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Summary – Kagome is a young bakery owner. She lives and works in a quiet town a few miles outside of Tokyo. On the outside looking in, she's a perfectly normal 22 year old girl; constantly being set up on blind dates, hanging out with friends, and taking night courses a few nights a week at the local college. But the young baker has a secret. A BIG secret. One only her closest friend knows about. So guess who comes into her life and disrupts her quiet set-up? None other than the annoying, hard-headed (usually hard..well…) and extremely sexy Inuyasha. Of course chaos will ensue.


"Hey Ayami? Can you finish up that batch and than get them all in the freezer for tomorrow morning? I gotta run."

"Yeah sure, no problem. I take it I have to lock up too?"

"Oh I'm sorry. You know what, never mind…I'll stay."

"Gah Kagome, chill out. I was just kidding. You're a terrible boss. You know why?"

The baker grinned at her assistant. "No, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me."

"Well you're right. You, Kagome Higurashi, are too nice."

"Ya think?" asked Kagome jestingly as she flicked flour in Ayami's face.

The sixteen year old assistant giggled. "Yes I do think." She retorted as she returned the puff of flour in Kagome's face.

"Well in that case, you can just go ahead and whip up another three batches of the Raspberry Supremes before you leave. They're going to that banquet tomorrow night."

"Ahhh man; I'll be here all night. Hey, you never told me; why are you leaving early?"

Kagome blushed a deep scarlet, reaching her ears.

"Ooooh, the boss lady has a dateeeeeeee." jibed Ayami. "Please tell me it's not Houjou again, uck, he was so boringgggggggg."

Kagome sighed at her assistant's speech. Her ability to drag out every syllable was eerie. "No, it's not Houjou. It's another blind date. All I know is that his name is Inuyasha and he's an inuhanyou."

"OOOOOOHHHH… You've never done a hanyou before." cooed Ayami; who began opening up with a chorus of 'Kagome and a demon layin' in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g!"

"And with that…" Kagome snatched up her keys and purse, "I'm gone."


Kagome looked at the violet eyes. They trailed down the small frame and did yet another cursory check of the outfit chosen for tonight's date. She didn't want to be too aggressive; so she opted for the lavender sweater and a simple black a-line skirt. 'But maybe I should go a little sexier. I don't want him to think I'm a frigid virgin…'

The baker ran to her closet, checking the time on the way; she had a solid ten before she needed to head out. "Oh fuck it." Kagome skipped to the bathroom and reached for the toothbrush. As she methodically erased every bit of food that may have accumulated during the day, Kagome searched for the heavy duty cover up. When she spotted the bottle she twisted off the cap and poured some into a tiny bowl. Then grabbing her applier, Kagome reapplied the ivory liquid to the marks on her arms. When she was satisfied, the baker grabbed her purse and keys, and made her way to the café.


Inuyasha flipped open his phone to read the incoming text message.

Where r u? - Kagura

my date. Y? – Inuyasha

Date? Huh? – Kagura

Is someone jealous? – Inuyasha

WHAT DATE!? - Kagura

Inuyasha was about to reply back when he felt a tap on his shoulder; the hanyou was about to snap at the offending hand when the most intoxicating scent reached his nostrils. His own hand snaked around the one on his shoulder and he pulled the small female into his lap, burying his face in her neck, and lapping up the smell sweeping off her body.

"EXCUSE ME!" Kagome whispered very loudly, trying very hard to draw as little attention to the spectacle as possible. She heard a grumble, and the action of the stranger's lips mouthing words against her neck sent shivers down her spine. When Kagome tried to get away, the man gripped her arms to her waist even tighter in a steely embrace, making the baker immobile. But when Kagome felt faint scrapes of teeth against her neck, she used every ounce of strength in her power to send her left foot into the man's shin.


Waves of pain flashed through Inuyasha's body when the woman's foot collided with his sensitive leg. He released her - opting to grasp the offending foot. But her tiny heel came off in his hands and the girl kicked off the other, running at top speed, far away from the little restaurant.

When his blackberry began vibrating in his pocket, tweaks of pleasure brought back the boyish grin to his face, as he remembered her smell. He pulled out the phone and saw he had three more texts and two missed calls from Kagura. "Damn; anxious much." Instead of calling his ex back, Inuyasha cut off his phone and absentmindedly left the café.

It wasn't until he stopped on the empty street, and found himself looking up at the balcony covered in vines, did Inuyasha realize he'd followed that amazing scent 3 miles in the opposite direction of his own apartment.


Kagome hunched over the toilet, throwing up the last of her organs until she was reduced to a pathetic heap of dry heaves.

She heard the door open and didn't even have the strength to be afraid.

"Kagome?" She followed the foot steps until they reached her small bathroom in her room. "GODS KAGOME!" Bankoutsu skidded into the bathroom at the sight of his friend. He pulled back her hair and tied it into a pony tail before picking her up and washing off her face. Then he cradled her into his arms, carrying the small girl to bed.

After stripping off the small woman's clothes, Bankoutsu tucked Kagome into the warm, fluffy covers and sat down next to her. "What happened?"

The baker just shook her head and then reached out for him. He sighed and laid down on the bed, wrapping her in his arms. Bankoutsu listened as her worn out breathing turned to the shallow breaths of sleep, and eventually drifted off himself.


Kagome awoke to a pounding head and momentarily had a queasy flash back to her prom night. Bankoutsu's steamy breaths heated the back of her neck, and his arms were wrapped around her waist. How many times had she woken up like this? Kagome mused. She and Bankoutsu had been almost inseparable since junior high.

She turned around in his arms, folding the sheet up between their mouths to avoid the inevitable morning breath. "Bankoutsu," whispered Kagome, "time to wake up." When he didn't so much as stir she glanced at the open window and noted it couldn't have even been five.

After years of getting up this early, Kagome found no need for an alarm clock anymore. Running a bakery required early hours in order to get everything in the oven on time. But she didn't have to get up this morning. Around noon she needed to run by and pick up those Supremes, and drop them off; otherwise, she was closed on the weekends.

Knowing full well that sleep was only a dream at this point, Kagome silently slid from the covers and headed for the shower, grabbing her toothbrush and toothpaste along the way. By time the water was boiling hot, to the point of fogging her entire bathroom, Kagome was done brushing and slid under the steady stream of liquid happiness.

Everyday Kagome thanked the Gods for her apartment. She may have the occasional roach every now and then, and yeah, she was pretty sure the people downstairs had a fairly good franchise in 'home-movies'; but all that was worth it, simply because – it is almost impossible to find an apartment with good water pressure these days.

Halfway through her lather cycle Kagome heard the faint footsteps and the sleepy grumblings of Bankoutsu entering the bathroom. She heard a click and then laughed as he shoved his toothbrush (yes, he stayed there enough to where he had his own toothbrush, shampoo, cologne, clothes, and razor at her apartment) into her shower getting it wet. Kagome just giggled when he pulled back the curtain and spit out the soapy contents into the shower, and rinsed off the toothbrush.

Then moments later Bankoutsu was in the shower with Kagome, snatching the loufa from her hands and lathering up the pink and green ball. Kagome didn't even blink about being naked in the shower with an equally naked (and let me add extremely sexy) guy. There relationship had moved so far beyond anything sexual they may as well be conjoined twins. Sure, Kagome loved to admire his amazing body, but that's where it ended. It would be like screwing your brother. Five words: ew to the tenth power.

Kagome finished her shower routine, working around the still half-asleep man. When she was finished she stepped out, grabbing a fluffy towel and then turning the hot dial all the way off. At the sound of his loud howl Kagome screeched and ran, quickly followed by the very naked Bankoutsu.


"So you coming with me to go drop off those deserts, or are you gonna sit on my couch all day, eating my food." asked Kagome as she slipped on her shoes.

Bankoutsu flipped off the TV, and stood up – stretching out his long frame. "Nah, I'll go with you. Little Kagome thought she could get away with not telling me about last night, and what exactly had her so upset that the decided to redecorate the toilet."

Kagome blushed and grabbed his keys. "Fine, but were taking your car."

When Kagome slipped into the leather seat, she sighed in pleasure. Bankoutsu drove an onyx black Jaguar, complete with matching leather seats, amazing sound system, V8 engine, and a sunroof.

"Okay, you've pushed it long enough. Dish." said Bankoutsu as he fired up the engine and headed the small distance towards his friend's bakery.

"Gah you're so annoying."

"Well, I mean this time I was the one that set you up with Inuyasha; I wanna know how my efforts steered you."

"Okay fine. So I get there and the first person I see is this guy sitting down at a table, and I was tapping his shoulder, about to ask his name when he lunges at me and pulls me into his lap!"

"What?!" Bankoutsu gripped the steering wheel. "And then?"

"He starts…" Kagome blushed

"Out with it." He was starting to see red. How dare some guy attack his Kagome?

"He started…sniffing my neck." Wisps of pleasure at the memory pulsed through Kagome's veins. "Now before you freak out Banky, I kicked him in the shin and ran home. Never did get his name, even a look at his face for that matter." The baker shrugged at the memory.

"I see." He calmed down a bit at the unexpected violence imparted on the asshole. "So why the heaving act?"

"Well…he somehow managed to wipe away the make-up. I flipped, and inadvertently…I kinda…errr…tlpdjfrd hme." Kagome jumbled out.

"Kagome." Bankoutsu parallel parked the car. "Are you crazy? You know how dangerous that could have been; never mind puking your brains out."

"I know I know, okay?" she huffed in submission. Kagome knew he was right. Bankoutsu was always right. Ever since her freshman year of high school and her problems began, he was always by her side, helping her figure things out.

The fact of the matter was she fucked up last night. There were rules that they set for her limits; rules that helped her from going over the edge; and last night she'd broken them.

Kagome sighed as she left the car and unlocked the store. Bankoutsu came with her, but she knew it was just so he could steal a few cookies.

As he pillaged her bakery, Kagome gathered the batches of Raspberry Supremes and wrapped them up; she couldn't help but think about last night. Why did she let someone get to her so badly? She absentmindedly traced her fingers over her neck where that man had so sensually caressed it.

"Kamomay?" Bankoutsu mumbled.

The baker looked up and smiled. Bankoutsu had two brownies shoved in his mouth, and was busy trying to lodge in a third.

"C'mon, this is all I needed. Let's go; I gotta get these to that stupid banquet out at the high school."

"Oh Goodddsss, do I gotta?" whined Bankoutsu, as he swallowed the chocolate mess.

"Yes. You know I hate that place as much as you do; listen, I won't even make you get out of the car. Deal?"

"I guess…" Kagome grinned and then piled all the trays into his arms; swiping the keys from Bankoutsu's back pocket, she lunged for the driver's seat.

Bankoutsu slid into the passenger side and then huffed as she plopped down behind the wheel, adjusting the seat. "Kagome, I swear, if you even get a scratch on this car you'll be begging to break the rules."

The baker grinned.

This was going to be fun.