I was just sitting around bored after dinner, re-reading Ella Enchanted for the umpteenth time, when suddenly this idea occurred to me. I was like oh my gosh!, I have to write this now this is a great idea. And so here I am typing this. For all those movie-lovers, like me, this one's based off the book, and if you haven't read it, it will obviously make no sense to you. Ok, so here we go.

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Nancy, one of the severing maids, had found a bundle of envelopes lying carelessly on the floor. Without knowing what tremendous effects could be caused by those seemingly insignificant letters she brought them to the post to be mailed.

A few days later Prince Charmont was busy trying to not lose his head to insanity in the court of Ayortha because of the nobles' lack of conversation and his angry and very confused thoughts about Ella. Presently, he was walking in the gardens when a servant came up to him. "Prince Echarmente, this arrived in the post for you." He said, handing a bundle of envelopes to him." "Thank you." Char said and stared suspiciously at them. He hoped they weren't from that horror of a girl Hattie. He retired to his room and opened the first one.

At the same time in Frell, a girl with brown hair, green eyes, and curiously small feet search at the bottom of her dresser for something. "Mandy, Mandy, they're not here." She said to a frizzy gray haired woman next to her. "I don't know where else they could be Lady," the woman (Mandy) replied. "At least they couldn't have been mailed out." The girl reassured herself, "Could they have?"

Char was about to read the first letter when he recognized the small cramped hand writing. He put it down frowning deeply and lay on his bed. Had the last letter he had received been a trick, or were these a trick? But curiosity got the better of him and he got up to read it. He had never been one for crying, but when he finished the first letter alone, tears were streaming down his face. His love had to go through all of this? He now understood completely. He now loved her more then ever. He now more then ever wanted to go back to Frell. He also now knew he couldn't. He knew these letters weren't meant to be sent at all.

She never stopped writing to him.

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