A/N: Wow this is kind of sad. My last chapter of Second Chance. Well this chapter may be a little short, but it'll be good. Oh and no epilogue, I kind of changed how I was doing this a lot, so it's just going to be the wedding. So I hope you enjoy it and thank you for sticking with me and encouraging me through this whole story.

July 29, 2009

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Have you ever noticed that once you've lost something you think you will never get it back, yet somehow it always seems to find its way back to you? Or how about when you finally give up hope on something, it magically appears and you feel guilty for not believing in it a little bit longer?

Laying in bed thinking about this, I realize this is what I've always thought of Edward. I thought I lost him yet in the end he found his way back to me and into my heart. I was finally giving up hope on the dream that he would ever return to me and just tell me it was all a bad dream, and then we end up meeting the way we did all those years ago and fall in love again.

Fate seemed to tell me that I was supposed to be with Edward, whether I was human or a vampire. We were just meant to be together.

We went through so much as a human/vampire couple. Fighting off James and then Jasper almost killing me. Then when we found each other again we had to fight for each other. He had to win me back and I had to win over some members of my family, then once we were together we had to fight off Victoria, or rather I did.

Staring her in the face again, I knew this time I would win for good. I couldn't allow her to kill me and my chances to be with Edward… again. I knew that I was fighting for something not just revenge.

"Bella!" Alice yelled in my face. I opened my eyes and focused on her and my sister behind her. "Man, if I didn't know any better I would have guessed you were asleep. I called you twice when we were downstairs."

I sat up and brushed my fingers through my hair. "Sorry, I was really zoned out."

"We could tell," Charlotte said laughing.

I rolled my eyes at her as I stood up. "So what do you need me for exactly?"

"Bella, today is your wedding day," Alice said looking rather annoyed. "We need to do your hair, and your make up. Luckily we did your nails right after Edward left. Then we have to get your dress on, which might take awhile."

"Alice, we can get this done in twenty minutes top. We are vampires, remember?" I said sitting back down on Edward's comfortable bed. Man I was really glad he bought this.

Alice grabbed my arm and yanked me upward. "Bella, your mom wants to help out and she's human. So it will not take twenty minutes. Let's go!"

Charlotte grabbed my other arm and together they dragged me out of Edward's room and headed to Alice and Jasper's bedroom where Renee and Rosalie were waiting.

As they did everything I sat there completely still trying not to think about what was going on around me. All I was taking in was the hands moving around me and people talking about what way would look better or which color would go better with the dress.

When I opened my eyes to look at the clock I realized there was only an hour left. I suddenly tensed up when Alice was doing my eyeliner, which she ended up smudging. She sighed and rubbed it off so she could redo it.

She must have known that I was started to freak out. All I kept thinking about was what if Emmett kept Edward later than he was supposed to? Or what if Edward changed his mind and just wanted to be that couple that never got married just remained engaged for years and years?

"Bella, Edward's already downstairs in his tux welcoming the guest," Charlotte said in my ear.

Okay maybe I was looking for the worst possible things, at least I didn't have to worry about human things. For instance, Edward can't show up drunk, which, if we were human, I know would have happened with Emmett in charge of everything. Also I didn't have to worry about catering because our entire guests, minus my mother, were vampires and didn't eat or drink anything besides blood. So I didn't need to worry if something happened to that.

The musicians were already downstairs tuning up their instruments (they were friends of Carlisle, so they were vampires as well). I guess the only thing I really had to worry about was one of the guests getting too friendly with my mother.

"Done," Alice said moments later.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Rosalie, Charlotte, Alice, and Renee were all staring at me in awe. "Okay, stop looking at me like that," I said spinning the chair around so my back was to them.

"Bella, you look so beautiful," Renee said coming around to look at me. She took my hands in hers and smiled. "Your father would have been so proud."

I smiled back at her and stood up. "Thanks mom," I said giving her a hug.

When we let go she pulled something out of her purse. It was a little velvet box. "My mother gave this to me on my wedding day when I was marrying your father. I want you to have it."

I opened it and gasped. It was like a smaller version of the necklace from the Titanic. It was a sapphire diamond attached to a silver chain. Little diamonds circled the sapphire.

"Oh mom," I said tracing it with my finger. "I don't think I can take this."

"Why not?" Renee asked looking worried.

"This is something that should be passed from mother to daughter."

"And it is."

I shook my head closing the box. "No, mom, it's not. I can't pass this down to my daughter because I'll never have one. You should give this to Elizabeth." I started to hand it over to her, but she pushed it back at me.

"Isabella, it is mine and I want to give it to you. I don't care it you can't pass it down to anyone; I just want you to have it. My mother gave it to me when I was marrying you father, not Phil; therefore it should go to his daughter."

I smiled weakly at her. "I'll wear it for the wedding but I think you should give it to Elizabeth afterwards."

She shook her head. "No I will not take it back. I want you to have it. Sure Elizabeth may be able to pass it down to one of her children or grandchildren, but she won't wear it all the time. I know you will and you will cherish it more because it's like holding onto something from your human years. It's like holding onto me."

I was lost for words. So I just nodded and turned around so she could put it on for me. When I felt the metal touch my skin, I knew it would stay there for the rest of eternity.

I turned back around and hugged my mother one last time. "Thanks mom. Try and visit me, and email me regularly! I'll try and visit you sometime too."

She laughed. "As long as you promise to actually check your email."

I laughed too and nodded. Then she left me standing in the middle of Alice and Jasper's room waiting for Nathan to come up and tell me it was time for him to give me away.

As if on cue Nathan walked in. "Hey Bells," he said shutting the door behind him. "Wow, sis, you look beautiful."

I smiled at him. "Thanks, you're not looking too bad yourself," I said nodding at the tux.

He looked down at himself and smiled. "Yeah Alice picked it out for me."

"She was always good at finding clothing for formal occasions."

"Yeah you could say that again." He paused still not stepping away from the door. "The ceremony still doesn't start for another ten minutes, but I just wanted to…"

"Me too," I said walking over and pulling him further into the room. Then we collapsed on the couch together.

"You know Alice is going to kill you if you mess up your hair or make up or dress."

I shrugged. "It's my day and I can look how I want to."

He laughed and looked out the window. "I can't believe we are actually saying goodbye."

"Nathan this isn't goodbye for good. Just till Edward and I get back from our honeymoon. Then we will see each other almost everyday."

He shook his head. "It won't be the same. I know we've already talked about this, I just didn't think one day could go by so fast. I feel like it was just five minutes ago that you tackled me out of a tree."

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Hey I did not tackle you out of a tree. I simple fell and pulled you with me."

He laughed and nudged me a little. Then he sighed and looked at me. "Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we started school here?"

"No, that feels like it was five minutes ago. It seems like just yesterday that I changed you guys," I said putting my head on his shoulder. "There was so much blood from the crash; I'm surprised I didn't kill you guys."

"I'm surprised that we didn't all die just from the crash itself. If you wouldn't have come we would have died within an hour," Nathan said rubbing my back.

"Probably, you had the worst injuries of everyone. I think that's why I was so glad you pulled through. I actually didn't think you would survive long enough for the venom to transform you."

He smiled. "How many broken bones did I have?"

I thought about it for a moment. "Well you had three ribs cracked on each side. I think you cracked you skull. Your right leg was definitely broken and your collarbone was broken as well. I think you broke your left wrist as well. Then you had gashes from the glass in you cheek and your shoulder." I paused and thought about the scene. "I think you had a huge piece of glass sticking out of your left leg too."

"Wow, thank god I don't remember that part of my human life."

I laughed. "Yea you were really knocked out."

"Well this is a happy topic for a wedding day," he said laughing. Then he looked at his watch. "Oh crap, it's time."

I sat up straight. "What? That was ten minutes?"

"Yeah. It went too fast for me as well." He said pulling me up off the couch. Then he went around straightening out my dress. "Ready?"

I took a deep breath and nodded.

Nathan took my hand and led me out of the room and down the stairs. There was white carpet leading from the foyer to the backyard where the wedding was taking place. Alice sprinkled red rose petal down the whole aisle. When we step on the carpet, my mother was getting ready to walk down the aisle followed by Alice than Charlotte.

"Deep breath," Nathan whispered in my ear. Then we started to walk down the aisle.

The music started up when I made it to the door. I looked up then to see all the guest standing up and turning to see me. Then I looked past them all to Edward who was smiling, looking just as handsome as ever as the sun set right behind him.

Nathan squeezed my hand and I looked over to him and smiled. My feet started walking before I even noticed I was moving closer and closer to my love. Finally we came to the end of the chairs and Nathan turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. He offered my hand to Edward's, which he took, then went to take a seat by my mother and Austin.

I smiled at Edward and he smiled back.

Carlisle, who got ordained online, was standing at the top of the platform waiting for us.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to unite Edward Anthony Mason Cullen with Isabella Marie Swan. The couple would like to exchange their own vows, so Isabella would you like to tell Edward how you feel?"

I nodded and turned to look at Edward. He squeezed my hand and smiled. I smiled back. "Edward we've known each other for such a long time, though it seems like just yesterday I was human and sitting next to you in Biology class. I had no idea what you were than, but you trusted me and loved me so much I knew you were a better man than you thought you were and I was scared. We were separated and I had given up hope to ever find you again. I thought what we had was amazing, but just wasn't meant to be. Then I came back here and walked into Biology class to find that you were sitting there, in the same table, with the only open seat left.

"You fought for me and made me trust you a way I thought I would never trust anyone ever again. You loved me just like you did before we separated maybe even more, and I know you will love me that way for the rest of eternity. I love you Edward, more than I ever thought someone could love someone else."

I could tell my mother was silently crying behind me. I almost felt like laughing, as weird as that sounds, just to cut the silence that followed my little speech.

"Edward," Carlisle said finally, "would you like to say anything?"

He nodded still staring at me. "When we first met, I didn't think I was strong enough to be around you. Then later, I wasn't strong enough to leave you alone. Something about the way you acted around, the way you weren't scared of me, just pulled me to you. I never thought I would find anyone who makes me feel the way you do. I would do anything for you no matter what the cost is to myself. I love you more than anything in this world."

I held my breath, not that it mattered. Even though his was shorter than mine, it struck me more and moved me more. He would do anything for me, even if he had to hurt himself.

A few moments later Carlisle finally said, "You may now kiss your bride, Edward." And he did. He took me in his arms and kissed me a way a never thought possible. It was so deep.

Then we parted and everyone around us clapped. We smiled at each other as he pulled me in for one last kiss, then we walked down the aisle hand and hand smiling.

I never wanted this moment to end, but I was okay if it did because I knew I would be with Edward for an eternity.

Forever and always.