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He came out of the woods with his hands behind his back. Right then I knew he wasn't going to kill me right away. He was going to flaunt it.

"Too bad your Edward left you," his musical voice said. "I mean he must have known that Victoria was going to get her revenge. Your Edward must not have be able to read many minds at once."

My jaw tightened at his words. I felt like he punched me in the gut with his words. "He's not my Edward, Laurent," I managed to croak out.

He looked surprised that I talked, but mostly amused by my words. "So sorry to hear about that. You couldn't have been surprised though. I mean no human could keep a vampire happy. Enough about Edward though. I suppose you're wondering why I'm here."

"Not really. You told me that Victoria wanted me dead."

Laurent nodded. "Ad, true, but you must be wondering why I am here and not her." I shrugged. "Well I told her I could do it for her. You, however, should be praising God that I am here. If only you knew what Victoria planned for you. You would be on your knees begging me to kill you."

He stopped talking and started to circle around me. His hands were still locked behind his back. He made a "tut" sound with his tongue before he stopped and got into a familiar crouching stance.

I held my breath as he pounced. I threw up my arm to protect my face, but he didn't car, he bit it. Before I knew it I was on the ground in instant pain.

He stopped and crouched by my ear and whispered, "Shall I kill you now, Bella?"

Before I could respond he tumbled to the ground. A mass of reddish fur, the color of rust, pounced on him along with many others. I knew I should have rolled out of the way, but I was in too much pain I didn't care if I lived or died. I knew what was happening to me though. I was changing. I turned my head to find a pack of wolves tearing Laurent apart. Once they were done they turned to me and walked over.

"Just kill me, please!" I screamed at them. I couldn't do it anymore. It hurt so much.

The reddish one ran into the forest. The others stayed just staring at me. I let out a cry as a boy came into view. Jacob.

"Bella!" He screamed running towards me. "What happened?"

"I'm…chan…changing Jac…Jacob," I managed to yell out threw all the pain.

"NO! The bloodsucker beat us! Bella, oh Bella, I'm so sorry we didn't get here sooner."

"Stay… please," I said wincing at the pain.

Jacob nodded. "I will, I promise."


That happened twenty-three years ago. Victoria half-ly won. Jacob stayed with me threw the three days of hell. He explained to me about the werewolves, trying to get my mind off the pain. It worked, a little.

Once I changed Jacob left. Both smells were unbearable. I decided to see if I had any extraordinary powers after that like Alice, Jasper, and… Edward. Something to waste my time. I found out that human blood didn't appeal to me also that I had some type of force field. I only used it once. Soon enough though I found out that I was still as clumsy. Of course, I could be beautiful and fast, but I still had to be just as clumsy.

Soon I found out that I was also very clever with my prey. I could sense what my prey was going to do by just reading their faces. I wondered if Jane or Aro or Edward still couldn't use their powers on me. I pushed that thought out of my mind. Mostly because if Edward still cared about me and didn't leave then none of this would have happened. Well at least I wouldn't have Laurent's venom poison me.

About a year of roaming around lonely I found a couple with their friend, I assumed, in a car accident. I decided to change them. The first male's name was Austin. He was 22. He had sandy blond hair, like Jasper, and amazing blue eyes. I was sad that they wouldn't be there when he transformed. He, however, was the first one I changed so I explained everything to him.

His girlfriend's name was Charlotte. She had caramel color hair and hazel eyes. She was pretty small for being 21, but she seemed so sweet. Austin wanted to explain everything to her once he was done. I let him, he seemed to know enough, and I would explain it to them again later anyways.

When Austin explained what was happening to Charlotte I went over to their friend to explain everything to him. His name was Nathan. He was 18. He had jet black hair and silver eyes, very extraordinary. He was strongly built and reminded me a lot of Emmett with how eager he is.

After the transformation they all told me their life story. Charlotte was a nurse, just got out of medical school. Austin, her fiancé, used to be a substitute teacher. Nathan, however, was 

getting a ride back from a basketball game because his coach kicked him off the bus for getting into a fight. In exchange for their stories I told them mine.


He just left you? After he told you how much he loved you and that he would never leave you! What a scum," Nathan hissed.

"I'm actually going to agree with Nathan here," Austin said. That was a miracle. They never agreed on anything. "How could someone just leave some they claimed to love?"

Charlotte grabbed Austin's hand and squeezed it. "Unless he lied."

"Lied?" We all said together.

She nodded. "Maybe he lied. I mean by the way you talked about him; he clearly didn't want this life for you. Maybe he did this on purpose. Maybe he loves you so much that he had to leave to protect you. He probably thought he was doing the right thing. That way you could live a normal human life and forget about him. Maybe he sacrificed his own love for you so you could live your life."

Nathan, Austin, and I sat there pondering over what Charlotte just said. I didn't believe it because I saw his expression that day. Impassive, bored, not caring about anything, no emotion. A part of me, however, believes her. Maybe Edward did lie.

Nathan scoffed suddenly. "I still think he's a scum."

End of Flashback

Nathan and I were immediately friends. He was like the brother I never had. Charlotte and Austin are also great. They are like parent to Nathan and I.

We roamed around the world for twenty-two years until we thought we should settle down. We bought a house right outside of Forks. It had five bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen, a study, and a parlor.

It's been two months since we moved in and I decided it was time for us to begin school. We haven't really contacted with humans because they weren't ready for it, but I started to think that they were now.

"Finally! I knew you would want to soon! I can't stand being stuck in this house all day!" Nathan rejoiced after I told the family. "Anyways high school will be fun now. Though I don't think I could go back into my basketball career."

"That's out of the question Nathan! They will all start wondering who you are if you try to expose yourself like that," Charlotte scolded.

"Relax mom. I'm only kidding. I just need to get out of this," he said waving his arms around the living room, "place before I kill myself."

I giggled running over to my brother's side and hugged him. "Don't worry. You won't be able to kill yourself. It's quite impossible."

"Very funny sis," he said getting me into a head lock. "You know what I mean."

After the house meeting Charlotte called the school and told them to expect us tomorrow, the end of winter break, the first day back to school. Everyone but me was excited for the next day. Charlotte was setting out the clothes she was going to wear the next day. Austin was getting our cars ready, and Nathan was bouncing off the walls, literally. I, however, was sitting in my room. My simple, black walls with gold trim, room. My room reminded me of Edwards at points. It had high walls and a skylight on the ceiling. The back all was full of books, and my other wall was full of CD's. My closet was huge, too many clothes and shoes. My bathroom was all blue. I loved the color blue.

In my room though I felt so alone and yet like I couldn't get away from my problems. I didn't really want to go back to Forks. It seems too much like history was going to repeat itself. Just twenty-four years ago I was in this same position. Besides the fact that I was human then and I could sleep. Now I was just going to have to hunt so nothing would tempt me. I suddenly started to wonder if I would see a shiny Volvo in the parking lot. I doubted it.

"Hey, you okay?" Nathan asked knocking softly on my door before stepping in. He may be crazy and wild, but he still had a huge heart and was always protective of me.

"Yea I think so. Just nervous for tomorrow I guess," I said shrugging turning away from the window to face him.

"Do you think he'll be there?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure if I should hope not, or hope so."

"You still love him. I can see it in your eyes every time we talk about him."

Damn, Nathan could read me so well. He would always know if I was upset or just kidding around. He knew if something hurt me inside even if I didn't show it. He was the only person who understood me. "I can't help it. It's like he was my soul mate."

Nathan shrugged crossing the room over to my side in one swift movement. "Maybe he is."

I shook my head burring my face into his shoulder. "He left me. He said he didn't care about me anymore. He couldn't have changed his mind."

Nathan took my shoulders in his hands and made me look at him in the eyes. "Do you remember what Charlotte said to use the day you transformed us?" I nodded. "She said maybe he lied. The way you talk about him; it seems like he would lie to make sure that you would be safe. Maybe his plan didn't work out that well, but he did it because he thought it was for the best. No fool would leave someone like you."

I smile weakly. He did know just what to say when I was down. That was his gift. "Maybe you're right. God, I hope you're right."


I was wondering around the clearing where I met my fate many years ago. The clearing where the Cullen's played baseball. I don't really know how I ended up here, but when I was hunting to prepare for tomorrow, I just came here. It was just like it was all those years ago.

A twig snapped. I could hear it. That person knew I was aware of them now. I sighed not really wanting to do anything about them, and decided to run. When I ran though, I felt like someone was running with me.

Impossible, I'm a vampire. No one can stay up with my speed. Unless they… my thoughts suddenly shut off when I realized it was no human back at the clearing. It was another vampire. They seemed to be circling around me. I stopped and changed directions fast, but they kept right with me. It took them maybe an extra second, but they were with me again.

I decided I better use something I haven't since I found out I had it. I stopped suddenly and the figure went flying back into the trees and breaking a few on the way.

Just as fast as it despaired it came back from the direction it flew from and tackled me. I kicked trying to get free, but this person was much stronger than me, like Nathan. The figure put its hand over my mouth.

"Shh. It's me, Emmett. Bella, is that you?" a deep musical voice said.

I suddenly stopped slashing around. I froze. I didn't think it was possible running into them. Especially while I was hunting. "Emmett?"

"Bella, what happened to you? We all thought you were dead," he said getting up and brushing the pieces of bark off of him.

I pulled myself up ignoring his hand. "I changed, what does it look like?" I asked harsher than I intended.

Emmett smirked. "Well that I noticed, but how? Who did this to you? And what the hell was that thing that sent me flying backwards? That was awesome!"

I sighed. I couldn't get into this now. My family will be wondering where I am. "Emmett, I can't get into this now. I have to get back to my family. I've been gone too long already. I was only going to hunt a little until you started chasing me and circling me."

"Sorry 'bout that. I just had to make sure it was you. And what family? You have a family?"

"Yes, Emmett, I do. They have been my family for twenty-two years, and I love them very much. They have never left me," I said hoping he would get the hint.

Emmett looked down sheepishly. "Look, Bella, I would love to explain to you why we did that, but I really think Edward should do that. Just come back to our house and he can explain everything. We still live in our old house."

I shook my head. I really couldn't deal with a reunion tonight. "I can't Emmett. I have school tomorrow and I have to go over everything with my family. Nathan really needs some coaching," I said smiling to myself. "Sorry, but I really should be going."

I waved to him and ran home faster than ever hoping he wouldn't follow me. I really couldn't have all the Cullen's coming to my house and meeting my family. I couldn't deal with that.


The next day, well later in the day, after I explained everything to my family we were off to school. Forks High School to be exact. Nathan and I took my black Mustang to school while Charlotte and Austin took his silver BMW.

We got there sooner than the other students and parked in the spaces where the office was. We walked in, Nathan, me, Charlotte, and Austin all in a line to the front desk.

"Hello my name is Isabella White. These are my brothers Austin and Nathan White and my sister Charlotte White. We are new here."

She looked at Nathan and Austin in complete awe. Charlotte let out a soft but fierce growl and the receptionist looked away quickly. Yes, we were breathtaking, but this will get annoying.

"Hello, and welcome to Forks High School. Here are your schedules and a map of the grounds. Here is a slip that you will need every teacher to sign and this must be returned at the end of the day."

I nodded and thanked her before we all walked out of the office. "I have Trig first," I said after we parked with all the other kids.

"Me too!" Nathan said. "It seem like we have three classes together, one with Austin also, and another with Charlotte."

"Ugh, the only class I'm alone in is in Biology," I groaned looking at everyone else's schedule. "And it's right after lunch."

"That's okay, I'm with you the next period," Charlotte peeped in.

"Yea, don't worry. It's not like anyone here knows," before Austin could finish a shiny silver Volvo entered the parking lot. We all looked around to see what Austin was staring at. It I had to breath I would probably have fainted because I held I lost my breath for so long. "… you. Wow. I guess I stand corrected."

"Emmett," I growled. He never told me that they went to Forks again! I hate him so much right now.

"Bells, it will be okay. I sure there won't be a class that they are in that we aren't," Charlotte said grabbing my arm and tucking it under hers as we started towards the Trig building.

"Yes there is, Biology," I croaked out.

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