I know I can't replace Nunnally.

Nor was my objective to do so.

I know that well.

Even so it feels good to be someone's brother, to have someone to take care of you, someone you are very close to.

It feels nice. Really.


That time when the terrorists came during your chess game and we escaped the frames I once again pretended to be scared and told you 'Nii-san, what are we going to do?'

'It's fine. We'll escape. I'll make sure you do'

I felt touched and spoke to myself.

'You're right. We're-'

No we're not. We're not brothers. You had no reason for protecting a spy from the man shooting and accidentally falling. However after you fell, I regained my senses. I had to track you down once again to make sure you do not wake up and ruin this beautiful lie.

And one day you gave me a heart shaped locket. Something you only give your beloved ones. A special gift you just can't give anyone. Especially if it is heart shaped.

'Rolo, that locket… Now that I think of it, giving a guy a locket is weird. I'll give you something else- '

I refused or maybe I panicked a bit, I don't know. All I remembered was that I held the tiny jewelry and pressed it against my heart saying it was mine. That heart shaped locket. He gave it to me, it was mine. I always kept it by my side usually held it with my right hand and looked at it, opened it, closed it, it is my most precious object, something that belongs to me.

Even though I technically replaced Nunally, he never loved me as much as he did her little sister. A caring brother, Lelouch was always protecting me. We watched TV during the morning, skipped classes, took long baths together and played with the bubbles, we went to chess challenges, we did everything together… we were very close brothers.

"And you… will be the pawn in my search for Nunnally."

Nunnally. He really loved her little sister. Even more than the way he loved me during those days of surveillance. Can't I be your brother? Won't you love me as a brother? Won't you take care of me anymore? Am I inferior to Nunnally?

No more Nii-san. I even shouted 'Where's Nii-san location!' when I entered the room before Lelouch pointed a gun at me. Yeah, not Nii-san. Lelouch. And his Geass. He made me happy while it lasted, made me feel loved. Even so, now I must end this as it is my duty.

"Lelouch. Together with that demonic eye… die"