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The doctor walked into his office; a mixture of pleasure and annoyance filling his mind. His catches were racking up. Kagome would be his seventh teleporter. He was lucky to have her…

Teleporters were extremely hard to find. They were tricky, conceited, and often times big flakes. But he had a love/hate relationship with these aggravating creatures. While they were extremely difficult to work with, they were also very beautiful, intelligent, and powerful. The doctor admired beauty, respected intellect, and envied power. They also had exactly what he needed to fulfill his goals.

With their help, he would become the most powerful man ever to rule; rising above countries and eventually possessing absolute authority over the world. And who could deny him, when all he had to so was send in his army of teleporters? Any bank, stronghold, locked door would be no match for his team. Demons were old news. Yes, they were strong; but could they gain him entry to the Pope's secret chambers? Or could they gain him quick escape, to countries thousands of miles away, safe from capture in the blink of an eye? He thought not.

The doctor sat behind his desk, tapping his fingers absentmindedly on his dark, cherry wood desk. Everything was in perfect order; not a file out of place. He tried to think about the tasks he still had to complete before his plan could be underway, but every time he closed his eyes all he could see was violet.

The way those eyes twinkled, or the way they flashed when he called her bluff. Kagome's eyes were unlike anything he had ever seen. Every single teleporter he had caught beforehand, or "Flyer" which his office had come to refer to them as, had golden orbs, almond shaped, and quite stunning.

But hers…

Kagome's eyes sparkled like amethysts lodged in her skull. Wide orbs rimmed with black, sooty lashes.

So far he had captured three females, and three males; Kagome being the seventh flyer and fourth female addition. It had been months since he had had luck with a lead. Every flyer he currently had in his possession had been there for at least a year. And all his females were pregnant.

Almost immediately the team had decided mating off the flyers and multiplying their numbers would be a wise decision. Then they could raise the children to do their bidding. The teleporting gene was passed down from the mother, so it wasn't necessary for the father to possess the flyer gene. But the team hypothesized that adding the gene from the father might result in a "super flyer". It was a long shot, but they saw no reason not to test the theory while still hunting for more captives.

The first baby was due soon. A female, which was good. It's not as if he didn't treat them well. The flyers got whatever they wished; fine clothes, they shared a huge compound lavishly decorated, and anything else they could ever desire.

It seemed like a good deal to him….and still, no matter how much he thought about all that, the sight of her eyes still could not leave his mind.

"Well this simply won't do." The doctor pressed a button on his machine.

"Yes Doctor?" asked his assistant.

"Send in Kim."

"Right away, Sir."

If he couldn't get Kagome off of his mind by himself…

fucking her would certainly do the trick…