My first Naruhina one-shot. I should be studying and cleaning but alas Naruhina wins. Very Short One Shot

This is going to be a future scene from my Forever Love story. Hope you guys enjoy

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A soft breeze swept over Konoha as Hinata sat by the lakeside remembering her days as a genin. Sitting next to a young girl with equally dark hair and light eyes, Hinata began telling her a story of the man who caused all of the changes in the shy Hyuuga.

"You see this boy was never kept close to the villagers. He had a dream of becoming the Hokage one day just so he could prove to everyone that he wasn't the demon they thought. Every year in the academy, he would try his hardest to pass. His chakra control was horrible and the fact that no one was there to help him only made him the laughing stock of the class," said Hinata.

"Demo, why did everyone laugh at him? Didn't his parents help him get better?" asked the little girl beside Hinata.

"Well you see he didn't have any parents. His father had died protecting the village and his mother died immediately after giving birth to him. I tried as much as I could to help him so the rest of them would stop laughing at him but I was too shy. I told him later on though that I didn't laugh at him, but I couldn't stop the others from laughing because I was too weak," Hinata chuckled as she continued, wrapping an arm around the little girl, " you know whats really funny though, it was because of him that I tried to become stronger. Not for my clan, not for Neji-nii-san, not for myself. But for the boy I loved so much that I was willing to remove all evil from this world. I tried to change the Hyuuga so he wouldn't have to.

I tried to change the way people looked at him so he wouldn't have to deal with the pain, and I tried to change the hate everyone felt toward him into love. But you know he never did need my help. By the time he became a chuunin, everyone in the village had come to respect him. He ended up being the only Jinchurki that Akatsuki didn't catch, he also ended up bringing a noble family back to Konoha," finished Hinata.

"Who was that noble family?" the girl asked remembering that she was a part of the village's noble families.

"Your uncle Sasuke: the Uchiha clan." Hinata said while getting up and smoothing her dress. Both girls then started walking toward the center of the town.

"So what happened to your friend?"

"Well he e-"

Hinata was interrupted as a hand covered her eyes and another snaked around her waist, the girl next to her was giggling and trying to see the expression on the older woman's face.

"Well you see Koi-chan, the little boy grew up to be a big man, currently your father, Hinata-chan's husband, and the Hokage. Dattebayo," said the blond man pulling Hinata closer to his chest.

"Naruto-kun, you do realize that this is improper behavior for the Hokage right?" she said melting into his embrace.

"Oi Hinata-chan, you're my wife and I'm the Hokage, I'll say what's appropriate or not," he chuckled blowing hot air into her ear.

"Demo, Koi-chan is here also."

Instinctively Naruto let go of his wife and picked his daughter up. The black hair on the little girl was a distinctive Hyuuga feature while the blue eyes were given to her from her father. Placing Koi on his shoulders, he wrapped his arm around Hinata onto her swollen belly while the family of three, soon to be four, headed back to the Hokage tower while the sun set softly behind them.

Just some Naru-hina Fluff. I've realized I haven't written a one-shot about my fav couple.