ATTENTION: Given to problems I have on real life, that I also moved states and that I lost the flow of story and gained Author's block. I haven't got the chance to work in the series and I think I will not be able to. How ever I don't want to this series ends in nothing like many so I will write here a summary of the final events that were going to happen and the conclusion of the series.

Episode: Sour Highlight

The reason why Shampoo joined the class where Ranma was in it was to annoy him even more and make him lost his cool; all plan for her revenge on our hero. On later hours Ranma faces Shampoo asking her for questions of the reason of why she is attacking him and why is that she is using Akane against him.

Shampoo only laughed and smirked at him in mocking hour trying to provoke the hair of the Anything Goes. Taunting him more she challenges Ranma that if he wants her to free Akane, he must battle her and kill her, or destroy the sphere that Akane holds.

Later on, the city is attacked once more; the sailor scouts and Ranma plus Tsukune face Akane and Shampoo. The only reason how they would stop the dark hole as to destroy Akane.

Ranma faces Akane and begs her to stop. Shampoo taunts that the only way to stop the dark hole was to kill Akane. Would he be able to do it?

Chibi Moon spoke out loud to Ranma that that Akane wasn't the real Akane. That Akane was dead and that was only a corpse, they have to save the city so they have to kill Akane.

Ranma, deep in turmoil and conflicts, confessed that he loved her even if she was like that and he would never destroy her, thing that Shampoo laughed like a maniac saying how weak Ranma is and because of that reason is that he'll let her win.

Enjoying Ranma's suffering; Shampoo kept taunting Ranma more and more.

Uranus, not taking it anymore, moved on her own will and casts the Space Sword Blaster. The wind slash hits Akane head on destroying the crystal. Akane falls on the ground motionless, Ranma stood shocked, the scouts all stops in shock as well and Chibi Moon Scolds Uranus.

The suddenly, the earth started to tremble and the golden aura starts to rise from Ranma. The scouts in fear, tries to grab onto something.

Shampoo's face turn into a psycho in an evil grin as her mission was going as she wants. Finally, what she wanted happened. Because of the stupid scout of Uranus, the demon of Furinkan High has awakened… the one who destroyed the students and the school.

Screaming in deep anger, Ranma's hair turns golden, and grows at the level of super saiyan 3, (How ever, it was only the hairs grow; he didn't turn super saiyan 3 in level).

Ranma's eyes turned cat-like and white, his ears took and sharp state and claws of Ki came of his hands. Super Saiyan Neko-ken has been awakened.

Ranma turns slowly with a feral glare towards the scouts… specially Uranus. The targets have been set… the mission: Total Destruction; the time… the beginning of the end.

Episode: Dance with the Devil under the moonlight night.

"You fools!! You have signed your deaths! Now my plans will be fulfilled!" That was Shampoo's words as she observed the scouts.

Sailor Moon stood, trying to get some sense into Ranma, asking if he was still there. But there was no answer.

Suddenly in the blink of an eye, Ranma phases on top of Uranus. The girl warrior didn't have the chance to yell as she was dragged into the most violent beating of her life. Afterwards Ranma raises her into the air and slams her into the ground hard.

Grinning like a chesire cat, Ranma raises a hand making appear his claws; but jumps away as Neptune jumps in to defend her mate.

Bero Moon manage to scream to stop, Neptune was brought to Uranu's fate.

"I knew it! He is the chaos bringer!" Were Pluto's words before she as well shared the same fate as Uranus and Neptune.

Saturn was scared, really scared for her life as Ranma warps in front of her. Saturn falls on her back holding the glaive and closing her eyes waiting for her fate. Seen the position of submission, Ranma hovered over Saturn for a few seconds then phases away.

The inner scouts put their guards up, they knew that the battle was done but they wouldn't die without a fight. Ranma glared at them for a few seconds then turned towards shampoo. Shampoo smirked at him and challenged Ranma.

Both martial artists phases away and the scouts can hear a big battle, destruction and explosions everywhere.

Trying to find a way to make Ranma back to his senses the scouts jump into action, after healing the down outers.

Shampoo was loosing the battle, Ranma's fierce and anger was stronger than back then. But she wasn't going down alone.

Just before Ranma would give the final blow to Shampoo, Akane flew between them and received the thrust herself in the heart.

Ranma's eyes opened a bit, and Akane had her eyes opened. Her hands went to Ranma's hand and hold them. "Ran…ma…" she called. "Return…please…" With that, Akane gave a soft kiss to Ranma and disappeared.

Getting back onto his senses, Ranma screamed for Akane's name and cried in pain.

Seen that she lost the battle, Shampoo sworn that she'll be back and fled.

Ranma, returning to normal, fell on his knees and cried; cried into the heavens for one name. And that name was "AKANEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Episode: Final battle

A few weeks has passed, there was no sign of demons, youkais or Shampoo. Ranma had withdrew to himself and he didn't speak to either the scouts or Tsukune; think that got Tsukune very worried.

Given to the lack of third party activity, Sailor galaxia resumed her plan of conquest.

How ever…

One of those days, Galaxia was scolding her lakies because of their failure when she her someone laugh at them. Asking the one who dares to invade her relm to show him or her self, Shampoo steps forward.

"You have something I want…" Shampoo explames. At that, Galaxia answers in a mocking manner, "And that what could be?"


Shampoo jumps at galaxia with a sphere at hands and tries to pierce Galaxia's heart with her nails. And energy dome covers them and everyone screams in fear, pain or force.

Suddenly a black energy vacuum shoed up and started been absorbed by the crystal. Galaxia's body fells dead on the ground as Shampoo holds the sphere that glows with a dark power.

Laughing like a psychotic maniac Shampoo disappears leaving the rest behind.

Somewhere else, Ranma was walking in the streets of Juuban, he find himself with Hotaru and Chibiusa. They started pestering him, but not wanting to hurt their feelings he allowed their company.

Suddenly Shampoo warps feet away; surrounded by a dark aura, she raises her right hand and shoots a beam at Ranma skewing him on the heart from behind. Ranma's eyes open in shock as he slowly falls back.

The last things he hears was his name been yelled by both his companions. And laughing like a maniac, Shampoo announced that she'll summon the king of destruction to destroy the world and take her revenge; Thanatos will be awaken.

In another dimension, where color lies and life does not exist; Shampoo warped in holding the chaos sphere.

Raising her arm high, she spoke out loud; "Thanatos!! God of death! I summon you to be awaken! I sacrifice my life, Sacrifice my soul into this chaos for you to raise and claim what belongs to you!"

After casting her words, a beastly eye opened and glared at her; afterwards the world started to shake.

Back in reality, the skies turned black, lighting started to appear. The earth started to shake by the might of the chaotic power that was rising from below.

Suddenly a crack opened in the middle of Juuban then lava and magma started to pour out from below. People scream in terror and runs trying to save themselves.

Chaos, destruction, anguishes started to rise. Then form the melting concrete, a beast rose to its legs.

The beast, a Behemoth like beast with eyes of fire and body of magma; as it opens it's jaws, fire shoots out burning the air surrounding it.

More screaming of people in terror, some falls victim of the lava running through the streets and with a mighty power, Thanatos growls in fury.

The scouts could not believe the chaos going on, they tried to find Ranma and learned about this fate.

Not so long, the news about Thanatos's raising spread through Japan reaching into the ears of the Masakis. Worried that they haven't seen Ranma, and trying to give a hand into the situation, the Masakis plus Nodoka traveled back to Tokyo.

Everyone reunited in the outers' home; finding Ranma in a bed with Hotaru and Chibiusa taking care of his body. In pain and despair, Nodoka threw herself at Ranma's body; everyone turned their eyes in guilt, pain and sadness because Ranma Saotome was dead.

"So… what are we going to do now?" asks Tsukune.

"We don't know; we tried everything…" answered Sailor Moon.

Washu steps words and with her intellect mode on she spoke; "Thanatos is a monster of pure chaos… Order cannot touch it nor cannot destroy it… Only Chaos can destroy chaos."

"And the only one who is a chaos enmity…" spoke Ryouga, as he rose his head and eyes while arms folded; "And that could do it… is laying there lifeless…" he finishes in sadness looking at Ranma's body.

"Ran-niichan…" whispered Kuu as she holds onto Ranma's body.

"There is a way… to bring him back…" Everyone turned towards the voice who spoke last. It was Sailor Pluto, who appeared before them, still hurt, but fine.

"Sailor Pluto… what do you mean?" asks Sailor Moon.

"With the silver crystal…" Pluto answered.

Everyone gasp, yes that's right. They were once been resurrected with the crystal before.

"That's true, but the strain will be too strong for Sailor Moon, it could harm her, even kill her!" says Mercury.

"Not to mention…" Washu interrupted; "Ranma is a chaos entity, the silver crystal is an order entity the result might be disastrous!"

"Yes, that is true Mercury, Miss Washuu… How ever…" Her eyes turned to Chibusa. "We have two silver crystals with us… they can share the force and combining, we may have a bigger chance to resurrect Ranma Saotome.

"Mom… is the only option we got. I am up to it. "Chibiusa spoke seriously.

"I understand…"

Minutes later, surrounding Ranma, both princess and future princes stood. Summoning their crystals, both transforms into their royal gowns. Praying into the silver crystal, white energy started to pour of out it.

Then the energy shoots toward Ranma surrounding his body.

Somewhere else: A dark place. Nothing was there, no light, no shadows just a dark place. Ranma found himself in said dark place. His eyes open and he asks himself where he is.

"You are in a dreamscape!"

Ranma heard a joyful voice behind him, turning around Ranma found himself face to face with a tall man, with a well built body that he felt envious of. The most curious thing was his spiky messy hair style. But what most annoyed him was the moronic grin the man portrayed on his face.

"Who are you?"

"Oiisu! I am Son Gokou!" said Gokou raising his right hand on greeting. "We finally meet Ranma!"

"How do you know my name?"

"Easy Ranma, I am the late Dragon ShenLong. Also, I am a saiyan the original species from what your blood had become."

"I see. Wow, is awesome to meet the real thing. But where are we?" ask Ranma in puzzlement.

"Ehm, well baaasically you are dead Ranma."


"Don't worry, is not official yet. You are still floating on Oblivion."

"Meh, that makes me happy…" Ranma retorted sarcastically.

Slapping Ranma's back in a friendly matter, Gokou says joyfully; "Oii! Don't worry; Earth still need you so you will return. I am just here to guide you back!"

"Cool! Let's go then!"

"Not yet mate! There some thing I need to tell you first." Then Gokou's expression changed to one of seriousness. "A mighty God of destruction has arisen by the enemy of yours and has destroyed a big part of Japan and growing…"

"Ranma, only you can destroy it given that both you and it are beings of chaos." Then Gokou smiled; "They need you Ranma, and they are now doing their most to bring you back. You have good friends kid."

"Thanks Gokou-san. I know. "Ranma smiled too.

"Become strong Ranma, the strongest man on earth and protect the earth I loved so much. I know you have the capacity to become even stronger than I. Become the man your mother wished for."

"Eh? What was that?"

"GEE!" Gokou noticed his slip and started to sweat. "Eh nothing!"

"SPEAK!! What was that again!?"

Gokou laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. "Ah well you see… the reason of why you got your new powers was because… of a wish your mom made aaand a project me and Yggdrassil tried to do."

"So you are saying that I am no longer a human being because of you guys!?"

Gokou crawled back; "Oii oii easy there! It didn't become that bad, did it? You are strong and a true man! I saw potential in you and I knew earth needed a new savior so I heard your mom's wish, made a deal with Yggdrassil and here you are!"

"What about Ryouga, why is he a saiyan too?"

Gkou sweat dropped again. "Me again…" clapping his hands he apologize; "Sorry! I knew you needed a rival to keep you in your toes so I heard Ryouga wishing for power and I made him a saiyan too."

Ranma laughed, in a dry laugh. He always suspected that the gods were the cause of the pain in his life. And he just discovered that his hunch was right. Sighing he accepted his fate and glance at Gokou in the eyes once more.

"Lead the way."

Gokou nodded and aimed a finger at a general direction; "Seems that we are just in time. See that light? Spring towards it and you'll find the exit.

With a nod and a good bye, Ranma dashed off. Reaching the light he found himself surrounded by white energy. He could feel it, his life, and his power growing.

Feeling good he accepted it, he embrace it and he felt reach a new level!

In reality; everyone observes in awe as Moon and Chibimoon work. Suddenly Ranma's golden aura started to morph around him. Then with a sharp flash, a blinding light bursts out blinding everyone.

Then everyone heard Ranma's voice; but caught by surprise as Ranma start to scream in anger. A deep scream that gave chills to them. With a final yell, the wind threw everyone back and the view went back to normal.

-Insert here Ranma's theme BG music: Sonic the hedgehog's "His World" Version 1 by Zebrahead.-

Standing on the middle of the room proud was Ranma, full awaken and in full power. Yet… something was off.

His battle aura was paler, and sparks appears any now and then around his body. His hair was standing even spikier and his eyes portrayed a sharper glare.

Thanks to the power of the Silver Crystal, Ranma was now standing in the middle of the room in Super Saiyan level 2 (yet he didn't know about it just yet.)

"Yo…" greeted ranma in a deeper voice and gave everyone his trademark smirk.

"RANMA!" everyone yelled in joy, yet when her mother went to hug him he stopped them. "Not now, there is a job I need to do."

"How did you know?" asks one of the scouts.

"Details later, fight now. Ryouga, Tsukune, Tenchi and Ryoko. Let's kick this thing's ass, give me a hand."

With a nod everyone went outside.

The war was set, and the background theme music playing. Thanatos roared into the heavens as he engage in combat with one Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of anything goes martial arts and artificial super saiyan two.

Given the difference in size, Ranma was even faster than the beast. Helping him distract the ebats while giving the blows, was his friends plus Sailor Moon and Chibimoon in their royal form.

Super Saiyan Ryouga dodges and ducks, countering attack by attack with his skills. Thanks to the body of Magma, Thanatos had a good defense shield. Using his head, Ranma generated a counter form. Getting the aid of both Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mercuri, they cast aqua spells trying to cool down and weaken the beast.

Followed by Ryoko's energy projectiles and Tenchi's Light Hawk wings; Ranma decided to strike.

Past, present and future, all timelines connect into one point, focus, energy, life, chaos and order.

With a final attack of Ki, joined by Ryouga and Tsukune; maintaining the energy beam they manage to destroy the evil beast bringing freedom and peace to the earth once more.

Episode: Epilogue

The battle was over, earth was saved and the future was secured. Seen that there was nothing else, it was time for Chibiusa to give her goodbyes to her past family once more. Given that the theory of alternate futures, her time might still be in chaos. At least the new future was saved.

Washuu walked to the child and gave her a sphere. She said it was a time-sphere and with it she could summon the Ranma from her time back into her reality from where Pluto had sent him.

With a smile on her face, given that she'll see Ranma once more, Chibiusa took the spare into her hands. Now her future will be freed as well.

After going back to her time, Chibiusa arrived to report the results of her travel. Later, the Thanatos in her time rose again and she went to fight back.

Using the time Sphere or Chrono Cross as Washuu calls it, a worm hole opened and from it a much older Ranma stepped out.

With a welcoming smile, Chibiusa greeted him and explained the situation. Ranma said that it was no problem and to leave everything in his hands.

With a smirk, Ranma gave a yell once more powering up; but this time the tremor was even stronger than she felt in the past. Earth shattered, rocks floated, thunder roared.

With a final scream and a blinding flash; everything settled back down and Ranma stood before Chibiusa in Super Saiyan level 3.

With a "Let's rock." Ranma jumped into action to destroy Thanatos once and for all.

The End.

Author's notes:

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