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Life as a Jumper is not easy, trust me, I would know. My name is Amber. I'm kind of short, curly blonde hair, green eyes, tan-ish, considering where I live now. I hail from the windy city, also known as, Chicago.

My first real jump was in science class. I was seventeen at the time. Try and explain that to thirty-some people. Not easy. I was instantly the school freak. So, one lonely day, I decided to run away. Or, more like, jump. I didn't even say goodbye to my parents.

Five years later, my curse became my blessing. I mean, who wouldn't want to go anywhere at any given moment. Anywhere is possible. Breakfast in England, shopping in Spain, swimming in the Bahamas, and horseback riding in France: all before lunch. Currently, I have a kick-ass apartment in Miami, furnished with items from places I've been to. How do I have the funds for my apartment you ask. Well, I 'borrow' it from the bank I work at. Call me a criminal, but oh well. Besides, its not like you wouldn't do the same if you were in my position.

One fine May day, a guy in his early twenties with sandy blonde hair walked in looking all high and mighty. I inwardly rolled my eyes. He casually strolled to my booth and asked, "Do you have a bathroom I could use?"

"Um, sure, just a second," I replied politely. Standing up from my chair, I walked over to a security guard and explained to him what this guy needed. He nodded and escorted him to the back and to the restroom.

My job was instantly boring again. My eyes flicked to the television screen nearby displaying the security cameras. I saw the blonde guy again; his body jerked and then he was gone. My green eyes grew wide: This guy was a Jumper too. In another moment, the man was back in visual of the screen, a very familiar smug look was planted on his face.

So on that day I learned that there were others like me. Determined to find other Jumpers, I quit my job that day, only to find out later that the bank had been robbed (this time, not by me). I had a faint idea as to who it was, but since he was a fellow Jumper, I felt the need to protect his identity. My quest for others like me lead me all over the world. In total, I met three other Jumpers, not including the mysterious guy at the bank. From them, my eyes were opened.

They taught me that there were Jumper hunters called Paladin, a secret group consisting of hundreds, possibly thousands. These Paladin had weapons that could screw with our jumping, injure us, or even kill us. The thought was not comforting and only furthered my obsession with finding other Jumpers.

On one trip to London, after a long day of attempting to track Jumpers down, I decided that it would be a good idea to stop in a local pub and have a drink. Sitting on a stool at the bar, I order a beer and quietly sipped at my drink. My eyes wandered, taking in the sight of the place. A jingle sounded indicating that someone had entered. I looked to the door, and nearly choked. It was the guy from the bank. Like me, his eyes were roaming the crowded bar. Our eyes met momentarily. He looked away. His sights rested on a blonde nearby. No one noticed but me when he jumped right to her. Cocky bastard, he'll get us all killed.

I continued to look around the room and what caught my eye was a guy around my age, maybe a little older, with wild brown hair, staring the Jumper. But, the stare wasn't in shock, it was knowing, almost like me. In the back of my mind, I noted that this guy was cute. A light bulb went off in my head: Could this guy be another Jumper? Lost in my own thoughts, I barely noticed that he got up and walked out of the joint. Taking one last sip of my beer, I followed him.

I cautiously followed from a distance. In the open, he jumped fifty feet. A smile tugged at my lips, he was a Jumper. I walked through his jump scar and was teleported forward. I followed him silently. Only once did he look back in my direction, in which I would jump in front of him and then jump back behind him when he turned around. I wasn't sure how to approach him; he seemed different from the other Jumpers I had met. They all seemed nice, but he seemed broken more or less. Should I just jump in front of him and introduce myself? Well, that appeared to a good enough plan.

Taking a deep breath, I jumped in front of him, landing with a smile.

A scowl appeared on his face. "So, you're the one whose been following me, eh?" He spoke with a British accent. This made him seem even more appealing to me.

"Hello to you too," I said. He pushed pass me. Determined, I followed him once more. "So, I couldn't help but notice you're a Jumper too."

"Yeah, and your point?" He asked, casting a glance in my direction.

"Well, I, uh, like to get to know other Jumpers," I said. "Oh, by the way, I'm Amber." I flicked my long blonde hair over my shoulder, a tad on the flirty side.

"I don't mean to sound rude but I don't work well with others," he said rudely. He continued to walk.

"I never said I wanted to work with you, I just want to get to know more about Jumping. And, I think you did mean it to sound rude," I replied, stepping in front of him, causing him to stop.

He jumped in front of me. A sigh escaped from my lips. "Wait! Can I at least know you're name?" I called to him. He didn't stop or turn around or answer, he just kept on walking. I jumped to him. "Please?"

The man stopped and sighed, much like I had only moments ago, and said, "Griffin. My name's Griffin. Now will you please leave me alone?"

"Griffin," I let the name roll off my tongue. "Griffin," I repeated. I liked the sound of his name.

"Yes, that's my name. And now I'm leaving," Griffin said before jumping off to who-knows-where. He knew I could follow him through his jump scar, so it really defeated the purpose of jumping. I stepped into his jump scar just before it closed and I was whisked to… the desert? Somehow, I imagined him living in a more exotic place.

Off in the distance, a kiosk like building was set up. I jumped to it and walked in. My sights were filled with crates, some guns stashed in a corner, a small living small over there, and posters of Paladins, I assumed. So, he was a Paladin hunter.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Griffin asked.

"I think you owe me an apology," I stated, looking at the posters. Many were of the same man: Dark skin and white hair. His eyes felt like they were beaming into my soul, I shuddered.

"Yeah? And why's that?" Griffin asked, stepping in front of my vision, blocking the view of the posters. I noticed we were mere inches apart. My heart fluttered. I looked straight into his eyes, which were a deep green-brown.

"You just left without a goodbye, and you were rude to me!" I said, taking a step back. I crossed my arms across my chest.

"Not my problem," Griffin stated. "Now, would you leave?"

'I didn't say anything to him, but walked around his house-thing. It was barely furnished, except for a bed in the corner and couch to the right side with a television in front of it. And, that was about it. "Nice place you have here," I said sarcastically.

"What will it take to get you to leave?" Griffin asked, almost begging. I thought this was cute.

"How about dinner?" I asked, being very forwarded. I even surprised myself.


"Dinner…to uh, talk about Jumper stuff," I said, trying to think of lie as to why I wanted dinner.

"Okay, sure, let's go then," Griffin said grabbing some money. "Hope you like Chinese," he stated.

"Yeah, sure. Should you just jump and me follow, or should we just jump together?" I asked awkwardly.

"Let's just jump together," Griffin said. He grabbed onto my hand causing my skin to tingle. "Ready?"


Griffin nodded silently, then we jumped and landed in front of a restaurant. He let go of my hand. He lead the way into the restaurant.

"Do you speak Chinese?" I asked him, taking in my surroundings. The food smelled heavenly and I couldn't wait to dig in.

"Yup," he said as a hostess greeted us. Griffin spoke expertly and soon we were seated.


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