Okay, so I know having an authors note as a chapter is a no-no, but I really want your guys' opinion on my next project. I was going to do a similar thing as I did with this fic, "Excuse me, I love You." and have it as requested one shots and whatnot, but I want to know what characters you want me to do it on.

Eventually I will probably end up doing both, but I really think since you guys read them, you should decide.

Vincent and Yuffie: They will probably be easier for me to write because I love them and I've done them quite a few times already. You would just have to fill me in with your chapter prompt.

Or …

Zack and Aeris: This would be definitely more challenging because I haven't developed my writing for these characters that much. The series would probably be less chapters than if it were a Yuffentine, but I would still try to do the couple justice and try my absolute hardest!

So, you choose; Zaeris or Yuffentine?

Remember, I'll eventually do both, but I want you to tell me which one to start first! Thank you, you guys are friggin awesome and I love you muchos! Have a wonderful day/night/whatever!!!

Tori :3