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Gaara felt horrible. Actually, he'd felt miserable for the past five months, but today was different. A tingling feeling had sprouted in his stomach nearly two hours ago and it seemed determined to stay put.

After a growl crawled up from his throat, the boy decided to give up his attempt at completing paperwork and to just head home.

He set out into the streets of his village, the already-cool air of the night pressing against him. His people wished him a good night, no longer afraid of him now that the demon had been extracted.

He stopped in front of his door and let his perfunctory gaze drop to the steps. Gaara was written atop a small envelope in messy handwriting he immediately recognized. He didn't want to, really, really didn't, but he had to read the letter.

The pale hand stretching out to grab the letter shook a bit. Breath shallow and heart thumping, he lifted the flap, which hadn't been sealed, slid the letter out, and unfolded it to be read.


First, I want to tell you about what's been going on and then I'm gonna bitch you out for abandoning me.

See, I had this best friend who ran away right when I was about to tell him I love him.

Gaara stopped reading, thinking, breathing for sixty seconds. He knew he shouldn't have read the letter, shouldn't have put his heart, as torn and damaged as it was, out in the open for breaking. So it's Sasuke then…

I always thought he was perfect but running away was definitely a stupid thing to do. It was absolute torture being away from him. Of course, I went after him. Well, it actually took me awhile to chase him.

Now for your bitch out…

The red-head was confused. Naruto hadn't written about how he and Sasuke got together. His next breath caught in his throat as his mind whirled. Maybe… maybe it was the blond's way of saying he had no place in his life. Sure, he'd sworn to stay away from Konohagakure but he'd held an infinitesimal hope that the fox boy would visit him.

Now though, now he suspected this letter would be the last contact he would ever have with the beautiful blond. His hand clutched over his heart and his breathing became quick and shallow.

"Calm down Gaara. Don't have a heart attack." Naruto was leaning against his front door and offering a worried gaze.

Blue-green eyes looked back with confusion.

"I was inside waiting for you. Wanted to surprise you so I masked my chakra. That never used to work." The emotion displayed by his bright blue orbs changed to disappointment.

"It still doesn't. My senses have been aware of you since your arrival." I simply didn't want to believe it.

Naruto's presence, as always, was calming him. His breathing slowed, mind cleared, and the tingling in his stomach, which always signaled Naruto was near, turned into a warm buzzing.

"I'm really mad you, you know. I never would have written that stupid letter if I'd known." Naruto locked eyes with the older man. "Why didn't you tell me? And then you left before I could tell you-"

"I don't want to know about you and the Uchiha," the paler one snapped.

The tan male blinked a few times before letting a sly grin spread across his face. "Jealous, eh?"

A growl slipped from the back of the other's throat.

"Alright, alright. I could never be in love with that teme. You're the one I'm in love with."

"What?" Naruto had spoken so softly and Gaara was sure he hadn't heard it right.

"Come here, Kazekage-sama," the blond mocked.

Gaara was reluctant but he stepped forward until a foot-and-a-half separated them. The kitsune reached out to grab a hold of his clothes and pulled the elder down until both their lips were at the other's ear.

The brushing of hot air against his neck and quiet whispers in his ear almost caused a shiver to ripple down the taller male's frame.

"You. I'm in love with you."

Naruto waited patiently, okay, maybe he fidgeted nonstop, for his friend, hopefully soon-to-be-boyfriend, to process this information. He was surprised, but pleasantly so, when a set of warm lips pressed against his own. Pushing forward passionately, he wrapped his arms around a pale neck and pulled the man closer.

He was surprised again when a slick tongue ran over his bottom lip. His mouth opened eagerly to invite the muscle in. The entire space was mapped out by the foreign tissue.

When they finally broke apart, with red and swollen lips, Naruto was very glad he hadn't moved far from the door because he doubted his ability to stand. Gaara rested his forehead against a tan one, his eyes closed.

"I didn't think," he took a deep breath, "you would know," another breath, "what you were doing."

"Kankuro," the other explained.

One more deep breath and the blond was returned to his normal breathing pattern. "Before I forget, you need to punish Temari. Though without her and those wonderful notes you wrote her I would have never known you were the one writing those letters, she still needs to face the consequences of her actions. Even with your notes, your handwriting is gorgeous by the way, she still messed up a bunch of stuff in the new treaty. Now I'm stuck here for at least six months to sort it all out, but it'll more likely be about a year since you and I can never agree."

Gaara opened his eyes to find a satisfied grin on Naruto's lips before he locked eyes with the ninja.

"I'm thinking that a month spent in Konohagakure with a certain lazy-ass should teach her a lesson."

"That's a wonderful idea," he removed his head from the shorter man's.

"Hey boyfriend."


Naruto's perpetual smile grew when the red-head answered to the word. "You should kiss me again."

"That's an even better idea," Gaara replied before reacquainting his mouth with Naruto's.