Whoring Out Your Whipping Boy

Whoring Out Your Whipping Boy

a Robin of Sherwood drabble written for kezya in the Yuletide 07 Challenge

by Amy L. Hull

It is a lovely thing that both "whore" and "fuck" are good, old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon English words.


"My lord, you cannot be serious!"

"Oh, Gisburne, but I am."

"I will have nothing to do with this filthy, lecherous--"

"Gisburne, filth and lechery practically define you. The Bishop can see that many, many favors come my way."

"Then you cater to his appetites."

"I would, Gisburne, but it is you he has requested."

"And if I refuse?"

"Gisburne, you don't want to refuse."

"Certainly Abbott Hugo would--"

"--send the Bishop here himself. He stands to profit as well."

"You will pay for this!"

Rapping at the Bishop's door, the Sheriff said, "No, Gisburne, you will."