Spinning Yarns

by Amy L. Hull


Natalie gasped for breath, saying through her hand, "They painted him blue?"

"It wasn't paint-"

"Nicolas is correct." Janette's eyes twinkled. "Woad is applied in more of a paste."

"Wait. Isn't that a hallucinogen?" Natalie giggled.

"If it is, it didn't affect Nicolas, but the paintings were, shall we say, suggestive." Janette quirked an eyebrow. Nick covered his face. Janette leaned toward Natalie, "He was practically naked by the time LaCroix and I got there."

Natalie choked on her wine.

"I wasn't-"

"Oh, Nicolas, do not spoil a good story with details. There are so many to tell."


Written as a Party Favor for Malinaldarose in the 2012 FKFicFest for the prompt: "Janette, Nick, Natalie. Humor. We should never permit historical reality to get in the way of a good story."