's what this school is all about…"

"Great… some Kami really like to mess with me… Let me get this straight… you're saying that I am stuck in a pocket dimension, just because I got into the wrong bus at the wrong time? And I have to be stuck here for a whole month!?"

"Yes precisely…" The chairman answered the Saotome Boy. "But things aren't coincidences my boy… perhaps it was fate that brought you here?"

"Like hell! I was supposed to head for Juuban High! My life is as chaotic as it is… and right now I have problems I have to deal with! I cannot be stranded in the middle of nowhere inside a place that looks like a third rate horror movie!"

The chairman chuckle and made a Gendo Ikari pose, "Well, you can just enroll here…"

"No thanks granps; for what I see, I'll only bring more chaos because of my actions today…"

"Yes, I am aware of the destruction you caused… and sadly you need to pay back for the damages."


"Hear me out Saotome Ranma… I have a proposition…"

Ranma stayed quiet.

"I'll forget about the damages if you enroll into the school and pay your debt working for me as security… I am aware that your power is great, so you could help this school on crowd control… what do you think?"

"What about tuition? I can't pay for it."

"It will be included in your work…"

Ranma consider this, it could give an opportunity to hide from what he did back home. At least for a while till things calm down. He only has to stay for a month, what doe she has to loose?

"Very well… but under one condition."

"And that is my boy?"

"I'll stay for a month, AND only a month… once the gate to the human world is open again I am OUT."

"Very well… fair enough."

"One more thing… I seem to have made an impression out there so I dunno if I can go by myself." Ranma said, "Won't that brings a problem?"

"Yes I am aware of that." Said the chairman. "You could go disguised or change your appearance."



"I hate this, but I guess I have no choice." He then looks at the chair man into the glowing eyes. "Listen, if I am going to work for you, you need to know something. Ever heard of the training grounds of Jusenkyo in China?"

"Oh yes! The infamous cursed springs…" said the chairman. "What is it with them?"

"I fell into one. I got a Jusenkyo curse… when I get splashed with cold water I turn into…a… grr… I turn into a girl!"

"I don't see the problem with it."

"You don't see the problem? I am a guy dammit not a girl!!"

"Well it's not so bad… you can use it to hide your true identity, I mean all ayashis do the same, they hide their true forms behind a humanoid mask."

"Sigh… man, now I have to wear a skirt…"

Chairman chuckle; "Very well my boy, it is done. Welcome to Youkai Academy."

"Please take care of me…" Ranma answered back sarcastically.

Next day--

Nekonome sensei entered the class and the students grew quiet. With her cattish smile she happily announced some good news.

"Listen students! We have a new member joining our class!" She turned to the door. "Please come in"

From the door, someone entered. All guys in the class eyes grew big. The person walked in, it was a short red-haired girl dressed in the school's uniform, she walks in slow motions as roses backgrounds and non existence wind moved the person. As the girl stood besides Nekonome sensei, she turned towards the class and opened her eyes showing their blue color. All the guys went moe looking at the girl and the female class body gave the girl and angry look. This new girl put Moka's body to shame and makes Kurumi's chest look sagging compared to her. She was perfect! A Perfect Goddess!

"This is Saotome Ran! She comes from the south Youkai academy and will be attending this class. Please give her a warm welcome nya"

All the guys stood yelling and asking submachine gun questions. Ranma-chan's left eyebrow started to twitch as she was getting annoyed. "Bad day, bad day…" she mumbled under her breath.

May Kami have mercy on the Youkai Academy cause the Chaos entity has arrived.






As you may be aware, yes Ranma is a saiyan, Super Saiyan in fact. How ever, He is not aware of it. Ranma only thinks he gained a new power up technique that lets his power double (Like the Kayo-ken for Goku).

How Ranma became a Saiyan involves on Nodoka's wish. Who granted said wish? I'll leave that to you.

The golden explosion of energy in Furinkan involves Ranma's first transformation into Super Saiyajin. But what happened for him unleash his power? That'll be told in the future.

Well, that's it for now, this is my crossed 3 factors, and I'll be working on how to connect the rest. The history of Rosario+Vampire will change given to Ranma been the center point now. So R+V will turn into an alternate course.

I'll see you next time.