Tough Love

by Amy L. Hull

a "Eureka" drabble written for raisintorte in the Yuletide 07 Challenge


"Sheriff Carter, I believe that Zoe has not finished her final history research."

"SARAH!" Zoe hissed.

Simultaneously, her dad said, "SARAH, I can handle being the dad here." He poured himself a beer. "What'cha want for dinner?"

Zoe narrowed her eyes. "Pizza?"

"Okay. Want one of those fruity-veggie things?"


He had SARAH order pizza and stretched out on the sofa. "Come on," he encouraged, indicating the spot next to him.

"Aren't you going to yell at me?"

"Naw. History's boring. We should just spend the evening watching football."

"You..." Zoe clenched her teeth and stomped upstairs. "You're both so...mean!"