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Chapter 7: Goodbye My love

Hinata's POV

I just learned the dreadful news. After the funeral, I didn't come to school. It was to be expected.

A few days later, I called Sasuke on his cell phone. He was happy and surprised to hear my voice. I sounded quite calm as I said that I wanted to see him. I then gave him rendezvous that same night.

At 10 pm that evening, Sasuke pushed open the door leading to the school roof. Sasuke must've thought that it would be locked, since it was late at night. However, I had somehow managed to open it and to leave it open for him.

Of all the places I could have chosen for the rendezvous, he seemed surprised that it was the school rooftop.

Then he spotted me.

I was standing at the edge of the roof with my hands clasped together as if in prayer. My eyes were staring far into the distance, and the night breeze made my untied hair fly around my neck. Sasuke gasped upon seeing me in such a dangerous position.

Running towards me, and trying not to startle me, he gently closed his hands on my shoulders.

"Hinata! What are you doing? Come down."

I looked at him from the corner of my eye. "Ah, you are here. Don't worry, I was just looking at the city lights. It's so beautiful, isn't it?" I spread my arms wide and then pointed at the starry sky.

"It's almost as if the stars have fallen from the skies. I have never paid attention to the night view before. This city is so beautiful. This city where you live in, Sasuke."

Sasuke's grip softened on my shoulder as he let his eyes dive into that ocean of sparkling lights. "This city where you live in as well, Hinata."

I stared absent mindedly at the colourful neon lights. "This city…"

Sasuke gently pulled mw away from the edge of the roof, afraid that a stronger breeze would make me lose my balance and fall. "Are you doing well, Hinata? Are you eating well? Sleeping?"

I nodded once. Sasuke waited for me to say more, but I remained silent.

"If you need something, don't hesitate to call me, alright?"

I nodded again.

I drew in a deep breath. My gaze suddenly wavered.

"So, on the phone, you said that you wanted to talk to me?"


"What is it?"

For only answer, I rested my forehead on his chest. Sasuke wrapped his arms around me and we stayed like this for a while.

Sasuke was thinking everything was alright now. He knew I was broken. He knew I had probably called him out there because I needed him. If I was broken, he would fix me. He would make it alright for me again. We had plenty of time ahead of us now.



"I… I'm leaving Tokyo."

My words fell into the void. My hands tightened on Sasuke's back; the cutting edge of these words wounded my own heart as they came out of my mouth.

I felt his arms stiffen around my body. I did not dare to look at his face. The next words flew out of my mouth in a dull tone, as if I had already rehearsed them over and over again. "My Mom's sister came to the funeral. She will be taking me back with her when she leaves for London. I tried to convince her that I wanted to stay, even if I had to sleep in the streets, but she just wouldn't let me. I tried everything. I got mad, I yelled, I cried, I refused to eat, but nothing works. Nothing works anymore."

I paused while tears rolled down my cheeks. Silly her. I promised myself that I wouldn't cry anymore. I knew every word I uttered felt like a knife to his heart, but I just couldn't keep it all inside anymore. Burying my face in his t-shirt, I stuttered and sobbed at the same time.

"I told her all my friends are here in Tokyo. I told her all about you. Right after my family died, I can't bear to lose another person I love. But she just won't listen. She won't understand. She doesn't sympathize. She is so cold! I hate her! Why did she have to come here? Everyone is on her side. They all want me to leave! Sasuke, please ask me to stay! Be on my side! Ask me to stay, and I will do anything to stay. I will run away. I will hide, and then wait for them to go away. I will do anything. Just… Sasuke… "

I couldn't breath. I gripped Sasuke's t-shirt as hard as I could. The minutes passed by slowly after I'd stopped speaking. The familiar noises of the city at night reached her ears faintly, as if from another world.

"When are you leaving?" he finally asked in a low voice.

I had to struggle for a moment before regaining my voice.

"The day after tomorrow."

"For how long are you going to be gone?"

"I don't know."

"Are you… coming back?"

"I don't know."

There was more silence.

"Sasuke, just ask me to stay. You want me to stay, don't you? Say it and…"

"No… you should go." He finally whispered.

My eyes widened. His voice felt so distant. "What?"

"You… you should go. Your relatives in London will take good care of you. If you stay here…"

"I can't believe it!" I yelled angrily. "Why are you talking like them? You are on their side too, right? Even you! I thought that you were the only one who would understand! I can't persuade them alone, but I figured that if you were with me, then we could do it! We could figure out a way! And yet you are saying this like you don't care at all!"

Angry tears were flowing out of my eyes as I pushed him away with all my strength. "I hate you!"

As soon as we were apart, I saw his face, and gasped. It was the first time I saw him cry. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he made no gesture to wipe them away. It was as if the ice of his onyx pupils were melting under the pain.

My anger was quickly replaced by remorse. I passed my arms around his neck and held him close with all my strength as I sobbed. "I-I'm so sorry, Sasuke. Please forget what I just said! Please! I didn't mean it. I could never hate you! The only person I hate is myself. I-I was only thinking about me. I was centered on my own pain, but I never paused to think about yours. Oh Sasuke… I'm so sorry."

Sasuke hugged me back in silence.

"Why do you want me to go?" I asked desperately. "I don't want to lose you!"

Finally, he put some distance between us and clasped my face in his hands until we were standing forehead to forehead. That pain in his eyes was unbearable to me, but I didn't look away.

"Listen to me closely, Hinata – his voice was shaking slightly - You can't run away from your aunt. She is the only relative that you've got, and she will give you and your brother a new home. And your cousin may seem very brave on the surface, but he needs his cousin more than anything right now."

I looked away. "But… what about us? I need you too, Sasuke."

He stroked my cheek gently. "Even if you go away, we won't lose each other. You will go to a new place, make new friends, and lead a happy life. You will remain yourself, that cheerful and caring girl to whom I have given my heart."

I bit my lips and kept my eyes in his, even though my sight was made blurry by my tears.

Sasuke continued. "In the meantime, I will stay here, and I will wait for you. I will wait for the day when you will come back to me. And if you can't come back, then I will go to you. I will find you, no matter where you are. I will find you because our hearts are connected. Can you feel it, Hinata?"

I drew in a deep breath and let out a "yes" in a trembling voice.

"And remember that I will always be with you no matter how far away you are. Do you remember our promise? When you feel lonely, just call out my name."

I dried my tears with the back of my hand. "If I call out your name, will you be there?"

"I will be there… in your heart."

I nodded as Sasuke gently wiped away my tears and I gently wiped away his.

"Alright then – I whispered – I will go. But Sasuke, you have to promise me one last thing. I know it will be difficult, but you have to keep this promise."


My gaze wavered. "Promise me that you won't come to see me off at the airport."

Sasuke's eyes widened. "What? But that…"

"I don't want to say goodbye to you! I have to hope that we will see each other again. We have to see each other again! I don't want you to see me leaving. And I don't want to see you before leaving, because if I do, then my heart will waver and I won't be able to go. I know it. So… please…"

"I… I can't…"


He looked away.

"Anything but that! Hinata, it's like…"

"Promise me that, or find a way for me to stay!"

He remained silent.

I turned myself back to him and faced the city lights in order to hide the new tears falling from my eyes. My world had fallen into pieces. I didn't care about anything anymore. My eyes widened slightly when I felt him hugging me from behind. I knew he was hurting. Despite his optimistic words, he had been hurting inside all this time.

I knew my promise was unfair, but if I saw him before boarding on that plane, I would become blind to anything else except him. I knew I would lose control over my feelings. I didn't want him to see me crying and yelling and begging everyone around me to let me stay. If I wanted to maintain a minimum of decency before leaving, I just needed him to promise me that one thing.

His arms tightened around my waist, as if he had managed to somehow understand.

"Alright then. I promise, Hinata." He whispered.

I closed my eyes. "Thank you."

"I… I have long lost faith in other people and in myself, but then you came and you changed all that. You changed me. For that reason, even now, I am able to believe that this can't be the end between the two of us. I believe in us. I believe this is not goodbye. I believe all this because there is faith in me once more, and because… "

He leaned in closer and whispered three words in my ear. I covered my mouth with my hand. It was the first time that he had said those words to me in such a long time since I lost my memory. It almost made me happy again.

I placed my hand on top of his, as a bittersweet smile crossed my lips.

"Yes… and I love you too, Sasuke. With all my heart."

I turned my head slightly, and Sasuke leaned in and kissed me.

Our two silhouettes melted into one under the night breeze and the stars, together for one last time.





4 years later:

The editor working for the edition "London Weekly" glared at his watch impatiently. She was late. She was always late. There was not one single time that she had been on time ever since he had become her editor.

And he, Tristan Duncan, was particularly well-known for the shortness of his temper. He would have quit being her editor a long time ago if not for her exceptional talent. Every work she had submitted up until now had been worth the wait.

He sighed and then started pouring coffee into his half filled cup. The door banging open with a huge noise startled him badly, making him pour coffee all over the place on his desk. Slamming his fist so hard against the table that it made his cup, lamp and papers tremble, he stood up and shouted:

"Miss Hyuga! Do you know how horribly late you are?"

The young girl in front of him rose an arm, meaning for him to wait, while she panted with her hands on her knees and a paper package under her arm. Tristan felt a vein pulsing on his forehead. How much longer did she intend to take her time?

"I'm really, truly, awfully and honestly sorry, Mr. Duncan!"

The young girl exclaimed while finally looking up with a huge smile. Tristan crossed his arms and sat back on his chair. He backed off a little when Hinata hurried to the front of his desk and let her bag fall down on it with a loud BANG.

"W-what are you doing?" He yelled.

Hinata muttered under her breath in Japanese while apparently searching for something.

Tristan coughed to attract her attention. "So, I hope everything went well this time. I hope that you haven't forgotten that the deadline for your new work is today."

Hinata nodded distractedly at his words and let the paper package fall on the desk in front of him from under her arm. Tristan looked down on it suspiciously. It was badly crumpled, and there was a huge stain on the cover, of unknown nature. He sighed inwardly.

Were all young writers as crazy as her nowadays?

"Ah, found it, found it!" Hinata declared cheerfully while sticking a crumpled piece of paper in front of her editor's nose.

Tristan had to back away in his chair in order to decipher it. "What is this…? – he muttered while his eyes traveled across the title written in capital letters. "I QUIT??"

Hinata grinned with all her teeth. "That's right, Mr. Duncan! As of today, you are no longer my editor! I'm quitting!"

Seeing the size of her editor's jaw, she blinked. "Huh? What's wrong? What's with that astounded face? I mean, you should be throwing confetti inwardly for finally getting rid of me, right?"

Tristan stood up, with his eyes the size of two saucers. "What's the meaning of this? You can't quit!"

Hinata scratched her head. "Well… I just did, no?"

"B-b-but why? You are doing so well! Your two last novels had been best sellers here in London! You are not even twenty one yet and you are already at the top of your career! You can't just abandon everything now!"

"Wrooong! Mr. Duncan, I just turned twenty one today!"

Tristan blinked. "Oh, happy birthday!" His forming smile became a frown when he let his fist fall down on his desk for the nth time that morning. "But that's not the point here! The point is that you can't quit! Why are you so carefree about your career? This is… hey, are you listening to me?"

"… and then that means that I am an adult now and that I can finally do what I want! Isn't that awesome, Mr. Duncan? I have been waiting for this day for so long!"

Tristan felt like exploding. Before he could speak up, Hinata had already picked up her bag and was already at the door. Tristan felt his world reeling uncontrollably towards insanity. He had been her editor for three years, and in three years, she had produced two best sellers. His work with her had been like riding on top of a long rollercoaster. And now, the ride had been abruptly stopped, and he didn't understand why.

He looked at the impulsive and cheerfully girl standing in his threshold. She was wearing a thin purple hair band, and her locks of indigo hair fell freely around her waist. Her lavender eyes were sparkling more than usual under her determined eyebrows. She was such an unusual girl, he thought.

Before he knew it, he had stood up. "Wait a second, miss Hyuga! Just where are you going?"

Hinata looked at him, surprised, and then the most radiant smile that he had ever seen illuminated her soft features.

"To Japan, of course!"

She turned around excitedly and looked at her reflection on a nearby window. "I wonder what he will think of me after all this time! Am I prettier than before? Aww, he must be so handsome now! Waaah! I can't wait to see him!"

She pivoted on her heels and stepped outside Tristan's office.

The young editor reached out for her desperately. "Wait… I don't understand…"

Hinata smiled and pointed at the paper package on his desk. "I hope you will enjoy reading my last novel, Mr. Duncan! It's actually a partial autobiography, see? Anyway, these three years have been a bliss! I had so much fun working with you! Thank you for everything! Take care, okay? See ya!"

And on that note, she shut the door. Tristan remained in his stance for at least a minute, before he finally let himself fall on his chair. He tried to pour some coffee into his cup, but saw that the coffeepot was already empty. He took the paper package and tore it open. Free sheets of papers flew out of it. He picked up the first one and started reading :

"This story debuted by a cold morning of January. I was sixteen…"


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