Title: Obsession

Author: 1st endeavor

Disclaimer: All the characters and references to the show "NUMB3RS" are the property of Cheryl Heuton and Nick Falacci, CBS and the Scott Brothers. I am not making any profit from this and no infringement is intended. However, my original characters and story line are mine.

A/N: This is a sequel to my story "Out of Time."

(Obsession-persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling.)


The shadows flickered on the walls of the spacious rooms as the lightening from the approaching storm grew nearer. Raindrops were already starting to hit the balcony 's glass doors and the thunder seemed to echo through the hills as it roared ominously over the estate.

The lone figure in the room stood and walked restlessly around his luxurious suite. The room was his design; he loved luxury, from the plush and elaborate furniture to the crystal and gold chandeliers dancing in the firelight .

However, the brightly burning fire in the ornate fireplace did little to ease his nervous tension tonight. His uneasiness wasn't from the approaching storm; things of that nature didn't bother him at all, they actually seemed to suit his mood. The storm was more like a kindred spirit to him; a powerful entity that could do whatever it wanted…just like him.

He had everything that a man could want and anything that he desired he could buy. A few of his treasures had not been for sale, yet he had still found a way to obtain them. All of them meant nothing to him now because the one thing he desired most of all had slipped through his fingers. Never before had he been thwarted in getting what he wanted….until now.

Absently, he pulled a key from his pocket and left his apartment to enter the suite directly across from his.

The man inserted the key into the lock and opening the door he stepped quietly into the vacant apartment.

The furnishings in this suite were just as luxurious as his own but he had taken a great deal of care to try and decorate it in the style that he thought the new occupant would feel the most at ease in.

He walked slowly through the rooms and stopped to look around a large library with rows of shelves filled with books. As his fingers trailed over a massive oak desk he silently contemplated the steps that he was about to take; once taken, there would be no turning back, he would have to see it through.

His gaze fell upon a picture setting on the desk and he picked it up to peruse it a little longer. There were numerous photo's spread about this apartment, as well as in his own suite. Photographs of his future companion ; snapshots taken at various stages in someone's life. Pictures of the two of them together doing ordinary things like taking vacations or celebrating birthdays and holidays…family photographs. It had taken a great deal of ingenuity to obtain some of the photos and with modern technology it wasn't difficult to manufacture a few of the others.

It had never been in his nature to want a family but that had all changed within the past year. He had found someone that he wanted to call "family" and steps were already in motion to make that happen.

It was going to be different with his new companion. They would become a family, like the one in the pictures, he was sure of it. All he had to do was present it in a way that couldn't be refused, but he also wanted that person to want it as much as he did. To that end, he had decided on a new approach, one that only a year ago he would not have had the patience to even consider.

The idea had begun to form in his mind while he was recovering from an injury. An infection developing in his wound had set his recovery back but he had managed to make good use of his time. There had been a lot of research to compile before he could even get started with his plan but with the wonderful use of the internet he was able to accomplish a great deal, even from the confines of a bed; laptops were such marvelous tools.

He continued his walk through the apartment and entered the master bedroom. Opening a large walk-in closet, he fingered some of the clothing that was already hanging there. Styles that he had personally picked out for his new companion; ones that he felt the individual would like and some that he liked himself.

He had become obsessed with his idea and he knew it but he no longer cared; it had become an addiction . It was on his mind constantly, day and night. Nothing mattered to him anymore except making this work. Financial issues were not a concern for him; he knew the power of wealth , had known it all of his life and as long as he had that power there was nothing on earth that was going stop him.

Another streak of lightening drew him to the balcony and in the flashes of light, he could clearly see the high fence that surrounded his property. Guards stood in the gatehouse keeping a strict watch. The wrath of the man inside the gates was far worse than anything that might try to get in, so they watched diligently.

As the man turned away, he caught his own reflection in the window and brought a hand up to finger the bandages around his face and then he lowered his gaze to his fingertips.

"A new face and no more fingerprints. They'll never know who I really am until it's too late."

His servants thought that he had been in some horrific accident but these bandages would bring him a new identity and with that he would begin the life that he desired most.

"The bandages will come off in just a few days," he thought to himself, "and then it will be time to put the final details in motion."

After taking one more glance around the empty suite he made his way back out to the hallway and was locking the door when his maid and butler appeared carrying his dinner.

"Good evening, sir." The butler politely greeted him.

"Miles." he acknowledged the man. His serving staff thought he was a kindly master. They had no idea of his true nature, he had managed to hide it from them;. practice for the upcoming role he needed to play to achieve his goal.

"Shall I serve your dinner now sir?" the woman asked.

"Yes…yes." he responded happily. "Go on in and set it up."

The butler opened the door for him and waited while he entered the room . They quickly followed him in and immediately began to set the table.

"Shall I prepare your drink sir?" the butler asked.

"Yes, please do." he answered.

In the meantime the maid had his dinner on the table and was standing by in case he wanted anything else. Miles hurried over with his master's drink and carefully placed it on the table. He quickly retreated and took his place beside the maid and waited for further instructions.

The man took a sip of the soup and savored the taste. It was really delicious, but he wasn't surprised, after all, he only hired the best and the cook was well known to be one of the greatest chef's around the area. He couldn't wait to actually eat some solid food. Soup and beverages had been his main sustenance for a number of weeks, but once the bandages were off he intended to enjoy all of his favorite meals.

"You may leave now…come back in an hour to clean it up." he ordered.

They bowed quietly and started to leave but the butler hesitated and turned back with a question.

"Will your companion be joining you soon?" He asked as he pointed to the portrait above the fireplace.

The man's eyes were drawn to the portrait. He had commissioned a well-known artist to paint it. The portrait was of two people, himself, sitting in a high back red leather chair and a younger person standing next to him with a hand placed casually on his forearm while they smiled at one another.

"My friend has some obligations to clear up first and will join us as soon as they are completed ." he answered pleasantly.

"We look forward to serving you both sir. It will be good for you to have your companion here."

"You have no idea." he said more to himself than to the butler.

They bowed and left him then as he continued to finish his meal. He pushed back his chair when he had finished and with his drink in hand he walked over to the fireplace and stared at the portrait above it.

That is how they were meant to be. He had convinced himself that it was their destiny to be together and he would force this person to accept it as well. His guest would be a prisoner, that much was true but a well taken care of captive ; the proverbial "bird in a gilded cage."

The man's obsession had consumed him and nothing else was important. No one would be allowed to interfere with his plans and the people that had caused his injury and prevented him from accomplishing his last endeavor would soon wish that they had never crossed his path.

"We will be together in life….or in death….either way….we will be together." he thought as he lifted his glass in a toast to the portrait.

"Soon….very soon" he said aloud as thunder sounded in the distance and beneath the bandages his lips parted in a smile.