"You may not even find someone" The Hitachiin boys hear as there maid crawled down the wall.

These words have been sitting in Hikaru's head for awhile now

Chapter 1- Happy Birthday

A familiar ring tone rang waking up the twin boys who kept telling each other to pick it up. Koru rolled over and answered the cell and said a tiredly hello and the brother put his ear to it. All they heard was the sound of a man's voice chitterling on like a happy monkey.

"Hurry, hurry you two! We can't be late!! Remember it's in our room and don't forget your presents!! Quickly now!" Tamaki said and hung up to call the others. They both sighed but then had grins on their faces and crawled outta bed. They got dressed and grabbed the box that sat on their dresser.

"Aye, his majesty is really excited for this party no?" Kaoru said to his brother as they got in the limo to go to school.

"But brother it is her birthday." They both snickered playfully and looked at their present. Not long did it take them to get there and get to the music room where the rest of the host club waited. Tamaki was hushing thru things making sure they were perfect and Kyoya made sure everything he ordered was there and in order. Honey was on Takashi's head waiting anxiously for cake and snack time not long did the room fill with people chatting away to each other waiting for the main guest.

The doors opened and everyone turned around and yelled surprise! Haruhi stood there blank stare and the Hitachiin twins wrapped there arms around the tom boy. She still did not say a word because she was still in shock. She looked around at everyone's happy faces and finally smiled herself.

"Umm Thank you but how did you all know?" Kyoya smirked to that question.

"You have to know information in order to sell things."

"Yes, like this book I bought!" A random girl squealed as she held a book that had info of Haruhi with pictures. She sighed because it was typical and began to walk when Honey ran up to her big eyed and happy.

"We can eat the cakes now right? I brought some but they didn't last long." His voice saddened for he ate them on the way.

"No Haruhi must open presents and mine shall be first!" Tamaki yelled and everyone agreed. Tamaki handed her a blue box but was intercepted by the twins.

"Hai! Open ours!" They both said in unison and handed over there box. She nodded and Tamaki was glooming. When she opened it there laid a mug. It had there faces painted on what they did themselves so it didn't look all that good and she smiled.

"Mine is I decided not to charge you for this party." Haruhi's face drooped and sighed. Tamaki seen his chance but was once again cut off but by Nikozawa who handed her a wooden cat and chuckled. Tamaki's skin crawled as he chuckled and showed his presence.

"Haruhi don't accept anything from him!" but she didn't listen and thanked him as she bowed. "No Haruhi!" He went to run to her but words came in that scared him even more.



"Lobeliaaaa" Those words from the Zaka club made everyone turn to the three ladies. Benio twirled to Haruhi's side clutching her waist. It made Tamaki twitch.

"A present for you, for your special occasion" She kneeled down and the other two did the same and Benio handed Haruhi a glass vile. She blinked.

'When she opens the vile she will fall in love with Benio for that's the first person she will see' Chizuru and Hinako thought with smirks but Haruhi only put it in her pocket and made the three surprised.

"You're not going to smell it or even try it on?" Hinako asked.

"Maybe later thank you for the present it was thoughtful" Before they could say anymore the Hitachiin twins shooed them away. Tamaki once again tried his present but once again got interrupted.

"Oh ho ho ho ho" The floor rose up in a swirling motion and out came the cosplay girl. She stepped down and gave Haruhi a boys cosplay outfit. She took it with a smile and Takashi handed her a shell from the last time they were on a beach. Honey then grabbed her arm and pulled her to the desert table and she nodded.

"Yay! Takashi come join!" He nodded and walked with Honey as everyone enjoyed themselves Tamaki was in a corner glooming and the Hitachiin twins poked fun at them.

The day trailed on and everything was as normal as it could be and everyone was heading home. Haruhi looked at the presents from her fan girls and sighed.

"I can't take these home, I don't have room for them." Everyone told her that they had room for them and she mumbled under her breath. "Rich bastards"

"I could lend you some storage space from a loft no one in my family uses but it will cost you." Kyoya said with a smirk and she sighed.

"Don't worry Haruhi I will take care of it!" Tamaki said with a heroic voice and they all began to laugh and walk away when the vile carefully dropped out of her pocket. The Taller blond man picked it up and went to hand it to her when the creepy neko-jiin popped over his shoulder with a hello. It scared Tamaki so much he re-dropped the vile by throwing it up in the air and landed between him and Nikozawa. They both went to grab it realizing it broke and smelt the sweet stench that came from it.

Tamaki glanced at Nikozawa and Nikozawa to him and they both turned away but one ended up screeching down the hall as he ran like a black blur shouting words they couldn't understand but they assumed it was something about the light. Tamaki just sat there blinking and then covered his lightly blushed face.

"Are you ok?" Haruhi asked as she knelt down beside him cleaning up the mess. He slowly nodded got up and walked away. Everyone watched him go thinking that it was strange of him to just do that but went on to going home.

When Haruhi got home she was glomped by her dad and ate a special birthday dinner.