Chapter 5 - First date

Tamaki threw the ball out the door for his dog to catch. When she returned he noticed the time.

"I'm going to be late! I'm sorry I'll play with you later!" He ran downstairs but he was stopped before he went out the door.

"You're not going out." The little old lady announced.

"What and why not? I'm going out and you can't stop me."

"Fine but the police may if you strut around in only boxers." She claimed and began to walk away. 'don't know why you were in them all day anyways!'

"Huh?" he looked down. "Oh no!" He shot back upstairs and to the left into his room. He quickly got dressed and fixed his hair. He may have not seemed like it but he was very nervous. Today was his first date with his new boyfriend. He didn't know what to expect from the goth like teen. He was into stuff that just creped him out.

"Have fun sir." A butler said bowing as Tamaki passed by. he smiled.

"Thanks I'll see you later." he waved and hopped in his Limo. 'I hope he don't bring Beelzenef.' He took a half hour drive to the Nikozawa residence. The driver pulled up to the gates and he rolled down his window to an Intercom.

"May I help you?"

"Is Umehito there?" Tamaki asked and the gates opened. It was weird calling him by his first name but it couldn't be helped. The driver pulled up to the stairs that lead to the big main doors and Tamaki hopped out and the driver waited as he was reaching towards the door. Their butler opened the door and with a bow he let him in and told him to wait there. Tamaki handed him the cakes he brought over as a present for coming over and waited patiently.

Nikozawa was in his dark room fixing his wig and running around making sure everything was "perfect" when his little sister opened the door to tell him Tamaki was there. He let out a little squee, grabbed Beelzenef and grinned his way down the stairs, past his self portrait and down the rest of the stairs finally reaching Tamaki.

"Ready?" Nikozawa nodded and they left in the limo. They sat beside each other both nervous when Tamaki finally broke the unbearable silence. "So where do you want to go? Anywhere is fine with me." Nikozawa could only think of one place but he thought it would creep him out to much.

"My beach is free." Tamaki looked at him. Last time he was on his beach was when they were trying to discover Haruhi's fears, which now they know is a storm.

"Sure, the beach sounds fun." They sat in the car for an hour and a half, and Tamaki talked the whole time. He was explaining commoner games and food, and of coarse the instant coffee. Tamaki told him that he would bring him to Haruhi's neighborhood to show him all their foods and the store.

They finally reached the building and they let the driver go and they headed for the beach when Tamaki noticed something.

"Do you even swim?" Nikozawa blinked at him. "If you were all that and don't like the light, you must not swim correct?" That made him feel bad and he looked down at the ground that was turning from a rocky path to sand.

"No I don't I'm sorry."

"That's ok! I don't have a bathing suit anyways." He laughed and began to run up a bit. "We could make sand castles." He bent down and started to collect sand and mold it. Nikozawa helped out a bit. By the end it looked like a cat shaped building. "It's cute." Nikozawa blushed to it.

"You want to sit at the edge?" He pointed to the rocked place where Haruhi was pushed off. Tamaki though about it because it was a bad memory but decided to say yes, Maybe it would change his image of it. They got up and headed for it when their hands brushed tighter making them both blush. Nikozawa's hand automatically stuck to his side but it wasn't there for long because Tamaki grabbed hold of it. He smiled and started to climb up. Tamaki almost slipped due to the wetness and the wind but he caught his footing.

When they got to the edge they sat down with a bit of a gap, but not long did Nikozawa start scooting over closer and closer. When their hips touched each other he leaned on Tamaki's arm, then side because the arm moved to around his waist.

He was playing with Beelzenef while talking and Tamaki stared at the creepy cat. Nikozawa nuzzled in more to get comfortable when he noticed Tamaki's stomach growling. The wind pushed them a bit but they ignored it once again. Nikozawa looked up to Tamaki.

"Are you hungry? We do have food here." Tamaki shyly admitted that he was so the got up. Just before they go to the part were they can get down another gust came and took away Nikozawa's costume. He stood there in shock, an eye twitched and he screeched as he ran into the cave that lay under them.

Tamaki ran after him once again almost slipping. He reached the mouth of the cave and looked in the darkness and seen absolutely nothing. He began to enter trying to watch were he stepped.

"Zawa?" He looked around even though he couldn't see when a little flick of light came and it grew a bit bigger. He had seen that a torch was lit and then place on the wall and the shadowy figure sat. He got closer and seen a sad Nikozawa staring at his cat. He sat down beside him and wrapped his arm around him to kinda comfort him.

"Sorry." Tamaki shook his head.

"It's alright, you're okay right?" he nodded. "Then it's Okay." He was snuggled with and he huggled him. "Now, to wait for the sun to go down, so we can make our escape." Tamaki said in a heroic way making him smile then nuzzle Tamaki's face with his. Tamaki grabbed Nikozawa's chin with his thumb and index finger and lifted his head and kissed him. Nikozawa sat up a bit, taking off Beelzenef and putting his hands on Tamaki's shirted chest while Tamaki's ran threw his boyfriends hair and leg. His hands left the taller blondes chest and playfully up his shirt. Tamaki tried so hard not to laugh.

The leader of the host club slowly kissed on the neck as he lifts up the shirt that was in the way. As his shirt was being taken off and neck was getting kissed on he slowly took off Tamaki's shirt. Shirtless and now really into it Tamaki laid the cat lover down and kissed on his chest, licking it a bit in the process.

Nikozawa winced and let out a sigh as his neck was being played with.

They both never went home that night.