He's Not Heavy

by Amy L. Hull


For waltd, who requested Schanke, Nick, Captain, Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Taking care of business every day: Schanke takes care of Nick in more ways than Nick (or anyone else) realises.


"Knight. He's an odd one."

Schanke chuckled. "Well, what do you expect from a man who drives a 60s Caddy as his squad?"

"Yeah, but, there's just...something about him."

"'Something,' Detective?" Schanke leafed through reports, mumbling.

The big man frowned. "Just...sometimes he seems...foreign...or old."

Schanke kept shuffling. It kept people off guard. "Really, Reese? Old? How long have you been around? Hell, I hear you're making Captain soon."

"Don't I wish," Reese shook his head. "Still, though. That partner of yours-"

"Is eccentric but gets the job done. And he's my partner." Schanke stood, patted Reese's arm. "Remember that."